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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: DanJackson


PowerPoint Presentation: This poster is a very postmodern film which is why the poster is very confusing. By looking at this poster you will want to find out what the film is about. Our film is very post modern therefore we will make our poster different and confusing so the audience is left mind blown. The weapons show their power and makes the audience see them as important. They have mentioned the director as ‘the Dark Knight’ is a quality well known film. It has included the date so the audience can make a date of it and make sure they see it. The date is normally close to when it is released so people go to watch it. PowerPoint Presentation: The pyrotechnics in the background are appealing to people because it is eye catchy and connotes they are not afraid of danger and have no emotion towards the explosion. In this poster we see the two protagonists with weapons to make them more powerful. Also letting the audience know that will smith is featured in the film will attract people as he is well known. By putting key conventions in the poster will attract men, people interested in action films. In my poster I will make sure key conventions are in the poster to show I know the conventions of a action adventure and so it will attract the right audiences. PowerPoint Presentation: In this poster we see a woman protagonist with a weapon to show her power. Also as she is close to the screen she appears bigger and more important. The use of the low key lighting and orange tint connotes danger and action. This fits the genre of the film and appeals to the correct audience. It has the main actors that will help promote the film at the top of the screen. The text is bold and clear has connotations it is a serious film and attracts the readers eye straight away. PowerPoint Presentation: The clothing used in this poster is very dark having connotations of danger and action. They are all carrying a weapon this shows us it is an action adventure poster. By looking at this poster we are unsure if they are they are the antagonist or protagonist, as the clothes are dark, they have glasses to hide their identity and they have weapons. Although the angle and the position of the camera makes them look powerful. In the matrix the audience is made to give their own interpretation on if they are the protagonist or antagonist this is reflected in the poster. PowerPoint Presentation: Limitless is the film most similar to ours so this poster is relevant. As it is post modern the colours are blurred and not clear, this shows the sense of mystery and postmodernism. There isn’t just one image in this poster as there is three different sections. The poster leaves the audience guessing and wanting to know more about the film. The fact that Bradley Cooper is the image in the middle attracts many people as he is a well known good actor. Also the likes of Robert De Niro who is a world class actor known for his quality films around the world. The coverline ‘What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?’ this shows what the film is about but does not give too much away. Our film is similar but a chip that controls your emotions and feelings. We could use a similar strapline to attract more people. The different images show different types of action and appeal to different types of audiences. The fast car and aeroplane will attract to men, whereas the picture of them kissing will attract a female audience.

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