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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: spostak


Architecture:  Architecture Inside Characteristics:  Inside Characteristics The inside had many columns They also had many piers Hieroglyphs decorated the inside of the buildings Most were of Scarabs Solar Discs Vultures Lotus flowers Outside Characteristics:  Outside Characteristics Egyptian buildings had flat roofs Thick walls Sloping walls Few openings Few archs Materials Used :  Materials Used Most buildings were made of mud bricks Called adobe It was used in the Old Kingdom Stone was for the rich Used mainly in Temples and Tombs Famous Buildings:  Famous Buildings There are many famous buildings in Egypt There are Pyramids Temples And Monuments Pyramids of Giza:  Pyramids of Giza There are three Pyramids in the Giza complex The Great Pyramid or Khufu The only surviving Wonder of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world It was built around 2580BC Khafre There is little known about this pyramid It was probably built around2532BC Mankaure Nearly nothing is known about this pyramid Not even the date of construction The Background Image is the Pyramids of Giza The Great Sphinx:  The Great Sphinx It is the famous statue of the Cat with the mans head It is famous for its missing nose It was possibly in the model of King Khara Built between 2520BC and 2492BD Karnak:  Karnak Nearly 30 Pharaohs worked on the Karnak Temple complex It has four main Precinct Precinct of Amun-Re Precinct of Mut Precinct of Montu Temple of Amenhotep IV Precinct of Amun-Re and Mut:  Precinct of Amun-Re and Mut The only one open to the public It is dedicated to Amun-Re It is the largest by far 250,000 square meters Precinct of Mut Its main attraction is the crescent shaped lake in the center It is 150,000 square meters Precinct of Montu & Temple of Amenhotep :  Precinct of Montu & Temple of Amenhotep Precinct of Montu The child of Amun and Mut The monuments were poorly preserved 20,000 square meters Temple of Amenhotep A dismantled Temple on the complex It was built with no roof Luxor Temple Complex:  Luxor Temple Complex The Luxor temple is the center or the annual Opet Festival Outside the building are the Six famous, colossal, statues of Rameses It also had twin pink granite obelisks One was taken to Paris A Country of Minimal War Military:  A Country of Minimal War Military Military:  Military Army & Navy:  Army & Navy The Egyptians named their battalions after Gods As their weapon technology advanced, Egyptian battle improved The technology changed from the Old to the New Kingdom Boats were not a huge part of Egyptian war but they were there Weapons of the Old Kingdom:  Weapons of the Old Kingdom In the Old Kingdom, Egypt relied on older soldiers The new technology advancements created two new weapons in ancient Egypt Battle-axes Spears Weapons of the Middle Kingdom:  Weapons of the Middle Kingdom In the Middle Kingdom, the Pharaoh had his own army But for a major war, he relied on the support of other major houses to make up the Egyptian army The new weapons of the age were Scalloped battle-axes Chariots Composite bow Weapons of the New Kingdom:  Weapons of the New Kingdom During the New Kingdom, Egypt relied on Greek mercenaries for there army The new weapons were The scimitar Body armor Boats:  Boats Egyptian boats barely changed over the known course of there history They were made of reeds They were narrow They had a Bipod mast And a single square sail The End:  The End

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