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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: TLeon11



Poster Analysis

1. Poster and Teaser Poster analysis Tyler Leon

2. Call to action for the film, it gives the year of release so that people can anticipate its release. Conventionally, the stars of the film are shown at the top of the poster. A possible reason this is done is to arouse interest from people that are fans of these actors. If people love a certain actor they are more likely to watch a film they are in. It also indicates that these actors have the lead roles. The names of the main actors are stated in smaller font bellow, implying their roles are smaller but still important. The title of the film which is the focal point of the poster gives a clue to the genre of the film. Its important this is large because without the name people will not be able find out anything about the film. The website is given so that people can get more information on the film The main cast members are shown here. Through their costume, we can make assumptions to personality, job etc. The positioning is also important. Ben Stiller is at the forefront implying that he is the protagonist, while Eddie Murphy behind him appears to be the other lead character. The others behind them are likely to be important characters but not leading. The background is also important to look at. We can see that there are skyscrapers in the background, a building that is synonymous with America, suggesting that it is set in America.

3. This is a teaser poster for Final Destination 5. There are some obvious differences to the normal poster shown before. The sole image on the poster is of a skull with a five through it. This is the symbol of Death, one of the main characters in the series. It is likely that fans of the film will understand the poster better than those who have never seen any of the previous films. The five indicates that it is the fifth instalment of the series. This poster seems to be directed towards fans of the series as there is no other indication to what film it is other than the skull, its very symbolic so unless you understand the symbol, you won’t know what the poster is for. For fans of the series however a simple image like this will stir interest. The date is very blunt. The year or date is not given, only the month. As the type of poster suggests, it is done to tease consumers and create interest and anticipation. It is a marketing technique to gain interest before the main advertising is done. It is made known to the consumers that the film is available in 3D if they wish. Similar to the previous poster, the website is shown, it is a call to action for consumers and helps with creating interest while giving consumers a place to find more information.

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