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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: EbbaOssiann



An AssignmentA poster on sustainability, society and me Nottingham University, UK (MOOC FutureLearn)

Sustainability, society and me Ebba Ossiannilsson Centre for Educational Development Lund University Sweden “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi There are many things each of us can do in our daily life. Small things can save the planet. Ask yourself each day: What can I do? Can I effect change? Can I make my voice heard? - seem so often to be answered with a resigned “Nothing” or “No”. What possible difference could my living habits make to a green planet , society and for myself. Ecosystem It’s about people rather than the environment It’s about welfare, well-being, equity, social justice It’s about quality of life rather than limiting growth It’s about healthy living It’s about self-development and positive thinking It’s about using the skills and capabilities we have already in a sustainable direction It’s about new ways of doing things (which can be exciting). Figure 1. You can always think about what you eat and drink and food prossessing. Creative Commons: Andrea Parrish, 2011 Figure 3. Think always green and in an ecosystem for sustainaiblty. Photologue_np, Flickr Creative Commons Sustainability is about: Equity Diversity Figure 2. Eat and drink what is healthy for you and the nature. Intake= outcome. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Interconnected/Social cohesions Quality of life Sustainability, societ yand me Democracy and governance For sustainability initiatives to be successful, they need to be adopted by the people they are aimed at. This requires an understanding of individuals and groups so that resource is not wasted on new technologies and policies that fail in their implementation phases. Maturity Wikipedia cc Attribution-ShareAlike Acknowledgments (Calibri, 36 points, bold) Thanks to FutureLearn and Unversity of Nottingham, UK for an vey interesting course on Sustainability, society and me References Satish Kumar’s S (2003) Being the Change Western Australia Council of Social Services (WACOSS)

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