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Published on July 16, 2009

Author: mrferrell

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Possible Outcomes : How many different combinations can you create with these clothes? Possible Outcomes Tree Diagram : Tree Diagram Objective : Objective Lists all possible outcomes of an experiment or simulation in a clear and organized way. Possible Outcomes : How many different pairs can you making using one player from each team? Possible Outcomes Tree Diagram : Tree Diagram Example Questions : Example Questions Slide 7: With lunch, students can choose one fruit and one drink. They can choose an apple, an orange, or a banana. Students can also choose either plain milk or chocolate milk. Which tree diagram correctly identifies all of the possible combinations of a fruit and a drink that a student could choose? Slide 9: At Ellie´s Eatery, the menu offers a lunch special where customers can choose a combination of one soup and sandwich for only $5.95. What are all of the possible lunch combinations? Sandwiches: Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Bologna Soups: Chicken Noodle, Broccoli Cheese Slide 11: Sue must decide from the chart to the right which one kind of cake and one kind of ice cream she wants for her party. Which tree diagram below represents all of the different combinations of one kind of cake and one kind of ice cream Sue can choose? Enrichment Question : Enrichment Question Enrichment Activity : What type of possible outcomes questions can you create using the Chipotle menu? Enrichment Activity Enrichment Activity : What type of possible outcomes questions can you create using the Panera menu? Enrichment Activity

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