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Information about Port 80 - it's all they need

Published on October 17, 2010

Author: saumilshah

Source: slideshare.net


A Presentation by Thomas Powell (PINT) and me at the Bird Rock Systems luncheon at the Del Mar Race Track on 11th August 2010.

We talked about web attacks and the threat landscape as it stands today.

port 80 It’s All They Need Thomas Powell, PINT and UCSD Saumil Shah, Net-Square

It’s All They Need

There Be Web Orcs! I can SQL injectz you!

Why me ? You’re a commodity (at least your id or cc# is)

Better off undead “ Awake my Zombie army and attack!”

Big Tuna! “ Let’s go spear phising”

Hack for hire

Scalp Bounties World of Warcraft account $4 Paypal/Ebay account $8 Credit Card $25 Bank Account $1000 WMF Exploit $4000 Quicktime/iTunes/Realplayer $10000 Mac OS X $10000* Windows 7 $50000 IE / Firefox $100000 credit: Hacks Happen - Jeremiah Grossman - http://tinyurl.com/hacks-happen 0-day exploits

World of Warcraft account $4

Paypal/Ebay account $8

Credit Card $25

Bank Account $1000

WMF Exploit $4000

Quicktime/iTunes/Realplayer $10000

Mac OS X $10000*

Windows 7 $50000

IE / Firefox $100000

Bad people are real credit: From Russia With Love - Fyodor Yarochkin and The Grugq - http://tinyurl.com/frmrussiawlove

Build some walls

Man the defenses! “ No worry, firewall’s in place”

We’re awake! and what do you see?

Attack #1 “ Charge!” ../cmd.exe &1=1;droptable

Attack #2

We need a bouncer “ Yer not on the list, so come on in!”

The weak minded are easily tricked “ These are not the requests you are looking for”

0-day to the Face! “ To get our new signature files you need a valid support plan”

Mutations Multiply

The Appearance of Security The Intent Thief: “How quaint a club!”

Real Security Tradeoffs This...

Security Tradeoffs ...or this?

I want it all!

Attack Surfaces and many more

The Usual Suspects Input Tampering SQL Injection XSS CSRF RFI/LFI

Demo Time Presto!

I want to believe! Your Only Defense: Trust No One (User, Packet, Input, etc.)

Next Steps?

Questions? Thomas A. Powell [email_address] http://www.pint.com Twitter: PINTSD Saumil Shah [email_address] http://net-square.com

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