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Information about posterior extrusion

Published on March 21, 2014

Author: indiandentalacademy


PowerPoint Presentation: Leader in continuing dental education INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Posterior Extrusion Posterior Extrusion: Posterior Extrusion Type I & type II Posterior Extrusion Type I is used commonly in lower arch with rotation of buccal segments using 3piece extrusion arch or continuous extrusion arch. Type II extrusive mechanics is commonly used in the upper arch when parallel extrusion of posterior segments, using both an extrusion arch & a cervical headgear with a high outer bow. Class II elastics cause extrusion of lower molars and upper incisors. Class II bow causes extrusion of lower posteriors only. PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: Distalization & Bite opening Using Class II Bow & Rikanator Class II bow is a 0.045 steel archwire with hooks for elastic traction. This is inserted in 0.045 gingival headgear tube with stops welded mesial to the tubes. PowerPoint Presentation: Rikanator is a type of fixed bite plane. It is welded lingual to molars with a acrylic ram in the anteriors to open the bite. It is used only when anteriors are having correct inclination and angulation. PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: (maxillary .045" auxiliary arch). A. With higher hook placement, force is applied to maxillary molar. B. With full maxillary edgewise archwire. C. Without maxillary archwire. D. In deciduous dentition. 1997 JCO, Inc.), Volume 1995 Jun(367 - 372): Mechanical Analysis of Class II Elastics JULIEN PHILIPPE, DCD, D, Figure 4. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you Leader in continuing dental education

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