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Published on March 16, 2009

Author: Stitch3388

Source: authorstream.com

Pokemon Spoof #8 Remix : Pokemon Spoof #8 Remix By Stitch3388 Slide 2: Ash: C’mon! Don’t you have anything other than Persian? Slide 3: Tackle Electrify Bolt (not the dog) Ash: Woah! That arrow clicker is HUGE! Level 26 HP: 100/100 Level 15 HP: 50/50 Slide 4: Pookichu turned Persian into ash! Slide 5: Go, Persian #2! Slide 6: Pookichu turned Persian #2 into smoke…again! Slide 7: This went on for a few hours… turns out Giovanni has 1,000,000,000,000,000 Persians. We took away the other 9,999,999,999,999,997 Persians because we didn’t want to get you bored. Let’s continue the show. Slide 8: Giovanni: Sadly for you, Ash, my other Persians have already started to tip the boat over! It should tip in 3, 2, 1… Slide 9: 0! Slide 10: Giovanni: This should wipe out the whole gym leader population! Including myself… Slide 11: Lt Surge: I’ve got to get back to my gym! There’s probably tons of dust in there already! Slide 12: Ash: Time to fight the gym leader! Slide 13: Trainer: You will challenge me! Slide 14: Ash: Sorry, can’t fight you right now. I had a bad taco for lunch and I feel sick. Slide 15: Pookichu: Ash! You didn’t have any tacos! You didn’t even eat lunch yet! Slide 16: Ash: Quiet, Pookichu! Yes, I’m sorry Trainer, but I can’t fight right now. By the way, I think you should see a doctor about those weird feet of yours. Slide 17: Lt Surge: I’m surprised you made it here, Ash. Let’s tango! Slide 18: Ash: Tango? Pookichu: He means battle, Ash! Slide 19: HP: 50/50 Level 12 HP: 100/100 Level 24 Ash: What’s the difference between a Pookichu and a Pikachu? Lt Surge: Pookichu has 2 “o” in it and Pikachu doesn’t. Slide 20: What will Pookichu do? Sonic Boom Boom PikaBoom PookiBoom HP:100/100 Level 24 Slide 21: Pookichu used sonic boom! Slide 22: HP: 0/100 Level Dead HP: 50/50 Level 12 Pikachu fainted. Pikachu paid $300 to Ash. Slide 23: Lt Surge: Go, Starly! Ash: Starly isn’t an electric type! Lt Surge: Oh…I’ve been thinking Starly is an electric type all these years… HP: 50/50 Level 12 HP: 100/100 Level 24 Slide 24: Pookichu used thunderbolt! Slide 25: HP: 50/50 Level 12 HP: 0/100 Level 24 Starly fainted. Starly paid Ash $500. Ash won the battle! Surge gave Ash the badge. Slide 26: Lt. Surge: Ugh…I lost! This won’t look good on my battle record. Get out of here, Ash! Slide 27: Pookichu: Can I look at your badge case, Ash? Ash: Okay, but no fingerprints. Slide 28: 1 2 3 Slide 29: Ash: Isn’t the third badge sophisticated?Pookichu: Uh…yeah! It’s very sophisticated! Slide 30: Pookichu: Hey! What’s that sign over there? Slide 31: Ever wanted to be on the latest show, Who Wants to be a Poke Millionare? Sign up now! Just sign your name on the lines below. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Slide 32: Ever wanted to be on the latest show, Who Wants to be a Poke Millionare? Sign up now! Just sign your name on the lines below. Ash Ketchum and his mouse, Pookichu. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Slide 33: Time for Pooki-Ash Talk! Slide 34: Ash: Hey, Pookichu! I need help with football. Can you answer this question: Do 2 quarterbacks make a halfback? Slide 35: Pookichu: Um…yes! Two quarterbacks do make a halfback! Ash: Thanks, Pookichu! Slide 36: In the next episode, Ash and Pookichu will go on the hit TV show, Who Wants to be a Poke Millionare. Slide 37: Made by Stitch3388 Stitch3388 Productions 2009

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