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Published on January 9, 2009

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Marketing & Sales RoundtablePositioning Strategy: The Foundation for Value Proposition and MessagingJuly 2001 : Marketing & Sales RoundtablePositioning Strategy: The Foundation for Value Proposition and MessagingJuly 2001 Slide 2: 2 Agenda 11:35 – Setting the Stage 11:40 – Introductions/Positioning Challenges 11:50 – Roundtable Discussion 1:00 – Summary and Wrap-up Slide 3: 3 Setting the Stage Positioning Strategy Challenges Why do you need a positioning strategy statement anyway? How do you use it once you’ve developed it? Today’s Objective Bring people together - exchange ideas Slide 4: 4 Positioning Strategy Process Positioning StrategyStatement Technology and Total Product Roadmap Partnerships Total Product Assets (Functional) Programs Business Model Market Entry Customer Segment Critical Need and Total Product Requirements Company Total Product Solution’s Potential Differentiators Competitors’ Total Product Solutions’ Potential Differentiators Company Differentiator Barriers to Adoption Market Drivers Customer/End-User Problem(s)Definition Mission Statement Applications TechnologyEnablers Customer Segments Critical Needs Company Product/Service Match Market Entry Customer Segment Roadmap and Market Segment Leadership Roadmap Market Segment Product/Market Category Market Vision Market/Customer Segmentation Competitive Differentiation Strategy Evidence POSITIONING STRATEGY BRANDING STRATEGY Slide 5: 5 Positioning Strategy Realities CEO and executive team must own the positioning strategy There are no ‘right’ answers It’s a process: iterative and successive approximations It’s time consuming It’s difficult Slide 6: 6 Positioning Strategy Statement Company’s (product name, relevant product category) for (market segment/market entry customer segment) provides Who need (succinct description of Company’s benefits/differentiator to market entry customer segment, matched to critical need) unlike Competitor and Product which Competitor’s product’s inability to address critical need of market entry customer segment Slide 7: 7 Positioning Strategy Statement: An Example Microsoft’s Windows 95, the personal computer OS for business (or, corporate?) users Who need to use a variety of business SW applications to effectively perform their jobs provides an industry standard GUI that allows greater ease of use of major SW applications unlike the Mac OS which is not a industry standard Slide 8: 8 Positioning Strategy is Basis for Messaging Consistency and Clarity Positioning Strategy Statement Slide 9: 9 Critical Need Driving the Buying Decision Customer Segment Problem(s) Customer BuyingDecision Strategy Evidence Value Proposition Articulation Competitive Differentiator(s) Identification Product/Solution(s) Positioning Strategy Elements Strawman Company Message Architecture : 10 Strawman Company Message Architecture Market Technology Product Company • Do the top level messages support the key elements of the positioning strategy model? -Market Vision -Market and Customer Segment -Competitive Differentiation • Do you have ample strategy evidence to support the messages? Slide 11: 11 Investors SalesChannels Target Accounts Partners Industry &Financial Analysts Trade & Business Press EXISTING ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ NEEDED ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Strategy Evidence Positioning Strategy Statement and Value Proposition Positioning Strategy Company Business Strategy MarketEntry Customer Segment Messages, Brand Strategy and Programs Taking the Positioning Strategy to the Market – Message Architecture Strategy Market Leverage Company Summary : 12 Summary Without a formal positioning strategy and supporting value proposition, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to develop an effective message model Without a value proposition and an effective message model, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish an enduring market position And, if the value proposition and the messages do not speak to the customer problem in the customer’s language, they will not be very effective Presenters : 13 Presenters Patty Burke, Consultant Market Focus patty@mktfocus.net 408-398-4921 Rosemary Remacle, Consultant Market Focus 408-244-0412 rosemary@mktfocus.net

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