Polar Bears

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Information about Polar Bears

Published on October 3, 2007

Author: Charlo

Source: authorstream.com

Slide3:  Lord of the Artic - the biggest meat eater on Earth. Slide4:  The female hybernates during the winter alone with her babies. Slide5:  Polar bears have small ears to preserve maximum body heat. Slide6:  Their eyesight is poor but their sense of smell is excellent. Slide7:  Polar bears can live for more than 20 years. Slide8:  They normally travel between 3 and 6 km/h but in the case of an emergency they can run at nearly 40 km/h. Slide9:  A beautiful place to sleep tonight !!! Slide10:  Their fur can be up to 30 cm thick. Slide11:  So powerful and tireless they are as fast in the water as on land. Slide12:  After a good meal, time to practice their favourite sport – sleeping !!! Slide13:  The offspring have their first outing in March. Slide14:  The male weighs from 500 to 750 kg and the female from 230 to 320 kg. Slide15:  Their paws measure up to 23 cm in width Slide16:  They can smell a dead animal more than 5 km away, and a seal under 1 meter of ice. Its territory is not defined like other animals. Slide17:  The babies remain with their mother until they are 3 years of age. The mortality rate is very low. Slide18:  Sexual fertility occurs from the age of 4 years to through to 7 years. Slide19:  Welcome to the Arctic Motel with all the mod cons for the polar bear!!! Slide20:  Polar bears are confronted with all the organic pollutants created by man, which are threatening their very existence. Global warming and the destruction of their ice habitat are destroying their natural hunting territories and food sources. Emblème du

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