Post Event Staff Evaluation for Event Venues

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Information about Post Event Staff Evaluation for Event Venues

Published on November 20, 2019

Author: cungar


1. EVENT VENUE NAME THIRD PARTY EVENT EVALUATION FORM Evaluator: Event Date: Name of Event: Event Location: Key: 1​. Unsatisfactory with Insufficient Progress Over Time​ 2. ​Does Not Meet Standard/ Unsatisfactory 3​. Meets Standard ​4. ​Exceeds Standard Event Staff Supervisor Evaluation 1 2 3 4 Comments Punctuality and timeliness. Presence and availability throughout the event. Shows initiative in addressing building/facility needs. Takes independent action as appropriate. Demonstrated respectful, courteous, and considerate conduct. Professional appearance. Exhibits professional and trustworthy demeanor. Interacts well with others. Cooperative when working with administrators, supervisor, staff, and event patrons. Event/Location Evaluation Did you have all of the equipment you needed/requested for a successful event? What were things that we did well? What were some aspects that needed improvement? What did we not do that we can do in the future to improve your experience at this facility?

2. EVENT VENUE NAME Additional Evaluator Comments: ​(attach additional sheets as necessary)

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