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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: divinemckengo


Posters: Posters By Divine Mckengo One Missed Call: One Missed Call Although this film poster isn’t similar to my genre it does have similarities. It is all based around answering phone call you don’t want to answer but you have to. It is a pretty simple layout, because this is film is of the horror genre, the main character is the antagonist/evil spirit. The creates eye are made of mouths screaming and smile on its face, this connotes that they enjoy seeing people suffer/die, the fact that they are holding a phone indicates that maybe the deaths are caused through the use of the phone. The tagline is written at the top of the poster in red writing which connotes death and blood. It’s a rhetorical question which adds even more tension because the only way you will know the answer to the question is if you died yourself, which makes it even more chilling. The institutional details are written in white but the actual release date of the film is written in red so it stands out more and so it goes which the house style of the poster. Cellular: Cellular Cellular is extremely similar to my trailer but they both entail finding someone through the use of technology. The poster is split into three very clear parts so it makes it easy to decipher and analyse. At the top is the antagonist, we know he is because of the mise – en – scene he is dress in all black and has a gun. He is at the top because he is the one with most power, he is in control. He is the one who has kidnapped the victim and setting the ransom, he is the one who has started all the chaos. Next is the damsel in distress, she is looking with her hair in her eyes which connotes her as being miserable and vulnerable, in the background we see she is somewhere secluded and boarded up, which tells us that she is being held captive. She is looking down and the bottom picture, the unsuspecting protagonist. He is running which gives the audience a sense that he is running out of time to save the damsel in distress, he is dressed in everyday clothes which tells us that he didn’t set out to be saving anyone. he is on the phone which tells us that phone plays an integral part in his mission, the film title ‘CELLULAR’ (as in cellular phone) and tagline ‘if the signal goes she does’ also reinforce our notion. Orphan: Orphan MY film is of a similar theme to this film it is centred around children who seem innocent at the beginning, but as the film unfolds the child are represented as more sinister than they originally seemed. The poster is pretty simple it a simple mid shot of a young girl looking directly at the camera unsmiling which is already unsettling because children are associated with laughter, she is also the only one in the poster which emphasises her importance but it is uncertain whether she is the protagonist or the antagonist. She is clothed in old fashion clothes which gives the idea that she may be stuck in the past emotionally or mentally rather than physically. Her eyes are dark and her face has a lot of shadowy contour which makes her look older than she is but it could also be a connotation on how she has a secret therefore she is shadowed. The tagline is red which asks ‘can you keep a secret?’ the red font gives the audience the impression the secret has something to do with blood being spilled. The film title is written in a etchy font which gives the audience the idea that a child has written it. The fact that the film name is Orphan tells us and almost justifies her stone cold expression. Case 39: Case 39 This genre is different to my film but I really like the way the main characters are positioned in the poster it heightens the effect of their vulnerability. The small girl is pressed up against her case worker while the case workers arms are wrapped around her protectively the hidden in a dark with an ominous light reaching the light is representative of the monster/sinister being coming after them. There is also smoke surrounding them which connotes as the uncertainty of what is after them. The tagline is at the top of the page, white text in the darkness which adds even more mystery to the poster. The film title is written in an almost misty mirroring the smoke effect on the ground, the 39 is the biggest font to emphasise that it is that case number that has put the two characters in the predicament they seem to be in.

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