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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: grnbean86

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PowerPoint Presentation: The Popcorn Writing Strategy Colleen Bannon March 1, 2014 EESL545 Objective: Objective Students will be able to use and complete a visual organizer. Students will learn how to structure and organize (map out) ideas and concepts related to a specific topic in order to convey meaning. Introduction: Introduction We are going to discuss as a class how to use the popcorn map for generating and organizing ideas. WHAT is it? A graphic organizer HOW do we use it? We write choose a main topic Then we write ideas/concepts about that topic WHY do we use it? To organize Structure See the big picture Introduction: Introduction Lets discuss the following example Demonstrate: Demonstrate Now lets start Popping with Popcorn! First lets start by turning on our sense Everybody grab a cup full of freshly popped popcorn. Every student should have a blank map on their table. W rite the word “POPCORN” in the center bubble. While eating the popcorn lets “POP” some ideas out about how it looks, tastes, smells, feels, sounds and where it’s found etc.. Write these ideas in the surrounding popcorn bubbles on your handout. Guided Practice: Guided Practice Now that are maps complete lets choose 6 popcorn circles (ideas/facts) to create our short story about popcorn. As a class lets make sentences about the 6 facts. Each fact must be used somewhere in the story. You might have two or three ideas in a sentence or just one. As a class lets read are short story on Popcorn. Applying the Strategy: Applying the Strategy Now its your turn to start “ Poppin ” You will get with a partner and choose a piece of paper from the hat. (the hat contains folded pieces of paper with the name of a fruit or a vegetable) After you have your fruit/vegetable you and your partner will make a “Popcorn Map” and “pop” out all the facts about your item. Once again you will choose at least six of you facts/ideas and write a short story. Be as creative and detailed as possible. Reflection: Reflection Students will take their short stories and read/present it to the class. The class will vote on which story was the Funniest Most detailed Creative Had a good beginning, middle & end To wrap up the activity we will discuss (questions & comments) what we liked about the strategy, what we didn’t liked, what worked well and what didn’t & what we could change. Assessment : Assessment

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