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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: tomoates526



CONTENTS PAGE 1: Welcome Page 2: What is a balance diet 3: Why do we need food 4: Nutrients that provide energy 5: Thank You Page

Welcome Page Welcome to my presentation on Healthy Eating. I really hope that you enjoy my poster and learn some facts about Healthy Eating. Yours Sincerley Tom Oates

What is a balanced diet. Carbohydrates gives us energy and extra Carbohydrates they stored as fat around the body. Saturated Fat and unsaturated fat. These are found in animal products like Cheese, milk, butter, biscuits, cakes, meat, chocolate and cream. These can raise our cholestrol levels.

Second Page on a balanced diet. Unsaturated Fats: These are found in Fish, nuts, corn and soya beans. Fats are important for exercise and energy production. Proteins: They are found in Fish, meat, milk, cereals, poultry, beans, eggs, cheese, peas and nuts. Proteins are needed for the repair, growth and efficient working of our tissues.

Vitamins in the body. Vitamin Are in orange fruit and dark green vegetables. It is also in cod, liver, oil and dairy products. Vitamins b are in cereals, wholgrain bread, yeast, milk, potatoes, fish, sunflower seeds. Most fruit and veg. Oilly fish, liver, butter, eggs. Vitamin e are in beans, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, egg yok and cold liver oil. They are needed in growth and repair of body tissues. They help to fight viruses.

Minerals Minerals help body work efficiently.

Fibre Fibre helps us to digest food and also helps to keep weight down.

Protein Protein helps to repair our skin, our bones and our teeth.

Water Water keeps us very healthy It prevents us from getting head aches.


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