Popular Italian Breakfast Pairings With Coffee

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Information about Popular Italian Breakfast Pairings With Coffee

Published on November 11, 2016

Author: DaleSalmonese

Source: slideshare.net

1. Popular Italian Breakfast Pairings With Coffee Dale Salmonese

2. Introduction • With a background as a qualified U.S. Coast Guard crew member, Dale Salmonese currently serves as a nursing- focused Academic Enrichment Program professor at Molloy College’s New York campus. Having grown up within the environment of a family-run deli that specialized in breakfast, Dale Salmonese enjoys Italian flavors and culinary techniques. At the centerpiece of the Italian colazione, or breakfast, is a cup of cappuccino, espresso, or caffe latte. Contrary to American coffee tradition, this beverage is ideally served unsweetened and scalding hot.

3. Italian Breakfast • Popular breakfast items include the crostata, a tart which pairs a butter-laden crust with fruit jams such as wild berry and sour cherry. Another popular option is the cornetto, which is related to the croissant but tends to be lighter and has a sweeter dough. A finishing touch for a cornetto might be a glaze flavored with orange zest. Italian breakfast tastes have changed over the decades. Today, children particularly enjoy crackers or toast topped with Nutella hazelnut and cocoa spread. In recent years, cereal and milk have also become increasingly widespread.

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