Positive psychology and game design & dynamics: Hind el Aoufi

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Information about Positive psychology and game design & dynamics: Hind el Aoufi
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Published on June 25, 2013

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Presentation from a recent, joint Capgemini - Badgeville event in Sydney, Australia on the role of enterprise gamification in digital transformation.

How you approach change management and game design matters. In this presentation Hind el Aoufi, Gamification Consultant at Capgemini, provides details on the role of positive psychology in game design.

Capgemini Australia's Digital Transformation practice, focused on helping our clients find, size and catalyse digital opportunities, and Badgeville, the #1 gamification and behaviour management platform, work in partnership to leverage innovative gamification techniques to accelerate digital transformation in major organizations by engaging, rewarding and motivating employees and customers.

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.POSITIVE  PSYCHOLOGY  AND  GAME  DESIGN  &  DYNAMICS  HIND  EL  AOUFI  (GAMIFICATION  CONSULTANT,  CAPGEMINI)  Hind.elaloufi@capgemini.com  #EngageSydney    

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.Capgemini  ConsulJng  and  Badgeville  have  a  global  partnership  to  leverage  innovaJve  gamificaJon  techniques  to  accelerate  digital  transformaJon  in  major  organizaJons  by  engaging,  rewarding  and  moJvaJng  employees  and  customers.    IN  AUSTRALIA  To  find  out  how  Capgemini  and  Badgeville  can  help  you  realise  a  digital  advantage  through  the  intelligent  applicaJon  of  enterprise  gamificaJon  please  contact  mani.thiru@capgemini.com  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.How  does  it  work?  The  Science  behind  it  Why  does  Posi6ve  psychology  ma=er?  The  posi6ve  power  of  gamifica6on  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.We  Believe  that  Employee  Engagement  is  a  cri6cal  component  for  a  successful  transforma6on  §  Employee  disengagement  and  resistance  are  major  hurdles  to  any  transforma6on.  §  70%  of    transforma6on  projects  fail  mainly  due  to  workforce  behavioural  issues.  §  Mo6va6on  through  posi6ve  psychology  is  a  key  driver  for  employee  engagement  and  sustainable  change.  §  When  employees  feel  connected  and  engaged  with  organizaJonal  objecJves,  they  are  likely  to  put  in  57%  more  effort  and  are  87%  less  likely  to  leave.  CONTEXT  AND  VISION  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.§  Because it searches forstrengths, it finds strengths§  Because it is positive, itgenerates enthusiasmThe  tradi6onal  approach  to  change  management  uses  risk  mi6ga6on  techniques      to  address  the  disadvantages  of  not  changing  §  Because it searches forproblems, it finds problems§  Because it is negative, itgenerates anxietyTRADITIONAL CHANGE APPROACH POSITIVE CHANGE APPROACHCONTEXT  AND  VISION  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.’The  Pygmalion  effect’  What  we  look  for,  we  get  more  of.  What  we  focus  on  becomes  our  reality.  “The  neighbours  effect”    Social  pressure  and  dynamics  have  a  significant  power  on  behavioural  change.  ‘The  Placebo  effect’  The  act  of  visualizing  success  creates  success.  The  language  we  use  creates  our  reality.  The  apprecia6ve  approach  enables  organiza6ons  to  build  radically  different  solu6ons  by    leveraging  the  latest  research  on  behavioral  change  Sociology   Psychology   Neuroscience  HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?  THE  SCIENCE  BEHIND  IT  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.Game  mechanics  leverage  posi6ve  mo6va6on  powers  to  drive  behavioral  change          *Abraham  Maslow:  A  theory  of  human  mo5va5on  **Daniel  H.  Pink:  Drive  –  The  surprising  truth  about  what  mo5vates  us  Hierarchy  of  Needs*   Game  mechanics  Intrinsic  Mo6va6on  Rules!**  Physical  Safety  Belonging  Esteem    Self-­‐    actualisa6on  Purpose  Mastery  Autonomy  §  Quests,  discovery,  meaning  §  Points,  progression,  levels  §  Status,  ranks,  reputaJon  §  Social  cohesion,  community  HOW  DOES  IT  WORK?  THE  SCIENCE  BEHIND  IT  “What motivates us?”

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.‘Gamifica6on’  is  a  posi6ve  enabler  for  employee  engagement,  and  sustainable  change  §  It  provides  a  pla`orm  to  bring  the  vision  to  life;  to    ‘walk  the  talk’  by    rewarding  ways  of  working  and  posi6ve  behaviours.  §  As  users  earn  rewards  for  their  behaviours,  a  by-­‐product  is  enhanced  status  and  engagement.    §  A  fun  environment  that  embraces  and  culJvate  innova6on  and  collabora6on  is  created.  §  New  ways  of  working  are  embedded  and  driven  by  recogniJon  and  reputaJon  mechanics.    §  Real  6me  feedback  and  analy6cs  reinforces  adopJon  acJviJes  and  make  change  ‘s6ck’.  §  A  sustainable  community  is  created.          Sustainability      Engagement          Innova6on    THE  POWER  OF  GAMIFICATION  

Copyright, Capgemini © 2013. All rights reserved.Peter  Drucker  “The  task  of  leadership  is  to  create  an  alignment  of  strengths,  making  weaknesses  irrelevant.”  WRAP  UP  

Helping you find,size, and catalysedigital opportunities.Driving Digital TransformationThe Capgemini Digital Transformation consultingpractice helps organisations find the digital opportunitieswithin their business. Our team specialises in identifying,designing, and developing new ventures, innovativedelivery models, and digital transformations to get realvalue from the digital economy.We offer a fresh approach based on collaborative anditerative design with a focus on targeted outcomes. Youbring your customer and business experience. We bringperspectives from our understanding of the Australianand global digital economy and our leadership inorganisation transformation and technology.Digital TransformationThink - Design - DevelopContact PointsBen Gilchriestben.gilchriest@capgemini.comJean-Baptiste Vincentjean-baptiste.vincent@capgemini.comMani Thirumani.thiru@capgemini.comMark Andersonmark.anderson@capgemini.com

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