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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: ErickSebastianAlvara

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Portafolio 2014



PORTFOLIO INDEX 1 CONTACT Personal Information 2 ACADEMIC PROJECTS 3 Projects 3 3D DESIGN 9 Projects 4 PHOTO STUDY Architectural Photo 5 TRAVEL SKECTH Art Work 6 MODELING Fisical Models 2

1 CONTACT ERICK SEBASTIAN ALVARADO RODRIGUEZ Teléfono: (+57)-1-431 57 26 Teléfono Móvil: (+57) 310 878 4353 Carrera 103B No 82-92 Bogotá. D.C. Correos electrónico: esalvarador@unal.edu.co ericksebas2011@hotmail.com INFORMACIÓN PERSONAL LUGAR Y FECHA DE NACIMIENTO: IDENTIFICACIÓN: MATRICULA PROFESIONAL: ESTADO CIVIL: LENGUA MATERNA: Bogotá Colombia, Marzo 25 de 1988 Cédula de ciudadanía: 1.032410.096 Bogotá D.C A24242012-1032410096 Soltero Español OTROS IDIOMAS: Inglés. Italiano: 3 Lectura: Excelente Lectura: Bueno. Escrito: Bueno. Escrito: Bueno. Hablado: Excelente. Hablado: Excelente.

INFORMACIÓN ACADÉMICA TÍTULO OBTENIDO: INSTITUCIÓN: AÑO DE TERMINACIÓN: ESTUDIOS PROFESIONALES: NIVEL DE ESTUDIO: INSTITUCIÓN: ENFASIS: INSTITUCION: DURACION: Bachiller académico Liceo Nacional José Joaquín Casas 2004 Arquitectura Graduado Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Bogotá Restauración y Conservación de inmuebles patrimoniales en centros Urbanos y Centros históricos(Tesis) Università di Bologna (Italia) 1 Año


Study Projects - University HOUSE OF ARTS 2006 Building Concept Urban design and Building approach The goal of the lab of 2006 was to study the concepts of the Urban intervention, searching and studying the culture and needs for one Neigborhood ,the intervention zone take place in Bogota, inside the center of the neighborhood of Suba. The project begins with one need, due that the cultural house was overloaded with people and activities, there was and urgent need of another place to relocated people and activities, the goal on this project is to manage all the art programs and part of the people to one new Building with new public spaces, but keeping the heritage zones and all the existing green areas, the project take place inside of the foundational center of the neighborhood . Based on the cultural needs and the short spaces of work for the new artist on the zone, this project creates new areas for arts study and a center of arte develop for all the zone , close to the most emblematic buildings of this areas ( Central square, central church , museum of history, commercial zone , neighborhood town hall, schools ) Foundational neigborhood center of Suba Intervention Zone 4

FISRT STEP CONCEPT Program : Building Approach Access Functions Shapes Dimentions SKETCH DESIGN SECOND STEP MATERIALIZE & DEFINE SPACES Program : 5 Ideal Areas Definition of shapes and Human Dimentions

Study Projects - University THIRD STEP INTERIOR ANALISIS Definitions of : - Height - Light - Dimentions - Materials SKETCH DESIGN FOUR STEP FINAL PRODUCT Program : Realistic proposal Rational Spaces 6

FINANCIAL CENTER Building Concept Urban design and Building approach The goal of the lab of 2006 was to study the concept of the Urban landscape design and urban intervention inside of one zone of development on a real growing city, the lab take place on one small perimetral city outside of Bogota, specifically on the city of Funza. The work program take place on a Virtual and spatial workshop , considering the possibility of creating a new Building , we also decided to create new public spaces for new growing commercial areas of this city, due to the natural growing of the cities we solve that this city will develop his urban infrastructure to supply the demand of new financial and commercial places from Bogota. The Study provides a new view of the concepts of a lineal buildings, zones of commercial developing in the city, green technology mixed with the architectonical demand of commercial areas also one step inside on the architectonical design of the building. 7 Development Area in Funza

Study Projects - University FISRT STEP URBAN CONCEPT Program : - Building Area - Movility Analisis - Functions - Shapes - Dimentions SKETCH Building Approach Disposition of Urban Área DESIGN SECOND STEP BUILDING CONCEPT Program : Definition of Areas Definition of Shapes Human Dimentions Materials Heigth 8

HOSTAL Building Restoration The goal of the lab of 2008 was to study the Urban needs inside the historical center of Zipaquira, making and Urban analysis based on the density of activities and the needs of new equipments, adding new commercial and residential activities inside the city center. The project is development inside of one of the most historical and oldest houses on the city center of Zipaquira. The Idea about taking place on this building was to recovery this old and beautiful architectonical concept and give a new oportunitty to restore the values of the colonial architecture of the city. The real situation of the house is and advance state of abandonment, also in response to the elevated needs of touristic infrastructure, the solution is keeping the Old house and change the distribution to adapt most of the building for the new uses program. 9 Complementing the old architecture with a new and better spaces the solution to the city center of Zipaquira is one Travelers Hostel

Study Projects - University Zipaquira Urban Analisis Fundational Square House location 10

Workshop Area House location 11

Study Projects - University 12


Study Projects - University 14

North Facade West Facade Internal courtyard 15

Study Projects - University 16

WATER MUSEUM Urban Design & Building design The goal of the lab of 2009 was to study the concept of the Urban intervention inside of one zone of development on a growing city, the project take place on the city of Villavicencio. The lab propose a series of equipments inside of the actual structure of the city searching how the students establish a new building inside and already consolidated urban area. The project in charge it’s a Museum, the thematic of the museum was defined by the University and it has it to by inserted inside a marginal zone of the city, the idea of how a new building is integrate or how a new equipment for the city is carefully inserted it’s the point of the lab Basically, the city doesn’t count with public spaces, a few parks in the city response for the community , this analysis give us a new idea, generating a new urban space for the community and also a new kind of building on this area. 17 16 Building Concept In order to generate a new concept of organization with the actual constructions in the city, the new equipment creates a new idea of rationality and symmetry. Taking places on a different terrain , the building has the capacity to aloud the population to enjoy this area , showing and open a “friendly building”

Study Projects - University Location : City of Villavicencio Project location & Distribution Conceptual Perspective 17

Volumetric Concept #1 First Ground Plan Proposal & First Urbanistic Proposal Volumetric Concept #2 Second Ground Plan Proposal & Second Urbanistic Proposal 18

Study Projects - University First 3D Model Aproximation 19

First Ground Plan & Public Space 20

Study Projects - University Final Ground Plan with all Public Space Design 21


Study Projects - University 23


3D MODELS About this Chapter All the Images are the final result after the primary analysis about the project context, this images represent all the information that one architectonical project could have and all the information extracted for the plans , facade , materials and specifications about the project. This Renders contain all the information and analisis that you saw in chapter 2, thats why on this part of this portfolio you´re not going to visualize all the sistematical analisis or the hand sketchs. This Chapter contain diferent kind of projects : Urban Project Design Housing design Interior Design Office Desing Laboratories Design Bathroom design Comercial Stores design Industrial Acces design 25


3D Modeling About and Urban Tesis Intervention 27

URBAN MODEL Urban Renovation Bogota /Colombia Corabastos 28

INDUSTRIAL ACCESS Main Acces for the Industrial plant of Coca Cola Cali / Colombia 29






New 2 Labs For the National Institute of Health New Building 35

3D MODEL EVOLUTION Ground zero P1 Structure P1 Walls External walls External Facade Ceiling Structure External Shell 36

Doors & Windows P1 Complete laboratories P2 Structure 37

P2 Walls P2 Doors P2 Doors & Windows P2 Complete Laboratories 38

LAB WORK 3D MODEL Sketchup Lab Complete 3D Model 39





CHEMISTRY LABORATORY National Institute of Metrology 44


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY National Institute of Metrology 46


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Functionality of Services 48


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Functionality of Services 50


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Internal laboratories 52


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Internal Furniture Distribution Storage Furniture Working Areas 54

Electricity Water and air Conduction Mobile Furniture 55


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Internal laboratories 57


CHEMISTRY LABORATORY Internal laboratories Distribution 59

OFFICE DESIGN Thomas Greeg & Sons Office 60



OFFICE DESIGN Thomas Greeg & Sons Office 63


OFFICE DESIGN Thomas Greeg & Sons Office 65

OFFICE DESIGN National Institute of Metrology Office 66


OFFICE DESIGN National Institute of Metrology Office 68


SERVICES AREAS National Institute of Metrology 70

SERVICES AREAS National Institute of Metrology 71

SERVICES AREAS National Institute of Metrology 72

HOUSING DESIGN Residential houses / Anapoima 73

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