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Published on November 19, 2008

Author: bethecatalyst

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Now you have the power to use politics to make change. Political Action is a presentation designed to teach the basics of how to use policy and politics to make real lasting change in our world. This presentation is provided by Catalyst, a statewide youth movement against the tobacco industry based in Minnesota. For more info, click here.


How can you create change? So, while you’re here learning how to holler, let’s talk about how to stand up and holler the right info, at the right people, at the right time.

What is advocacy?

. . . the application of pressure on the people and institutions that have the power to give you what you want.

Things to keep in mind as we get started: • You are an advocate. • You can use advocacy to create and support policy change. • And Catalyst can show you how!

What makes a successful advocate? know your facts . know your audience . know who influences your audience . practice your message . be creative . be compelling . make an impression . be passionate . be persistent . be persuasive .

Need some help? • Use the media to your advantage • Don’t forget adult partners • Try to identify “champions” • That’s what Catalyst is here for!

Remind me, why advocacy? Catalyst is about change, and advocacy creates change, so that’s a pretty good fit, right? We’re tired of big tobacco targeting MN, and if advocacy can change that, we are all about it!

Where exactly does it fit in? • Activism is advocacy • Talking to the media is advocacy • Organizing events in your community is advocacy • Talking about smoke-free MN is advocacy • Meeting with a public official is advocacy • And the list goes on . . .

How can you use advocacy? • What is your goal? – Do you want people to be just as excited as you are about MN going smoke-free? • Talk about it - you are the expert! • Make it fun and interesting • Keep it positive • Be creative and informative at the same time • Maximize your message and use the media

Welcome to Anytown, MN! • (insert road sign graphic)

Welcome to the Anytown Council Meeting! Today’s issue: Freedom to Breathe Act (a.k.a. Smoke-free Workplaces) (a.k.a. Clean Indoor Air) (a.k.a. Smoking Ban)

Who’s invited to the party? • The Anytown Council • The Anytown Restaurant Association • The Anytown Concerned Citizens Association • The Tobacco Industry Lobby

Stand up and get started! • Each group should pick a “chair person” • The council should think of questions for all of the groups represented • The groups should come up with a position, and some key messages to back it up

Want to download this presentation? http://www.bethecatalyst.org/downloads

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