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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: ReginaPringle

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In depth position responsibilities

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Regina Pringle Account Manager NY Value Club In my role as Account Manager, the position holds a high authority on ensuring every aspect of the customer’s business is managed and overseen. From the inception during bid process, product selection and planogram set up to product and equipment maintenance, sales forecasting & tracking, business growth & development, item maintenance, shipping & delivery and invoice payments Leadership is required. Excellent communication skills. Ability to think out of the box. Ability to work independently. Proficient/Advanced Excel & PowerPoint Skills. Learn & Work Independently. Position Overview

Regina Pringle Account Manager President •VP of Sales VP of Operations •Account Management •Field Supervisor •Field Service Reps Purchasing • Planogram Specialist • Supply Chain Management Accounting •Accounts Receivable •Accounts Payable •Human Resources Logistics •Logistics •Receiving •Returns •Pick & Pack • Account Assistant • Order Entry Clerks • Broker Departments Click Here For My Audio

President •VP of Sales • Broker• Prepare detailed Microsoft Word Recap Reports on state of each customer’s business, which includes conversations with customers and Brokers , staff as it relates to the day to day business needs • Prepare all Excel Reports related to customer sales, forecasting of new items and gross profit which will assist President & Vice President with conversations at trade shows, bids for new business and account meeting • For select customers, ensure Broker has accurate information on promotions, new products, discontinued products, pricing which will be communicated to customers on behalf of VP of Sales • Keep accurate records and communications logs throughout the year which will be used to prepare Power Point presentations for meetings • Maintain accuracy of Customer Sales Analysis Recap Reports which includes sales by month, sales results compared to forecast, gross profit, product equipment, store count, new stores & equipment gains /losses through the year. Regina Pringle Account Manager Continuously learn and utilize the latest Excel formatting to create advanced Excel Spreadsheets needed for business analysis Create unique PowerPoint presentations for account meetings Successful at growing and maintaining $20 million dollar accounts

Item# Brand Description UPC UOM Old Customer Cost Customer Retail Customer CurrentGP New Customer Cost New Suggested Retail New CustomrGP %inc/dec 389474 Cool Men CMMintShampoo 855132123456 10.1fl oz $12.99 $18.99 32% 12.99 17.99 28% 0% 389475 Cool Men CMMintConditioner 855132123469 10.1fl oz $13.99 $19.99 30% 13.99 19.99 30% 0% 389480 Cool Men CMMintPomade 855132123474 4oz $10.99 $15.99 31% 10.49 14.99 30% -5% 625147 Organiks ORGShampoo 855132123482 8fl oz $15.99 $22.99 30% 15.99 22.99 30% 0% 625149 Organiks ORGShampoo 855132123491 12fl oz $0.00 $0.00 17.99 25.99 31% 625180 Organiks ORGLeave In Conditioner 855132123502 14fl oz $19.99 $27.99 29% 20.99 28.99 28% 5% 985741 Lovely Hair LHDeep MoistShampoo 855132123517 32fl oz $18.99 $26.99 30% 18.99 26.99 30% 0% 985743 Lovely Hair LHDeep MoistConditioner 855132123529 32fl oz $19.99 $27.99 29% 19.99 27.99 29% 0% 985744 Lovely Hair LHHairSpray 855132123537 8.9oz $16.99 $23.99 29% 17.99 24.99 28% 6% Avg% Inc/Dec 0.69% Sample Company Spreadsheet Sample Customer Spreadsheet Example of Pricing Report Prepared weekly Item # Description Our Company Cost Old Customer Cost Our Company GP Customer Retail Customer Current GP New Customer Cost Our New Company GP New Suggested Retail New Customr GP %inc/dec 389474 CMMint Shampoo $9.00 $12.99 31% $18.99 32% 12.99 31% 17.99 28% 0% 389475 CMMint Conditioner $10.00 $13.99 29% $19.99 30% 13.99 29% 19.99 30% 0% 389480 CMMint Pomade $7.00 $10.99 36% $15.99 31% 10.49 33% 14.99 30% -5% 625147 ORG Shampoo $12.00 $15.99 25% $22.99 30% 15.99 25% 22.99 30% 0% 625149 ORG Shampoo $11.00 17.99 39% 25.99 31% 625180 ORG Leave In Conditioner $14.00 $19.99 30% $27.99 29% 20.99 33% 28.99 28% 5% 985741 LH Deep Moist Shampoo $13.00 $18.99 32% $26.99 30% 18.99 32% 26.99 30% 0% 985743 LH Deep Moist Conditioner $13.00 $19.99 35% $27.99 29% 19.99 35% 27.99 29% 0% 985744 LH Hair Spray $11.00 $16.99 35% $23.99 29% 17.99 39% 24.99 28% 6% Avg % Inc/Dec 0.69%

• Review Bill of Lading on LTL Trucking shipments • Ensure warehouse ships product timely to meet customer delivery date • Contact customer Logistics department and adjust delivery dates if necessary to avoid late penalties • Track deliveries and review delivery receipts • Submit Claims to trucking companies for repayment on damaged merchandise Customer penalties can be expensive for late shipments. Shipments are never allowed to be late. Any late shipments incurred by trucking company must be pursued for reimbursement • New product measurements and photos must be entered into data base for all new items (over 3,000 items in database) • Send UPS return shipping labels or arrange pick up through trucking company for refused, damages, and discontinued products • Notify all relevant departments, Accounting, Returns Processing & Purchasing about product returns • Troubleshoot any item corrections with warehouse staff responsible for picking & packing product shipment to customers Regina Pringle Account Manager Logistics •Logistics •Receiving •Returns •Pick & Pack

Regina Pringle Account Manager Human Resources • Assist HR Manager with writing of Ads for Account Assistant job openings • Review Resumes submitted • Conduct interviews • Interview internal candidates Although Account Manager does not work directly in Accounting. Account Manager is always called when payment is not received or deductions are not accurate. Account Manager is the link to Accounting for all money coming into the company • Work with Accounting team to be sure deductions for customer discounts, promotion allowance and damage allowance are accurately deducted and entered into Profit Reports. • Keep track of customer contracts and new business deals such as one time payments agreed to in bid negotiations or payments for equipment placement • Approve all customer promotion deductions and request reimbursement from customers when errors are encountered Accounting Accounting •Accounts Receivable •Accounts Payable •Human Resources

Purchasing • Planogram Specialist • Item Maintenance Regina Pringle Account Manager • Prepare Planogram Request Form • Organize customer POS report to see low performing items • Prepare Pricing Report to review all items allowed by customer • Make recommendation to discontinue items based on performance • Submit list of possible new items • Make Recommendations for Annual Promotions • Add each brand on Promotion into monthly Calendar Set up UPCs in Sage Mas 200 Data Base Complete customer new item forms Set up items into customer portal Import new items & pricing into data base • Make recommendation for cost changes • Submit Pricing Information to Purchasing for Planogram changes • Export Planograms from JDA/ Intactix Program to Excel Review new planograms and check for errors • Assign UPCs to new items • Submit forecast of new items Purchasing

VP of Operations •Account Management •Field Service •Sales Regina Pringle Account Manager • Learn & manage items in Customer Website Portals • Complete Forms required by customers for item set up • Submit Material Safety Data Sheets to WERCS website with chemical compositions • Ensure product chemical compositions do not contain chemicals on Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act) • Complete Customer Cost Spreadsheets. Ensure company GP for items sold are in line with company guideline standards. Make cost change recommendations if vendor costs increase Account Management • Manage accuracy of incoming Purchase Orders through EDI, Electronic Data Exchange ₋ Import Purchase Orders into Sage Mas 200 Data Base; Transmit Advance Ship Notices from Sage Mas 200 to EDI ₋ Export invoices and transmit invoices in EDI; Troubleshoot EDI if errors are encountered Field Service • Use Outlook to maintain constant contact with Field Service Supervisors and Field Service Reps to understand store changes • Notify Supervisors & Reps about item changes, new planograms, upcoming promotions, service questions, new racks and equipment Sales • Track all incoming orders • Watch for abnormalities in order patterns • Track & Monitor sales for low and high performers • Notify VP of Sales of order pattern changes • Speak with Buyers and Brokers weekly about business • Make recommendations for item changes • Monitor GP • Make Cost Changes & Promotion recommendation to boost sales

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