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Published on February 7, 2014

Author: pmatim

Source: slideshare.net


Here is the mascot for Positive Products, Inc. that never took off in 2004. This is a list of some of the positive paint, inspirational thoughts, that were from six consecutive weeks of the "Positive Paint" segment of the website. Included also is just one of the many images with a positive message that was created.

1) Each day begins fresh and remains pleasant when free from the memory of yesterday's clouds. * We have a choice each day regarding our attitude towards the people and situations we face. * Positive and Negative thoughts can’t coexist in our mind at the same time. * If we think positive thoughts there will be no room for negative thinking. * Misfortunes are to be learned from briefly and then we must move on to better thoughts. * Fill our world with positive images and messages and we will often act accordingly. 2) “The Words I Say” * The words we say will determine how we feel about what we face. * Our inner voice believes everything it is told. * We are in control of what we do and we choose how we feel. * If we do what is necessary, we can accomplish what we want. * Generalizations are seldom accurate and it is a good idea to avoid them. * Plan for possibilities and just do the best we can. * Words we use clearly point out our degree of accountability. * Stress is actually made worse by the poor choices of words we use. * Our words set expectations for our subconscious that are very often out of reach. * Be aware of the words we say. 3) Water is the most important molecule on Earth. * We are unable to live without water and will die in a short time if we try. * Water is required for our bodies to properly function. * Deficiencies of water lead to numerous deficiencies in our health. * Thirst is an unreliable indication of our need for water. * First ask ourselves if we have had enough water when facing our next ailment. * Carry water with us wherever we go. 4) Our belief window: * There are five key points important to understand about our belief window. 1) We all have a belief window 2) Personal experiences place beliefs on this window 3) Some beliefs on it may now be wrong 4) Our behavior is driven by our beliefs 5) If we change our beliefs, we will change our behavior. 5) Our Brain. * Our brain is a highly efficient system. * It is connected to every cell in our body through billions of connections. * We can learn to change our thoughts and optimize our brain. * What we think affects its ability to heal. * Daily exposure to positive ideas and insights will significantly increase our ability to live happy, healthy, more productive lives. * * * * * 6) An Emotional Bank account is a metaphor that describes the amount of trust that has been built up in a relationship. Examples of emotional transactions can be as follows: Deposits Withdrawals Courtesy * Disrespect Kindness * Deceit Honesty * Betrayal Keeping Promises * Rudeness Seeking to understand * Discourtesy When an emotional bank account is overdrawn, attempts at new deposits are seldom taken as legitimate deposits due to the anticipation of yet another withdrawal.

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