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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: moya2014

Source: slideshare.net


In a class on Brand Design we were asked to explore the importance of a branding campaign in political sphere. To explain this I took the example of one of the fierce branding campaign of Bharat Nirman (NDA) and India Shinning (Congress).

The presentation explore how exactly an advertisement campaign can effect the formation of government in a country. It also includes how emotions are used to develop empathy in target audience and get their votes.

Political Branding Campaign India

India Shinning Campaign NDA- 2004

What was it? India shinning was BJP’s election campaign for 2004 general election. The case of 'India Shining' campaign is believed to mark the beginning of a new age of political advertising in India. The campaign was aimed at highlighting the progress India had made during the tenure of Vajpayee as PM. The campaign was supported by another catch phrase 'Feel Good Factor.'

Branding Branding Company Prathap Suthan “India Alive” “India Dazzling” "Each of them were wrong in certain ways. India Alive carries with it the implication of death or sickness. India Rising takes you back to the Independence era when we were just formulating an identity. India Dazzling was an over- claim." According to him, 'India Shining' conveyed a sense of health, prosperity and radiance.



Bharat Nirman Congress Campaign

Branding Pradeep Sarkar 22 commercials, many featuring a continuing character—a young woman, Priya, who is born into an underprivileged background but, through hard work and a helping hand from the government’s policies, travels to Delhi to study engineering from her remote village, becomes an entrepreneur, acquires land in and around her village (at the new rates announced by the government, 4 times the market value), and is an all-round busybody and do-gooder.

The Campaign

The Campaign

The Campaign

The Campaign

New Age Branding

New Job Opportunity




Just for Laughs

IPL Nirman

India Shinning- Really??

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