Possibilities of open data - A work in progress #dp5

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Information about Possibilities of open data - A work in progress #dp5

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: msaifqureshi

Source: slideshare.net


This is the 1st version of a presentation I gave at Design Public 5 - Innovation in the Public Interest, held on Friday 14th March 2014 at The Vihara Innovation Campus, New Delhi. A precursor blog on this presentation can be found here http://bit.ly/opendp5. Design Public blog designpublic.in/blog.

Shall be uploading updates to the case study soon and that will includes notes and references too.

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 The Possibilities of Open Data

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 opendataproject.in

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 GeoSenseIndia obotechnologies.com/map

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 theyworkforyou.com UK + ZNasichDani Slovakia

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 nextdrop.org •  Works with water distribution networks and informs when taps will be hydrated via SMS alerts. •  Subscription based model (`10-25 pm). 50% less for BPL. •  Informed atleast 60mins before water reached the locality. •  Missed call to subscribe ->ease of use. •  Data feedback loops create a good balance between demand & supply. •  Users no longer need to wait for hours expecting water. •  Users ‘feel liberated’ and can now focus on other work than just wait. •  Anti leaking squad being set up now.

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 Rainbow: weather forecasting webapp + mandi prices + NextDrop… •  Multiple networked datasets are more valuable than a solitary set. •  Perfect example of making multiple datasets talk to each other and churn out something more substantial. •  Combines •  live market(mandi prices) - weather forecasting - dam water level/irrigation updates - suitable crops for the field & those currently available - details about vendors of seeds, fertilizers, etc. •  Provides info via the app or SMS CONS: Access, language barriers and consistency.

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 TrashIt •  Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Tamil Nadu & ThoughWorks organised the CMA Hackathon on Code for Urban Governance. •  CMA opened up datasets from 135 municipalities for the Hackathon. •  The winner TrashIt is an Android app which gamifies garbage collection and disposal. - A ‘user’ will tag a garbage with a photo and assign a bounty to it. - Another ‘user’ can claim the bounty by clearing the garbage. - Bounty can be availed by uploading before and after pictures.

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 socialblood.org

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 socialblood.org

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 TO INFINITY AND BEYOND •  Government as a platform •  Leverage existing networks of social media •  Make all data communicate and talk to each other •  Focus on design, UI and UX has a huge impact •  Tap into youth power reserves ->more hackathons! •  Users/citizens much more active now •  Operating costs minimal so larger reach •  data.gov.in data sets have to be updated regularly. Learn from the stock market maybe? “Not power over people, but power with people.” -Esko Kilpi

@msaifq @CKSdotIN#dp5 GET IN TOUCH Mohammed S. Qureshi Founder @Intelaeon Marketing Director @Pleolabs Passionate Learner @AdiantaDOTorg M: +91 9971503786 @msaifq fb.com/msaifqureshi msqureshi@intelaeon.com

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