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Published on February 7, 2014

Author: pmatim

Source: slideshare.net

As A Crow Flies Notice the world is in a big hurry Rushing to get ahead with a flurry Much that we do is based on time With very few thoughts about the climb Service seems better if it's fast Not many like it when near last Think what would happen if the world shifted to slow And no limits were placed on how or where to go It seems we'd get more of the why and the what We'd hold our heads high and get our chance to strut Though slowing our speed can be quite hard It will definitely ensure we play our best card Changing this value will show more to our eyes So Let's take the slow route and not-As A Crow Flies Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

Attack On America An event took place that we thought could not Many lives were lost and tempers were hot How could this happen to such a great place? To hurt so many is a disgrace Our response determines if we're great Prevent this again or join in on the hate What have we reaped that we now sow? Is there something we do that we should know? We cannot rid the world of the sinners If we kill Bin Laden we're far from winners We'll have done what he wants and look pretty dumb The door will be open and others will come To learn and prevent are measures to take Coming together we're sure not to break Do what we can to stand up strong To show that we know right from wrong Now it's important to check our soil Eject the wicked and bless the loyal Our wounds are deep and need no salt All that has happened is our fault Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

How Poor We Are There once was a city boy who grew up with it all Who was sent to meet people whose assets were small This was to be a lesson to see people without joy To see a frown on the face of another little boy He stayed in his house for more than a week They lived by the woods right next to a creek He compared his fenced pool to their stream of miles What he found while swimming was no shortness of smiles Finding where to play was not very hard While his choice at home was confined to his yard There were skies full of stars for seeing at night In the city they used street lamps for light They had many pets from a cricket to a frog While at home he only had a dog No need for money with no stores around Food they ate were fresh from the ground The boy left the country and returned to his big home The one surrounded by fence with little room to roam His parents were shocked at what he said in the car He thanked them for showing - How Poor We Are Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

How We See How do we feel when others cause us pain Or while in our best suit we're caught in the rain It's clear to most that what we feel is mad If we get to strike back we sure are glad We forgot that we have the wheel We are in charge of how we feel Let's steer away from getting upset Deciding in advance not to sweat So take a few moments now and decide Just how you'll react on your next ride We have no control of what will be Our response depends on- How We See Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

I Know Me I know what I can do and to what lengths I know my weak points as well as my strengths Because I know this and it is never too late I will apply the right action to determine my fate Failure is definitely nothing I fear 'Cause I know that path keeps success far from here The opposition all around me will not get in my way My concern will be on the steps that I'll be taking that day I know I'll have a clear focus along on this ride It will be on those I live, serve and work beside I know that the situations, people and things that I need Will come to me as I focus at an alarming rate of speed My mission gives me vision and puts lots of wind in my sail It gives me daily passion to take the steps to ensure I prevail I must remember to keep balance if success is to be But I do not see a problem because--I know me Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

If You Dare We have a menace that is our foe Triggered by pain is when it will show It may be exposed when we lose It's something we have if we choose It causes stress and disrupts our health It affects the poor and those with wealth Its presence is felt by even the meek So just what is it that afflicts the weak? Anger's the enemy we can do without A destroyer of happiness with no doubt The longer we keep it the more it will stay It's time to take action beginning today Begin by owning results of each act Followed with patience and by using tact Decide in advance how you will reply When all goes wrong and luck passes you by Anger comes out when we're lacking restraint A lowly creation from the picture we paint It can be avoided if we care Say "I am Responsible"- If You Dare Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

Keeping 'em Dear Our own world is as we want it to be We determine good or bad and to what degree For each event in our life we've assigned a rate This rating suggests whether we like or we hate In relations with others this is important to know It is a sure way for bonds to prosper and grow By knowing a rate others have given We truly understand how they are driven In your next meeting with any sort of a friend And a message of kindness is what you wish to send Clearing your mind so you can truly hear Will be a sure way of keeping 'em dear Timothy A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

The Response You Think Our lives begin with two things to fear Scared of falling and loud noises we hear Our minds start clear and free from strain All is great and there is no pain Who, what and why we begin to yearn Good- bad or right-wrong is what we learn Rules emerge that we're expected to obey The urge to comply becomes our way We go to great lengths so not to fail Avoiding guilt we recall this trail Reactions received determine rules we keep Though maybe not right, we bury 'em deep As the future ahead becomes the now We'll face tough trials with need for how So we dig deep down back into the past To see what we did when we faced them last It's vital to know nothing stays the same Results from before is not our aim Take your time today with thoughts you link It just may change- The Response You Think Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

The Words We Say If something outside controls our song That very thought is what's wrong Saying we must is not so We choose our path that we'll go To say we will try is not for you This usually leads us not to do Do not say it is hard when it's not This simply means we must think a lot It does not help to speak of worry It's best to go slow and not to hurry "But" is a word to help us stay in our zone It helps to collect on bad seeds we've sown Errors are often what determine our fate It's when we do wrong that we learn to do great What we do is not the same as who we are We can make many mistakes and still be a star These are the things that lead us astray We'll find that most - are the words we say Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark Changes 2012

To say we will TRY will not start our day Only our actions get us on our way Don't say it's hard before we start Dream great ends from inside our heart What we've been through often makes us who we are It is learning from our troubles that makes us a star There's a Price to Pay We desire a change in our life A relief from debt and daily strife We want better health so not to be sick A nice big home and any car we pick We are where we are by what we have done A focus on pleasure and lots of fun There is a vital rule to winning at this game What we do from now on must not be the same We can yearn and dream or continue to pray But we must not forget- There's a Price to Pay Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

Three Different Creatures Three different creatures Living in the same place Each with his own features All sharing the same space How this is done That so many go after There must be fun And definitely laughter! Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark Through A New Door There is a struggle within our mind To get ahead and not stay behind Much can be learned through the use of our ears And by keeping our mouth from affirming our fears We expect to meet the goals we set With high limits we begin to sweat Our goals are better within our reach Since we can't touch the stars from the beach Though it is good when we choose to aspire Others may differ in their desire As we share with others it helps to know

Whether or not they're open to grow People will often do as they choose We don't determine whether they lose What we have today is from choices before Any new results must come - through a new door Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark To Lose Sight of the Bay At birth we were given a wonderful ship With a desire for a glorious trip We went right out and we sailed the sea There were no fears of what there could be On our course we saw many scares We felt lost and made many errors What we chose next may have put a routine in motion

Did we go to shore or keep exploring the ocean? Did we still pull our anchor so we could learn? Or did we stay on the dock only to yearn? One thing is sure that all of us know There's much to do and places to go Whatever we do can become our way So let's make sure- To Lose Sight of the Bay! Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark What We Ponder All our goals involve moving ahead Well aware that we are behind The futile thoughts are first to be shed 'Cause we'll become what's on our mind Inside we have a useful voice It consists of what it has been taught

To listen to it is our choice Or make a change to a better thought We decide what is good or bad And begin each day with a smile In this way we can not be sad We’re happy through every trial This inner guide believes all is true Not kept in line it will wander In this case we've learned a vital clue Watch what's said and What We Ponder Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark What is Our Fate Hear your voice deep down inside It will be in what we say Be careful with the words applied This is how we'll tend to sway

Know why we act the way we do Practice a route that's best to go Often our response reveals a clue And we become how we show This path we make can take us far If we spend the time with each trait It is in building who we are That decides - what is our fate Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark With All We Go Through All of us have somewhere we want to go

We want to reap but we're not willing to sow Though what all of us want is not nearly the same To gain more than others is the goal of our game We strive to learn why many things are done We seek shelter from harm and ways to have fun We look for love in many a place And for respect on our neighbor's face We don't want to go to work but still want to achieve If this could be done it would be hard to believe We must develop everyday And seek to improve in every way For this to happen we must have the desire And spend time on prevention instead of fighting a fire We think we can do better than others can do It's no wonder there's stress- with all we go through Tim Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

WOW! For my wonderful son- Jacob Clark If you want to be ballplayer You must decide to never quit This toughens every skin layer On your way to get each hit You must have a burning desire It must not be a little flame It needs to be a roaring fire If you really want some fame The first step is to really believe And often write it down You must see what you are to achieve So you feel worthy of a crown List the things that you will gain And take a look at where you are Note all that will be a pain On your way to be a star Find the areas you need to learn And the people to assist Set the time it will be your turn As long as you persist If you remember to write a plan Including steps on how You're sure to be the man To make your Dad go...WOW! Tim A Clark Copyright ©2003 Tim A Clark

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