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Published on February 29, 2008

Author: Burnell

Source: authorstream.com

Pony Pack :  Pony Pack Auxiliary Power Units and Anti Idling Equipment Since 1988 Pony Pack Can Help You:  Large number of units in the industry Parts Available at NAPA, Pep Boys Typical Maintenance Facility Current Cost- Future Cost MERC, Weight Allowances, etc First APU – 1988 Components Availability Maintenance and Service Cost Savings Government Supported Pony Pack Can Help You Pony Pack APU Address Many Issues Facing The Transportation Industry From 2006 Forward Let Pony Pack Assist You In Your 3 Most Critical Issues Today:  Let Pony Pack Assist You In Your 3 Most Critical Issues Today Preparation For Evolving Anti Idling Legislation Immediate Cost Savings Best Value Price Option In The Market Pony Pack Help You In Three Significant Ways Truck Idling Facts:  Truck Idling Facts Idling Of Class 8 Trucks In The U.S. Represents: Fuel - Approximately 18.6 Billion gallons of “idling fuel” consumed by 3.2 million class eight trucks each year $10,080 Idling Fuel Cost per Truck per Year @ $2.50 per gallon Maintenance - Significant idle related operating costs $1,000 - $2,500 for engine idling related oil changes, engine overhauls, downtime, etc. per Truck per Year Environment - Significant environmental impact: NOX, Particulates, PM2.5, CO Safety – Idling effects degrades quality of life for drivers Government and Industry studies show that 40% - 60% of engine run time in class eight trucks is spent idling to support driver comfort and related operational needs. Pony Pack APU:  Pony Pack APU Truck Operators: Pony Pack delivers a win-win for everyone — performance that truck drivers, operators, government, environmentalists, and the American public desires Reduced fuel usage with 50% less engine hours Quiet, clean, worry-free rest for drivers reduces turn over Reduced engine idling time for a better environment Reduced highway breakdowns improve driver retention and customer service Impacts public safety with rested healthy drivers An economical solution that offers a FULL return on investment in less than a year Auxiliary Power Unit Benefits:  Auxiliary Power Unit Benefits Allows the driver turn off truck engine and get 10+ hours of relief. Maintains cab temperature and runs entire electrical accessories Supplies plenty of reserve power under extreme conditions to re-start the truck engine Allows drivers the freedom to rest in comfort at shippers dock Pony Pack APU Driver Benefits:  Pony Pack APU Driver Benefits Improved quality of life: Ten plus hours of quiet rest per day Complete climate control (heating and cooling) Runs interior equipment (onboard A/C power, sound systems, laptops, video equipment, refrigerator, etc.) No fumes Better job retention Reduced driver fatigue Significantly improves driver environment and health Pony Pack Owner Benefits:  Pony Pack Owner Benefits LESS FUEL Less down time Reduced drive fatigue Improved driver retention Extended truck life Reduced maintenance cost Full verifiable data Potential to earn tax and emissions credits Higher trade-in value MERC Mobile Emission Reduction Credits:  MERC Mobile Emission Reduction Credits Clean Air Act gives EPA the charter to develop emission reduction credits Stationary credits in effect since the 80s; mobile credits recent Idling credits vary by location Non-attainment areas — highest credits Credits require verifying where truck located and amount of idling reduction – EPA demands independent GPS verification Pony Pack can assist you in utilizing your on board GPS for verification of truck locating and amount of idling reduction Slide10:  Anti Idling and APU Since 1988

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