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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: anubhavmis1

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book summary

A BRIEF SUMMARY Anubhav Mishra Fellow @ IIM Lucknow, (Marketing) February, 2014

Background  It’s the Bible on Advertising Strategy – the most influential advertising book ever written.  This presentation is an attempt to summarize the key points and learnings, and moreover to generate curiosity and interest in the minds of the reader to read the actual book.  This work can be considered as my respect to the excellent authors “Al Ries” and “Jack Trout”.

Chapter 1 –What Positioning Is All About  Manipulate the mind, retie the existing connections.  Over communicated society – oversimplified mind

Chapter 2 –The Assault on the Mind  Media Explosion  Product Explosion  Advertising Explosion

Chapter 3 – Getting Into the Mind  Get into Mind first!  Differentiate or Die  It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond (and then increase the size of the pond) than to be small fish in a big pound

Chapter 4 – Those Little Ladders in Your Head  You see what you expect to see!  FWMTS trap – Forget what made them successful.  Against positioning at number 2.  The Uncola campaign

Chapter 5 –You Can’t Get There from Here  Fight fire with water  Can do approach Vs know your limitations

Chapter 6 – Positioning of a Leader  Establish leadership  It’s always 1 vs 2 (Coke – Pepsi, McD – Burger king)  Cover all bets  React rapidly  Cover with multi brands  Broader name – trap of extensions!

Chapter 7 – Positioning of a Follower  Avoid me too approach  Price based, size based, cost based positioning  Niche – Creneaus  Search for the loose brick in consumer mind not in factory

Chapter 8 – Repositioning the Competition  Create your own Niche  Aspirin vs Tylenol  Once a loser, always a loser – pringles chips  Listerine vs scope  Legal, ethical comparison? Coke and Pepsi blind tastes

Chapter 9 – The Power of the Name  Lite vs light  Time vs Newsweek  {my disagreement} due to globalization the names can’t give advantage – ever heard of Nirma or Ghari? Ask Unilever what they are in India!

Chapter 10 – The No-Name Trap  Simple to pronounce (phonetic)  Eyes vs. the ear syndrome  Short / synonym / making sense?  SAP or sappi ? By the way SAP is market leader in ERP since last 40 odd years!  {my disagreement with this logic, refer my earlier slide} Tata, Reliance,Birla et al.

Chapter 11 – The Free-Ride Trap  Extensions  New improved – ABC Plus!  Divide and conquer  Colgate – toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash Vs P&G

Chapter 12 – The Line-Extension Trap  Inside out OR outside in thinking  Coca cola – is it a soft drink OR is it a sweet, dark carbonated drink OR is it just Coke?  Miller Lite, Coors cannibalization of the core products  Diet cola war  Reverse line extensions

Chapter 13 – When Line Extension Can Work  Short term vs long term advantage  Brand history – GE , Kraft, IBM, Coke  Chevrolet, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Volvo

Chapter 14 – Case Studies  Positioning A  Company – Monsanto  Country – Belgium  Product – Milk Duds  Service – Mailgram  Long island bank  Catholic church

Chapter 20 – Positioning Yourself and Your Career  You are you?  What is the differentiation?  Avoid no name trap  Avoid line extension trap  Ride a horse – company, boss, friend, idea, faith, yourself

Chapter 21 – Six Steps to Success  What position do you own?  What position do you want to own?  Whom must you outgun?  Do you have enough money?  Can you stick it out?  Do you match your position?

Chapter 22 – Playing the Positioning Game  Understand words  Understand people  Change management You need Vision, Courage, Objectivity, Subtlety, Patience

 Sincere thanks to the all who have created a lot of designer fonts and made them available for free to use. I have used few of them in this presentation. Thanks!  I have used the images which are available on the public domain. In case of any copyright issue, just let me know, so that I can remove them. The usage is purely non commercial. Acknowledgement

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