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Published on April 19, 2013

Author: WMGSME

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Making Stuff (Polymer Innovation) Ben Wood Technology Transfer Specialist© 2013

Introductions… Polymer Innovation Team Ben Wood - Technology Transfer Specialist • Background in technology demonstration of green motorsport projects • EngD in advanced composite materials • Expertise in additive manufacture and composites Kylash Makenji - Knowledge Transfer Specialist • Extensive experience in injection moulding industry • MSc and EngD in polymer processing and decoration • Expert in polymer processing and manufacturing© 2013

Introductions… Polymer Innovation Team Martin Worrall – Technology Transfer Technician • Trained CNC Programme Setter at Alvis Vehicles • Extensive experience of technology demonstration Greg Gibbons – Head of Additive Manufacturing Research • PhD in Physics from University of Warwick • World leading expert in additive manufacturing Vannessa Goodship – Principle Research Fellow • Extensive experience in plastics industry • Author of more than a dozen plastics books • Expert in polymer recycling© 2013

Polymer Innovation We make stuff…© 2013

Polymer Innovation • Working with new materials • Developing new processes • State of the art equipment “We can work with you to develop new products using innovative polymer technologies”© 2013

Polymer Innovation Lifecycle Sales and profit Growth Maturity Decline© 2013

Polymer Innovation Lifecycle Prototyping Formulating Low Volume New Materials Manufacturing Recycling Adding Functionality© 2013

Polymer Innovation Facilities 130m2 Technology Hall – Prototyping/3D printing – Compounding new materials – Injection moulding – Printed electronics – Polymer chemistry© 2013

Polymer Innovation Demonstrators Low Volume Manufacturing • Prototyping • Getting to production Adding Functionality • Plastic electronics • Smart materials Recycling • Identifying properties of waste • Finding new applications© 2013

Low Volume - Concept Level 2 • Review suitable 3D printing technology • Assess need for technology • Prototypes to market products and increase sales Level 3 • New methods of • Use of equipment and expertise manufacture • Tooling for low volume production • Unique components Level 4 impossible to make any other way • New manufacturing methods • Unique products© 2013

Low Volume Concept • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) – More accessible, fashionable • Systems from £500 – New applications • Electronics • Fashion© 2013

Low Volume – R&D • Plasma Transferred Arc/CNC – Make metal polymer tooling in one additive process • 3D Photocopying – Charged particles© 2013

Low Volume - Project Challenge ‘Our prototypes are very valuable, but we need to show our products at trade shows’ – International sales – One-off, heavy components – Challenges with transport and security© 2013

Low Volume - Project • Solution – Knowledge exchange – Use of IIPSI software and equipment – Production of high-quality display model • Lightweight • Low cost • Kit form© 2013

Low Volume - Project • Outcomes – Reduction in transport costs – Reduced risk of damage/theft – Increased knowledge of 3D printing systems© 2013

Adding Functionality - Concept Level 2 • Identify applications • Review technologies • Added value to existing Level 3 products • Use of equipment and expertise • New methods of • Initial prototypes manufacture • New ‘smart’ components Level 4 • New functional polymer components© 2013

Adding Functionality – R&D • Spray-on electronics – ‘Electronics in a can’ • Complex printed electronics – Batteries, sensors etc – PV solar panels • Shape memory polymers – Active disassembly© 2013

Adding Functionality – R&D • Hybrid Nano ALM machine – Inkjet printed electronics – Thick, viscous materials • Ceramics, polymers, metals • Manufacture of components and electronics in one process© 2013

Adding Functionality - Project Challenge: ‘Our customer wants our product to light up’ – LEDs only work with ‘natural’ polymer – Customer wants range of colours – Surface needs to light up© 2013

Adding Functionality - Project • Solution – Knowledge exchange – Use of IIPSI expertise – Spray-on electronic lighting – Suitable for low-mid volume production© 2013

Adding Functionality - Project • Outcomes – Knowledge of new manufacturing process embedded within JSC’s technical staff – Applicable to other products moving forward – Potential new markets© 2013

Polymer Recycling - Concept Level 2 • Review processes • Segregation • Reduce material waste Level 3 • Reduce landfill costs • Test material properties • Improve carbon footprint • Identify potential applications • Add value to recycled material Level 4 • Reintegrate into raw material stream© 2013

Polymer Recycling - Research • Recycling of ‘smart’ materials – Composites – Solar panels – Plastic electronics© 2013

Polymer Recycling - Projects Challenge: ‘What can we do with 3t/day of waste plastic?’ – Food contamination – Mixed colours – Low value© 2013

Polymer Recycling - Projects • Solution: – Manufacture of test samples – Analysis of properties – Knowledge exchange – Applications identified© 2013

Polymer Recycling - Projects • Outcome: – Added value – Landfill costs reduced – Environmental footprint improved© 2013

Funded Research Projects • Simpact Engineering Ltd – Simulation and FEA consultancy • Shorter KTP – simulation of sustainable materials – 60% funded by TSB – 6 month project – Full-time Project Associate – 10% of a Senior Research Fellow© 2013

Funded Research Projects • Project Outcomes – New job created – Highest ever annual turnover – Unique capability in sustainable materials – New customers/markets • Follow-on – IIPSI Internship, 8 weeks© 2013

How IIPSI Can Help… • Knowledge Exchange – Expertise focussed on your business • Access to Equipment and Facilities – ‘Try before you buy’ – Understand benefits and pitfalls • Individual Projects – R&D Level collaborations© 2013

Down to the technology hall… • IIPSI Technology Hall taster session – Rapid tooling – 3D printing applications – (Not just manufacturing!) • Preview of IIPSI equipment – Available for use by West Midlands SMEs© 2013

“We can work with you to develop new products using innovative polymer technologies” We’d love to hear your project ideas… BEN WOOD @BENJAMINMWOOD B.M.WOOD@WARWICK.AC.UK© 2013

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