Portable Liquid Explosive & Metal Detector

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Information about Portable Liquid Explosive & Metal Detector

Published on May 13, 2016

Author: lunchNtouch

Source: slideshare.net

1. I' 'ㅑ Thθ ” νbHd깡 ∏Iυ ' ' Γ。rtable Liquid Explbsive & Metal Detector Fr●r●ΠΞΠiFrr●ΓΠ =● a●* ΞH Π "Ξ'"ⅲ ⅲ "Ξ 'υ 'f● ‖Π♂Π●●ΞH ΠθΞ●●ΠΠ "Π H"η Π "Ⅱ Ⅲ ●r● "Ξ Oes''gΠ ed by ∫NTECH TeIθ co',,. ',i SOυ TH κOREA Copy"gh' ㉧20'I IN'ECH TeleσσΠA'' "g” ' reserˇ θd ∫NㅑBRPT ' fO’ ω

2. :I :,::- ‥・::,:: r: ':.::::::::::::-: ::∵ ::::::: :: :— M EGA S⊂ AN is the hand— held portable liquid explos¡ ve & metal detecto¡'. It is very eas、 y to use hence anyone can easily detect suspic¡ ous objects at anytimeI anywhere. M EGA S⊂ AN νv¡ II d¡ splay detect¡ on '˙ esult for Iiquid th¡ 'ough L⊂ D monitor/buzzer/vib''ation/ LED Iam1⊃ in 2 seconds (]ㄲetal detection is real—tirrle) M ain Function SubfUnction ÷ L' QU' D ㎚:떫胤:::ξ ⅛i裙 ]하 흉무g Web: www.¡ mcu.co.kr Ernail: intech @ imcu.co. kr Detect h¡dden 'neta' o˚jects ¡n rea' t¡ rne ℡ . +82-31-202-4275 ˜6 Fax. + 82 - 31-202-4278 Put뇌 ic tl'ansportation, M하 ol' gov'ernment bu ¡Idings, 'Λ useu Π'ㅣ , ⊂once''t, 'National events & Etc. ‥,● I;:: ::::・ :::˙ :: :.: -: :' :': :: :: ::.: :'!- : υ伽e〃Ξ 'IbΠ "’ '’ η, .˙ zI¸ Bx Zθ 火' 55 υ˛/eυ力 ' ΘυΠυ.・ ’ 도Ξ 拗Ife/J/ 〃fe ,・ ι " 'o I' Hυ υI, //’lilf”,㎐ "η ‘ I fji'’ ’ ε.・ Iθ ‘ oσoΠιI’ υυ 'etfr¡ ‘ :’● '':'’ tlriwθ .・ A¸oυ ' ℓ¸˚εoΠσζ I’υ 'θ ˛㎩b/e Π ’ ∂拍 'I"I; .・ N'˙IIo Ω//rer/˙ ˚Γι夕/i,τ f/,”?Π θησυ ‘ e/li)’ ?e υ '● ,ε/ 요I//tIΠ ι∂ει 抄 "oε 灼IbtI:' ∂υα ΛΔ˚ψγ/ ∂πo力o/ Tb"θΠe) BεΠzθΠε & EI‘ /A/o/,/eΠotI, I” θτ∂ιΠ7eIB/ * 7η ,'; ρ '“ ,〃 ' "'e"θ' α/,d●Γτ/,θ K:OPε4 ‘ 九 'BA :; ρ "oυ υ ‘ '':υ /, ¿〉˛ ','” e,, oI ,Π ’ ∂〃¿ˇ'η θυ;υIη '” 抛 ’ Iγ I::N 丁:ㅌ 《沖ㅓ: ::γ ⅛⅜d¿δ㎡曲 :::: 角/Πεfλ ’ ΠΞ 輟:: +'ˇ : η ¸ "I¸ ∠/eυ/J 中 冊 肝 ㅔ 鹹 闊 莊 밟

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