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Published on March 20, 2008

Author: Freedom

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Project Presentation:  Project Presentation EC3, 13.05.2004 Content:  Content Objectives and background Key customer and stakeholders Consortium and organisation Schedule and tasks Communication tools Identified portal services Framework technology Discussion: portal and mobiles Objectives of the portal:  Objectives of the portal Main objective A unique access point to all NTO web sites with common user interface in En, Fr, Ge, It, Sp and Pt for better visibility and quicker search to select the most suitable information Pan European joint content and content from NTO dbs Drive more traffic to NTO sites Joint strong marketing of one access point Other Objectives:  Other Objectives Give unique access point to other European information sources Help the NTOs to integrate new ICT tools and services Joint development Promote the use of inter-operability tools and common standards Architecture for further ICT developments (mobile, B2B, Intranet..) European Travel Commission (ETC):  European Travel Commission (ETC) Non-profit umbrella organisation of European NTOs to market Europe Since 1949 HQ in Brussels President Dr. Arthur Oberascher/ Österreich Werbung Managing Director: Rob Franklin www.etc-corporate.org ETC New Media Group:  ETC New Media Group Members: representatives of IT and e-marketing departments of each member NTO Chair: Andrew Duff/UK Knowledge Exchange and e-Marketing Support with specific activities Benefits in a Nutshell:  Benefits in a Nutshell Travelers mainly benefiting by better, more complete information and more friendly interfaces SMEs: strong marketing channel resulting in more sales Countries: more traffic on web sites, more visitors, new ICT tools, joint development and marketing of one URL ETC: global promotion tool, better co-op EC: strenghten Europe as an entity, ensure Europe´s position of global travel share Duration 18 months:  Duration 18 months Phase 1 Design and Specification 8 Months Main results: technical, interface and content specifications Phase 2 Implementation 10 Months First demo after 4 months Transfer to ETC After the Project:  After the Project EC plans to entrust the maintenance and management of the service to ETC At the end of Phase 2 contract to be signed (IPR, conditions etc.) between EC and ETC Consortium Partners:  Consortium Partners EC3, Vienna Siemens, Vienna & Bratislava Tiscover, Innsbruck Lixto, Vienna ITC-irst, Trento eCommerce Competence Center :  eCommerce Competence Center application-oriented research center for electronic business public/private partnership mediator/catalyst between academic research and industrial application knowledge transfer Contact persons: Managing Director Karl Fröschl and Project Manager of ETD Inkeri Starry ITC-irst:  ITC-irst the Center for Scientific and Technological Research is a public research centre of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy budget of 20 million euros and personnel, 220 researchers eCommerce and Tourism Research Laboratory (eCTRL) is an ITC-irst division focused on the applications of IT to tourism ITC-irst will bring into the ETD project know how and systems in the following areas: TAS - Travel Advisory System: technologies for enabling the automatic recommendation of tourist products (recommender systems) MAT - Mobile Applications and Tourism: technologies for developing tourist services for mobile devices DII - Data Integration and Interoperability: integration of content providers and interoperability of the different existing applications and tourist participants Contact person: Francesco Ricci Slide13:  Founded in 1991, Tiscover has become the leading tourism destination portal in: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK and South Africa, with Österreich Werbung (the Austrian National Tourist Office), the East of England Tourist Board, the Western Cape Tourism Board, and Bayern Tourismus Marketing (the Bavarian national tourist office) among the over 2,000 tourist boards adopting Tiscover as their technology platform. In addition to the Tiscover portals in each country, each destination is also free to use the Tiscover management system to present itself independently at a separate location and with a completely different look and feel (for example, www.bournemouth.co.uk and www.tiscover.co.uk/bournemouth; www.austria.info and www.tiscover.at; www.tirol.at and www.tiscover.at/tirol). Contact person: Claudia Bär Program- and System engineering Siemens PSE:  Program- and System engineering Siemens PSE is a software and IT company within the Siemens group is a part of Siemens Austria with headquater in Vienna serving the majority of the branches of Siemens and a selected number of external clients About 5000 employees (included associated companies abroad) 18 Locations in 7 European states, Turkey and China; US representation by Siemens Shared Services LLC Contact person: Josef Withalm Lixto Software GmbH:  Lixto Software GmbH provides solutions for automatically accessing, transforming, and syndicating data from the Web Lixto provides extraction and transformation services for mobile and Web application providers turns Web pages (HTML) into structured data (XML) Contact person: Marcus Herzog Steering Group:  Steering Group Set up by the Commission Chair: Jean-Francois Omnes, Ec/DG ENTR/Tourism Unit Supervision and guidance of the project Members: delegates nominated by the Member States (many ETC New Media Group members) Work Packages:  Work Packages T 1.2 Analysis existing national tourism sites & their DB content:  T 1.2 Analysis existing national tourism sites & their DB content Task lead: Markus Gratzer Team members: Klaus Oberecker, Karl Wöber (WU Wien) Objective: to evaluate the existing 33 European NTO sites individually in view of being included in the European tourism information network to identify obstacles, requirements and constraints. T 1.3 Evaluation of RTD Results:  T 1.3 Evaluation of RTD Results Task lead: Karl Fröschl Task member: Christoph Tratter Objective: Identify and evaluate results available from European research projects Assemble list of RTD-Projects Evaluation report on the projects Candidate Projects:  Candidate Projects Fetish ETF DIETORECS HARMONISE XML-KM ONTOWEB STRABON Medina WHAM IMAGE TRUST eMATE DAFNE PSI3 EU.POLIS HI-TOUCH BEASTS PRISMA MIETTA-II EURES PLOTEUS REGEO TOURSERV EUREAUWEB AMBISIENSE PALIO ESTIA M-GUIDE CRUMPET EIONET T1.4: Identification of portal services:  T1.4: Identification of portal services Task lead: Oliver Fodor Task members: Karl Wöber/WU Wien, Stanislav Mores/Siemens, Claudia Bär/Tiscover, Adriano Venturini and Dario Cavada/ITC-irst, Christoph Tratter, Markus Gratzer, Bibiane Angerer/Lixto, Michael Dittenbach Objective: Identification and specification of services and functions to be included in the European portal Description Description of services and functions with regard to its added value for the portal Description of services and functions with regard to its costs Identification of alternative solutions (including accessibility guidelines for tourists with special needs) Specification of the technical requirements of the portal steaming from this services T1.5. Evaluation of open-source solutions :  T1.5. Evaluation of open-source solutions Task lead: Nikolaus Sahling, EC3/Paradigma Task members: Christoph Tratter, Thomas Maurhart/Tiscover Objective To evaluate open source solutions Task 1.6 Specification of Services:  Task 1.6 Specification of Services Task lead: Oliver Fodor Task members: Stanislav Mores and Ivan Smolak/ Siemens, Markus Gratzer, Claudia Bär/Tiscover, Adriano Venturini and Dario Cavada/ITC-irst, Christoph Tratter, Bibiane Angerer/Lixto Objective: Detailed specification of portal, the services and functions from a user point of view as well as their implementation Task 1.7 Proposal for implementation:  Task 1.7 Proposal for implementation Task lead: Ivan Smolak, Siemens Task members: Thomas Maurhart/Tiscover, Bibiane Angerer/Lixto, Adriano Venturini and Dario Cavada/ITC-irst, Oliver Fodor, Christoph Tratter Main contact person at EC3: Oliver Fodor Objective: Detailed proposal for the implementation of the portal, including the overall architecture and all software aspects Communication Tools:  Communication Tools Project web site: http:etd.ec3.at Extranet for marketing purposes and communication with public audience and stakeholders Intranet for Consortium partners with access rights Contact:  Contact Project Manager inkeri.starry@ec3.at Mobile: +43 676 934 91 12 EC3 Donau-City-Str. 1 A-1220 Vienna Tel. +43 1 522 7171 13 Fax +43 1 522 7171 71 http://etd.ec3.at Project Administration heidi.lembacher@ec3.at EC3 Donau-City-Str. 1 A-1220 Vienna Tel. +43 1 522 7171 23 Fax +43 1 522 7171 71 http://etd.ec3.at Framework Technology:  Framework Technology 3-tier architecture Data CMS, RDBMS Business logic Java technologies - J2EE Presentation portlets JSP, Struts, HTML (XHTML, ...) Discussion:  Discussion Chances and limits Topics: Mobile – Web WAP in the future Multimedia Disabled people Localisation based services Other possibilities Point of view technical financial

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