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Published on February 26, 2008

Author: Stefanie

Source: authorstream.com

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Arcimboldi, Arcimboldus):  Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Arcimboldi, Arcimboldus) Italian mannerist painter of the 1500’s Portrait painter to Vienna’s Imperial Court for 25 years Signed his first and last name 3 different ways on his works depending on mood Death in 1593 and was soon forgotten until, Salvador Dali in the 1920’s Surrealism movement Portraiture: Man’s Fascination with his Image and that of Others presentation by Ms. Rosa:  Portraiture: Man’s Fascination with his Image and that of Others presentation by Ms. Rosa Expressions History Mona Lisa Portraits through Time Media and Methods Views Self-Portraits What’s in an expression?:  What’s in an expression? Relationship between painter and patron Painter needed to satisfy patron to attract other offers (jobs) Balance between what the artist saw and how person saw themselves Image to project Sitter’s self-consciousness Capture sitter’s personality or essence to tell something about the individual, viewer, or society Expressions in Portraits:  Expressions in Portraits What emotions are depicted in these paintings? What Elements or Principles of Art and Design help you infer the subject’s expression and emotion? More Expressions:  More Expressions Each woman conveys a certain feeling or emotion, what can you say about each? What about body language? Position? Background? Colors? And. . .more expressions:  And. . .more expressions How does color effect the emotion depicted in a piece? What can you infer from these compositions? (Step 3 Interpretation) What is each artist trying to say? History of Portraits:  History of Portraits Beginning with Egyptians and Romans Middle Ages depicted biblical stories and man’s relationship with God Renaissance named man as the center of the universe and portraiture became a natural expression of this new emphasis Generally commissioned pieces by the wealthy 16th and 17th centuries artists specialized in portraits What can a portrait depict?:  What can a portrait depict? History--attire, jewelry, furnishings, and surroundings typical of a certain period Illustrate a particular period, theme, or situation Status symbol An expression of personal achievement Ensures a place in history by capturing a moment in time for eternity The Egyptians:  The Egyptians Beginning of portraiture Depicted pharaohs and their attendants in paintings on the walls of tombs Sculptural pieces: portraits of rulers Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (La Gioconda):  Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) Gioconda=cheerful World’s MOST famous portrait Exact identity of Mona Lisa is still unknown Painted in 1507, after 4 years of work Da Vinci had jesters, musicians, and singers entertain her during sittings What about her smile? Portraiture of the Renaissance:  Portraiture of the Renaissance Commissioned work Depiction of biblical scenes Man’s interaction with God Perfect body proportions Attention to detail Introduction of perspective Good vs. Evil themes Chiaroscuro and sfumato Artists were commissioned to paint portraits of the Royals:  Artists were commissioned to paint portraits of the Royals Portraits up to the1860’s:  Portraits up to the1860’s Characteristics of Portraiture up to 1860’s:  Characteristics of Portraiture up to 1860’s Mostly commissioned work by the wealthy Attention to detail Draping of fabrics Accurate body proportions Dark compositions Biblical Stories Mythological Beings Royal Families, Dignitaries, and Diplomats Realism Portraits after 1860:  Portraits after 1860 Portraiture after 1860’s:  Portraiture after 1860’s Impressionism Realism Expressionism Fauvism Cubism Surrealism Pop Art Contemporary Work Various artist styles Introduction of bold color Pieces not necessarily commissioned work Sitters, then eventually work done based on photographs Amodeo Modigliani:  Amodeo Modigliani Italian-Jewish Artist Typically depicts people with elongated necks Work reflected compassion Use of line to portray personalities of sitters Painted during 1900-1920 African-American Portraiture:  African-American Portraiture Contemporary American Portraits:  Contemporary American Portraits Icons and Historical Figures:  Icons and Historical Figures Did you know. . .:  Did you know. . . At age 15, Claude Monet draws caricatures for 20 francs each. Orders roll in. James McNeill Whistler, age 37, paints the portrait of his mom. Iowan Grant Wood, age 39, paints American Gothic. Thomas Gainsborough, age 43, exhibits The Blue Boy. Age 51, Leonardo Da Vinci starts a new painting the Mona Lisa. It is finished in 4 years. Vincent Van Gogh painted over 200 self-portraits in 10 years. Various Media and Methods:  Various Media and Methods Frescoes Oil, Watercolor, Acrylics Ink. . .Fingerprints Graphite Sculpture-Marble, Stone, Bronze, Metal Ceramics-Clay Silkscreen Mosaics Photomosaics Torn paper collage Views in Portraiture:  Views in Portraiture Frontal View Views of Portraiture:  Views of Portraiture 3/4 View Silhouette Self-Portraits:  Self-Portraits Mirror image (mirror invented over 500 yrs ago) Tells of artist’s attitude to his art and what he/she physically looks like Created practical reasons-no available model, additional practice or experimentation, gift, Extension of themselves Search for human condition Show status in society or used to demonstrate artist’s ability For example: Van Gogh, Kahlo, Durer, and Escher :  For example: Van Gogh, Kahlo, Durer, and Escher Where do we go from here?:  Where do we go from here? Facial and Body Proportions Cartooning Caricature: exaggerated portraits The End:  The End Bibliography:  Bibliography People in Art, Clare Gogerty (published by MarshallCavendish, 1995) The Art of Portraits, Helen Dore (published by Parragon Book Service Limited, 1994) Hello, Fruit Face!, Claudia Strand (published by Prestel Verlag, 1999) “When I was Your Age”, David Lewman and Mark Anderson (published by Triumph Books, 1997) Website Acknowledgments:  Website Acknowledgments

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