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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Clown

Source: authorstream.com

POLITICAL HUMORSEE ALSO “POLITICAL CARTOONS”:  POLITICAL HUMOR SEE ALSO 'POLITICAL CARTOONS' by Alleen Pace Nilsen and Don L. F. Nilsen The Budster:  The Budster Between 1984 and 1992, Bud Clark was the mayor of Portland, Oregon. Clark owned a Portland bar, and in 1979, he did a poster in which he stood facing a nude statue. His bare legs could be seen beneath an open raincoat. The captain read 'expose yourself to art.' It sold more than 500,000 copies to benefit a local arts group. (Nilsen 231) GEORGE W. BUSH:  GEORGE W. BUSH In 1992, President Bush became ill at a formal state dinner in Tokyo, and vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, and then he fainted. Barbara Bush joked that the incident was the fault of Emperor Akihito and Crown Prince Naruhito because they had beaten George in tennis earlier in the day. Barbara Bush explained, 'We Bushes aren’t used to losing.' Slide4:  Slide5:  JIMMY CARTER:  JIMMY CARTER Mort Sahl said that people did not vote for Ronald Reagan as much as they voted against Jimmy Carter. Sahl concluded… 'If Reagan had been unopposed, he would have lost' (Nilsen 233) BENJAMIN DISRAELI:  BENJAMIN DISRAELI William Gladstone attacked fellow statesman Benjamin Disraeli in front of the British Parliament by saying that Disraeli would die 'either on the gallows or of a horrible disease.' Benjamin Disraeli responded, 'That depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.' (Nilsen andamp; Nilsen 243-244) GERALD FORD:  GERALD FORD After Gerald Ford tripped on the stairs leaving Air Force One, Chevy Chase worked this tripping into his act. Ford appreciated Chase’s humor, and in 1986 he hosted a 'Humor and Presidency Symposium at the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Slide9:  At Ohio State University, Gerald Ford opened a speech by telling the audience, 'So much has happened in the few months since you were kind enough to invite me to speak here today. I was then America’s first instant Vice-President, and then I became America’s first instant President. The Marine Corps Band is so confused they don’t know whether to play, ‘Hail to the Chief,' or ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.’' (Nilsen andamp; Nilsen 273) Slide10:  Robert Orbin was the Presidential speech writer for Gerald Ford. Sometimes Ford muffed the lines Orben had written. So Orben attached a 3 X 5 card on the inside cover of Ford’s speech binder, reading, 'I told my wife I knew this speech backwards, and that’s how I’m delivering it.' This became one of Ford’s most successful lines, and sometimes he bungled speeches so that he could use it. (Nilsen 232) JOHN F. KENNEDY:  JOHN F. KENNEDY Many of Kennedy’s critics felt that he had an unfair advantage because of his family’s wealth. So during one speech, he pulled a fake telegram from his father saying, 'Don’t buy one vote more than necessary. I’ll be damned if I’ll pay for a landslide.' (Nilsen 232) RICHARD NIXON:  RICHARD NIXON Mike Peters gained national attention with a cartoon showing George Washingon saying, 'I cannot tell a lie,' Richard Nixon saying, 'I cannot tell the truth.' and Jimmy Carter saying, 'I cannot tell the difference.' (Nilsen 233) RONALD REAGAN:  RONALD REAGAN Politicians are good at turning a negative into a positive, and President Reagan was old. At a Gridiron Club dinner, he noted that the club had been founded in 1885, and quipped that he had not been invited to the first dinner. 'It seemed like only yesterday.' (Nilsen 232) Slide14:  One of Reagan’s best quips came during a televised debate against Walter Mondale. With a twinkle in his eye, Reagan said, that age should not be an issue, and then he added, 'I will not exploit, for political purposes, the youth and inexperience of my opponent.' (Nilsen 232) Slide15:  In 1981 President Reagan was shot by John Hinckley and was taken into the operating room of a nearby hospital for treatment. Reagan quipped, 'Please assure me that you are all Republicans.' (Nilsen 234) MARK RUSSELL:  MARK RUSSELL Mark Russell started doing his satirical political songs in Washington DC during the 1980s Since the 1990s, his television specials have been among the most popular on the Public Broadcasting System Russell considers himself to be a 'political cartoonist for the blind.' (Nilsen 231) ADLAI STEVENSON:  ADLAI STEVENSON Commenting on Stevenson’s astuteness and knowledge, one person said, 'Every thinking American will vote for you.' Stevenson replied, 'That won’t be enough.' (Nilsen 233) HARRY TRUMAN & GEORGE W. BUSH:  HARRY TRUMAN andamp; GEORGE W. BUSH Harry Truman was a take-charge President. He had a sign on his desk that said, 'The buck stops here.' But for George W. Bush, Jim Morin and Jeff Parker made some changes. THE IMPORTANCE OF AUDIENCE:  THE IMPORTANCE OF AUDIENCE President Reagan made a joke to an inside group about bombing Russia, but his statement was broadcast internationally. Talking about Geraldine Ferraro, Vice President George Bush Bragged that 'We tried to kick a little ass last night' and it made the wire service. (Nilsen 229) COW DEFINITIONS:  COW DEFINITIONS In his The Humorous Dictionary of Economics, Jere Moorman gives the following 'cow-definitions' of political philosophies: CAPITALISM: If you have two cows, you sell one and buy a bull. COMMUNISM: If you have two cows, you give them to the government and the government gives you some milk. Slide21:  FASCISM: If you have two cows, you keep the cows and give the milk to the government and the government then sells you some of the milk. NEW-DEALISM: If you have two cows, you shoot one and milk the other and then pour the milk down the drain. SOCIALISM: If you have two cows, you give your neighbor one. TOTALITARIANISM: If you have two cows, the government shoots you and keeps the cows. (Nilsen 233) LIBERAL VS. CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL CARTOONS::  LIBERAL VS. CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL CARTOONS: 'Liberals see conservatives as preachy, sanctimonious, and humorless.' 'Conservatives see nothing funny about shrill, angry, liberal losers.' 'Cartoonists will always be liberal leaning. It is a bias that is built into the system.' (Cagle x) Slide23:  Conservatives believe that we should enjoy the rewards of our personal successes and suffer the consequences of our personal failures Liberals believe that people are basically stupid and need to be protected. As a cartoonist, I…can’t make a living drawing cartoons about responsible people, but I can certainly make a living drawing stupid people. (Cagle x) DEMOCRATS VS. REPUBLICANS:  DEMOCRATS VS. REPUBLICANS On October 1, 1974, Craig Hosmer, a Republican from California published the following in the Congressional Record Democrats buy most of the books that have been banned somewhere. Republicans form censorship committees and read them as a group. Republicans employ exterminators. Democrats step on the bugs. Slide25:  Democrats name their children after popular sports figures, politicans, and entertainers. Republican children are named after their parents or grandparents, according to where the money is. Republicans tend to keep their shades drawn, although there is seldom any reason why they should Democrats ought to, but don’t. Slide26:  Republican boys date Democratic girls. They plan to marry Republican girls, but feel they’re entitled to a little fun first. Republicans sleep in twin beds—some even in separate rooms. That is why there are more Democrats. (Nilsen 233) GEORGE CARLIN SAID,:  GEORGE CARLIN SAID, In combat, there is a condition in which a soldier’s nervous system has been maxed out. In the First World War, this condition was called 'shell shock.' Simple, honest, direct language—two syllables. Slide28:  During the Second World War, this same combat condition was called 'battle fatigue.' Four syllables now. It takes longer to say, and 'fatigue' is a nicer word than 'shock.' During the Korean War, Madison Avenue was riding high, and this same battle condition was now called 'Operational Exhaustion.' We’re up to eight syllables now, and the humanity has been squeezed out completely. It’s totally sterile now. Slide29:  Then came the War in Vietnam, so the word became 'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.' It’s still eight syllables, but now we’ve added a hyphen, and the pain is completely buried under the jargon. (Dahdal 5-6) DIFFERENT TERMS FOR DIFFERENT IDEALOGIES:  DIFFERENT TERMS FOR DIFFERENT IDEALOGIES Canadian journalists who didn’t support the war called it 'the war on Iraq.' Australian journalists who supported the war called it 'the war in Iraq.' American journalists who supported the war even more called it 'the war of Operation Enduring Freedom.' Al Jazeera called it an 'invasion and occupation of Iraq.' (Hudson-Rodd 533) BUSH BEFORE AND AFTER 9/11/2001:  BUSH BEFORE AND AFTER 9/11/2001 Ann Telnaes, winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize, says that before 9/11/2001 she had depicted George W. Bush as an idiot child closely following his dad. After September 11th, American editorial cartoons have turned into 'gags' (Hudson-Rodd 543) THE EFFECT OF THE PATRIOT ACT:  THE EFFECT OF THE PATRIOT ACT American cartoonists have been restricted by the Patriot act that makes cartooning against national leaders an anti-American event. One writer claimed, 'Cartoonists have been sacked, had their doors beaten down by the FBI in the middle of the night and even fled into exile.' Others went underground or online. (Hudson-Rodd 543) POLITICAL CORRECTNESS:  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS On October 25, 1993, Richard Zoglin wrote in Time Magazine that political correctness started out as the province of a small band of liberal reformers. But it has now become an establishment orthodoxy. So… 'It is now p.c. to make fun of p.c.' (Nilsen 228) POLITICAL CORRECTNESS FROM THE RIGHT:  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS FROM THE RIGHT During the 1930s many Americans were isolationists, and were strongly against any hints of anti-Nazi sentiments. January 19, 1940 was almost two years before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and nine months before Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. On this date, The Three Stooges released a movie entitled You Nazi Spy, which greatly influence America’s involvement in the war. (Nilsen 233) !WHAT’S THE EFFECT?:  !WHAT’S THE EFFECT? John Callahan received much flack for his cartoon showing two Ku Klux Klansmen in sheets leaving a house in the middle of the night. One of them is saying, 'Don’t you just love it when they’re still warm from the dryer?' Some said he was glorifying the Ku Klux Klan. But Calahan felt he was trivializing the Klan. (Nilsen 229) !!DEFINING THE WAR IN IRAQ:“ARACHNOPHOBIA”  “IRAQNAPHOBIA”:  !!DEFINING THE WAR IN IRAQ: 'ARACHNOPHOBIA'  'IRAQNAPHOBIA' The term 'Iraqnaphobia' was first used in the caption of an editorial cartoon by Clay Bennett that appeared in the August 3, 1990 edition of the St. Petersburg Times. The cartoon shows a spider labeled 'Iraq' menacing Kuwait, and the caption reads 'Saddam Hussein Presents Iraqnophobia.' (Dahdal 11) !!!DEFINING THE WAR IN IRAQ:“SHOCK AND AWE”:  !!!DEFINING THE WAR IN IRAQ: 'SHOCK AND AWE' The phrase 'Shock and Awe' has been trademarked by the Japanese electronics giant Sony for use in computer games. Sony registered 'Shock and Awe' just one day after the US and British forces started the war in Iraq. Sony plans to have a Shock and Awe PlayStation game on sale in the US, but may decide not to ship the game to Europe due to political sensitivities on that side of the Atlantic about the invasion of Iraq' (Dahdal 9). Slide38:  References # 1: Boskin, Joseph, ed. The Humor Prismin 20th-Century America Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1997. Brooks, Charles, ed. Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 2005 Edition. Gretna, LA: Pelican, 2005. Cagle, Daryl, and Brian Fairrington, eds. The Best Political Cartoons of the Year, 2006 Edition. New York, NY: Que Publishing, 2006. Dahdal, Sylvia H. 'Defending the Indefensible: Words of War or War of Words?' Tempe, AZ: ASU LIN 515 Paper, April 18, 2006. Davis, Murray S. What’s So Funny: The Comic Conception of Culture and Society Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1993. Slide39:  References # 2: Gardner, Gerald. Campaign Comedy: Political Humor from Clinton to Kennedy Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1994. Gardner, Gerald. The Mocking of the President: A History of Campaign Humor from Ike to Ronnie Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 1988. Henning, Charles. The Wit and Wisdom of Politics Golden, Co: Fulcrum, 1989. Holloway, D. 'The Morning after Consumption.' Dogsbody: An Online Review of Comics. May 6, 2004 http://www.tcj.com/dogsbody/db030815.html. Slide40:  References # 3: Hudson-Rodd, Nancy, and Sundar Ramanathaiyer. 'Cartooning the Iraq War: No Laughing Matter.' International Journal of Comic Art 8.1 (2006): 532-545. Moormon, Gere. The Humorous Dictionary of Economics, 1983. Nilsen, Alleen Pace, and Don L. F. Nilsen. Encyclopedia of 20th-Century American Humor. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2000. Oring, Elliott. Jokes and Their Relations Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 1992. Terry, Robert W. Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1993.

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