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Information about Portfolio Project - LinkedIn Product Feature Enhancement

Published on June 8, 2016

Author: MorrisBankston



1. LinkedIn Feature Enhancement Kickoff Morris Bankston - @mobanks10 Morris Bankston Product School Final Project May 2016

2. We Have a Problem!!! The LinkedIn Networking User Experience Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

3. The User Says We Have a Problem Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

4. The Data Says We Have a Problem • LinkedIn Success Metrics – Number of registered members: 414 Million –Unique member visits: 98 Million – Sales channel mix: $1.8 Billion offline / $1.1 Billion online Year-Over-Year Unique Member Growth Trend 38% (FY13) >>> 13%(FY15) Morris Bankston - @mobanks10 Let’s focus on user retention

5. And The Growing Competition Says We Have a Problem • Competitor Growth Examples – Glassdoor •111% year-over-year user growth (2015) – Hired •75% month-over-month candidate signups (2015) Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

6. The LinkedIn Networking UX Has Become a NOTworking UX How am I supposed to engage my network with this? Connection + More Connections = More Connections User Value Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

7. Network Connections Need to Move the User’s Needle Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

8. So What is the Product Feature Solution? • The solution is to help the LinkedIn user achieve… – Goals – Quality network engagement – Personalized network experiences Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

9. Here is the User Story to Develop Our Solution Morris Bankston - @mobanks10 As a LinkedIn individual user in order to promote my experience across diverse sectors I want to map my network connections to a goal of my choice.

10. Introducing! LinkedIn Network Map Helping You Travel to Your Goals Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

11. How Network Map Works - Step 1: Create a Goal Click “Create Goal” Button Button click creates a user input to create a goal and deadline date A timeline calendar also launches when a goal is created Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

12. Step 2: Map the Resources You Need to Achieve Your Goal Drag and drop resource from network table to Network Map Resource Options • LinkedIn Connection • Followed Company • Group • Recommended Connection Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

13. Step 3: Plan Your Engagement Activities to Achieve Your Goal Click your desired resource Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

14. Step 3: Plan Your Engagement Activities to Achieve Your Goal (Detail Drill-Down) Morris Bankston - @mobanks10 A text box opens to serve as a user input to facilitate the planning of networking activities

15. Start the Journey to Your Goal! Product Backlog: Integrate a streamlined recommendations feature Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

16. This is Our Mission • LinkedIn Network Map – Product Problem: LinkedIn Network Connections – The Solution: LinkedIn Network + Interactive Planner – The Message: LinkedIn is a vehicle for user goals –The goal: return Unique Member Visit annual trend to 38% Year-over-Year growth Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

17. Morris Bankston - @mobanks10

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