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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: michaelH21

Source: authorstream.com

Pokemon X Perfect Game for Kids: Pokemon X Perfect Game for Kids PowerPoint Presentation: With the honors this game got from every significant video gaming publication and the go crazy evaluations from players about how advanced the modifications to the game were, I was expecting X to blow my mind. I was expecting it to be the Pokemon game that was finally different more than enough to claim to be a brand-new game. PowerPoint Presentation: But it's not. It's the same game. It's the same story with the very same worthless discussion from the NPCs you run into. They have actually tacked on brand-new features, sure, however they're extensively unenjoyable and cumbersome. Pokemon Amie and Super Training are superficial reasons for "communicating" with your Pokemon . Mega Evolutions make no sense (if there's no restriction on the quantity of times I can huge progress and it makes my Pokemon stronger to do so, why wouldn't I wish to mega advance it whenever - which evades, why not subsist a permanent evolution as opposed to compelling me to see a cinematic each time ???) The majority of the Pokemon you encounter are either dull, silly, or, most bizarrely, put on a gown when they strike their last form. And Klefki ... seriously, a keychain pokemon ? Are we that close to the bottom of the barrel? PowerPoint Presentation: This discomforts me to consider all the opportunities the designer missed in even basic organizational and structural elements of the game. In 2013, on a system with 2 displays, it ought to be quick and easy to use potions on your Pokemon rather than trekking through a menu. It must be simple to bring up a map. Why exist 3 Pokedexes to trek through? Why are berries, specifically the unusable, cumbersome "ranch", still even a part of the game? Why do the weeps all sound so terribly dated? PowerPoint Presentation: Battling possibly so enjoyable. Envision communicating with the battles, even with basic timed-button-press attacks instead of just picking an attack off of a menu. Picture if the fight animations continue for the length of the fight (if I take out a spiky cover, why do I see it emerge in a short animation and afterwards disappear? Why don't leech seeds embed themselves and continue to be noticeable? Why, if my Pokemon is burned, is there no flame?) Picture if Pokemon moved the battlefield instead of standing still and awaiting commands? Imagine if fighting was genuinely strategic, more than merely a game of paper-rock-scissors while you shuffle your Pokemon around? PowerPoint Presentation: And then there's the story. Think of momentarily that rather than almost every NPC you encounter babbling about how much they like Pokemon , there were one-of-a-kind stories to each town, mysteries to discover and fascinating chats with citizens. Suppose NPC's provided you refined hints at ways to progress your Pokemon as opposed to forcing you to look it up online? How is it even achievable that there's not a single really fresh element to the overarching tale of the game? PowerPoint Presentation: Imagine if Lumiose City was loaded with element and life rather than 10 pointless cafes and a few dining establishment difficulties that include no range or spice to the game. Picture if all the fitness instructors you experience in the wild lugged more than two Pokemon - hell, even the fitness center leaders only bring 3 or four, and all that's required to defeat them is to have a single pokemon of the right type at the gym leader's degree - you can clean his whole group out with single hits. Exactly how are these fitness center leaders, the guardians of extremely treasured badges that prove a trainer's advantage? They're jokes! PowerPoint Presentation: It's truly inexcusable that this game is so bare-boned and cumbersome in comparison to everything else on the market. With so many versions released over the past decade, it's unbelievable exactly how little has actually altered. I might go on and on about how frustrating this game is. I gave it 2 stars since the core mechanic IS FUN, but it might and must have been taken to brand-new heights over the years. Sadly, it's remained stagnant, and that's not appropriate - certainly, it should not be rewarded with praise testimonials across the board.

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