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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: KarnatakaOER

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presentation on democracy by Shashi Naik Sir, Karnataka Government High School

The inTroducTion To democracy Welcome to Unit-1 Meaning of democracy G.H.S SUBHASHNAGAR SAGAR Ptd by SHASHINAIK. S

DEMOCRACY OBJECTIVES OF THIS CHAPTER  Know the meaning of democracy  Understand the features of different types of government  Identify the different types of democracy and their diffrences.  Explain Merits and demerits of democracy.  Explain Adult franchise and genral election in India.  Describe Responsibilities of political parties in democratic system  Responsiblities of mass media in democracy  Know about Right to Information Act-2005

1.Meaning of democracy Meaning   The word ‘Democracy’ is derived from the Greek word Demokratia. Demokratia means ‘Rule of the people’

1.Meaning of democracy Defnations:Abraham lincoln ‘A government by the people,of the people and for the people,   Abraham lincoln was a former president of USA. He was the first person who condemend the racial discrimination in the world

1.Meaning of democracy

Quote’s of Abraham Lincoln

Quote’s of Abraham Lincoln

Quote’s of Abraham Lincoln

1.Meaning of democracy      Elections play very important role in democracy Elections provide an opportunity to the people to form their own government Election works on the principles of one man,one vote. The government is formed by the people and the people are the decision makers. Democracy is a form of goverenment where the supreme power belongs to the people

2.Different forms of government (video)

2.Different forms of government

2.Different forms of government


1. MONARCHY    Monarchy is an old form of givernment In monarchy the king heads the government He enjoys the vast power TYPES OF MONARCHY  Types of Monarchy 2. CONSTITUTIONA L MONARCHY 1.ABSOLUTE MONARCHY

1. MONARCHY 1.Absolute Monarhy    The king heads the government The king enjoys vast power Examples:- Quter, kuwait and some of the countries of Arab

1. MONARCHY 2.CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY    The elected house is the law making body. The king/Queen remains as the nominal head Examples:- Japan, England

2. DICTATORSHIP    The authority rests in the hands of one individual who is not crowned The dictators have scant respect for democratic values and principles Famous dictators: Adolf Hitler-Germany, Benito Mussoloni-Italy

2. DICTATOR’S Adolf Hitler-Germany Benito Mussoloni-Italy Adolf Hitler-Germany

3. Military Dictatorship      The political power rests with the highest military authority The people are denied the freedom of expression Freedom to criticizing the government policies and froming association Judicary and Media are controlled by the military Example: Eralier was existant in pakistana

4. Communist Government  Political parties other than communist party do not exist  There are no scope for private ownership  All means of production are nationalised   The people have regulated freedom in communist type of government Example: China, North korea, Cuba


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