Post Occupation Evaluation: A Means to an End?

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Information about Post Occupation Evaluation: A Means to an End?
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: Whitbags



A copy of the presentation from Integral UK's Mark Whitaker at the BIM Academny Event at Liverpool University on Post Occupancy Evaluation, BIM & Facilities Management

Post Occupancy Evaluation: A means to an end? Wednesday 26th February 2014

Outline 1. An Introduction 2. CSF – Common Sources of Frustration 3. The S l ti Th Solution – P t O Post Occupancy Evaluations E l ti 4. Government Soft Landings Approach to P.O.E. 5. The Role of the Facilities Management Industry

2. Common Sources of Frustration “I can never book a meeting room” “The office is too noisy” “The glare off my screen gives me a migraine” “We are maintenance contractors, not (re)designers” “I have to wait 1½ mins for the lift everyday at lunch” “It is too hot in summer and too cold in winter It winter”

3. Post Occupation: the Challenge? or

POE – Aims? Feedback F db k on Building Performance in Use: B ildi P f i U  Has the Project Brief been met? j  How successful i th workplace d li H f l is the k l delivered in supporting: di ti  The needs of the occupying organisation  The end user requirements

POE – How? Interactive:  Questionnaires  Interviews  Workshops

POE – How? Analytical:  Environmental Measurements  Space Management  Cost Analysis

The Solution? Listen Feedback Reflect Learn

7 Key P.O.E. Steps 1. Strategy – Identify Need d f d 2. Decide Issues to Address 3. Define the Why & How 4. Select Feedback Approach 5. Collect Feedback 6. Analyse & Report 7. Action & Learn key recommendations

4. Government Soft Landings - Policy 1. Assets = reduce cost & improve performance 2. GSL Lead & Golden Thread 3. 3 Manage Aftercare 4. Post Operational Evaluation 5. BIM= Data Management Tool

Government Soft Landings - Objective BIM + GSL = Better Outcomes To champion better outcomes for our built assets during the design & construction stages through Government Soft Landings (GSL) powered by a Building Information Model (BIM) to ensure value is achieved in the operational lif ti l lifecycle of an asset. l f t

Government Soft Landings P.O.E. = The Principle: “Post Occupancy Evaluation to design/construction team and capture lessons learnt to inform future projects will become part of standard practice. POE information will be stored on the asset information model”

Government Soft Landings P.O.E. = S.E.E. Measures:  Functionality & Effectiveness (Social)  Environment ( Environment)  Cost (Economic)

Government Soft Landings P.O.E. = The Future:  Standardisation for Methods of Measurement

5. FM Industry – Driving Change

Key BIM Drivers  Allow us to be more proactive & l All t b ti less reactive i gaining f db k? ti in i i feedback?  Facilities Management is a “People” not simply buildings business. Regular feedback critical.  Compares required vs. actual outcomes p q  Creates a Standard Framework for measurement  Learning becomes a requirement

Conclusion “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may Tell remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin j i kli

My details E: M: 07764 840 694 T: @Whitbags B:

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