Pokemon Spoof #5 Remix

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Published on February 17, 2009

Author: Stitch3388

Source: authorstream.com

Pokemon Spoof Remix #5 : Pokemon Spoof Remix #5 By Stitch3388 Slide 2: Hi, I’m Pookichu. I thought I would just come out before the show because I never get a speaking role in this production. So…enjoy the presentation! By the way, if you don’t like the beginning part of the episode, keep on watching. It may become better. Stitch3388 will subscribe back to you if you subscribe to him! Slide 3: Poke School Ash: Ahh….my first day at Poke School, the school for dimwit Pokemon Trainers. Slide 4: Teacher: Hi, my name is Teacher. You can call me Mr. Teacher. I am glad to see you, class of three. Kids are getting smarter these days. Less dimwits out there, making my job so much easier! < This is Teacher Slide 5: Gary Oak: Is that a rival I smell? It’s Ash Ketchup! Mr. Teacher, may I please go to the bathroom? Slide 6: Ash: Can I go too? Teacher: Yes, you two can go. Hurry back! Now I only need to teach 1 person, haha. My job is so easy. Slide 7: Gary: Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Last time I saw you, you were, um, well I haven’t seen you at all in the last 4 episodes. Slide 8: Ash: I’ll show you that I’m the better Pokemon Trainer. I’ll duel you after lunch. Slide 9: Gary: Alright, I’ll BATTLE you after lunch. Duel is only used in Yu-Gi-Oh, I…think. Slide 10: Teacher: Ash, how do you spell the word, “the”? You better get the spelling of “the” correct, Ash. Slide 11: Ash: Oh, this is so easy. T-H-U-H is how you spell “the”. It’s spelled T-H-E Ash, duh!? Slide 12: Teacher: Wrongo. It’s spelled T-H-E. Time for lunch. We’re having cheese sandwiches, my favorite. Slide 13: Ash: Ready to battle? I’m already done eating my cheese sandwich, which I thought was horrible. Slide 14: Fight Run Bag Blank Lv. 5 HP: 10/10 Fight Lv. Tree HP: 11/11 Gary is challenging Ash to a battle. Slide 15: Lv. Tree HP: 11/11 Lv. Beehive HP: 10/10 Summon Pichu Hack Bonsly Ran out of Ideas for Attacks Trash Can Throw Slide 16: Bonsly was poisoned! He is losing 0.5 HP every second! 10.5/11…10/11…9.5/11…0/11 HP Bonsly fainted! Lv. Like it Matters? 10/10 HP Slide 17: Gary: Grr….I’ll get you for this, Ash! You will challenge me into a rematch! NOW! Slide 18: Ash: No! I will NOT challenge you! Chase me around the whole region if you need to challenge me! See ya! Slide 19: Ash: McDonalds is looking for brainless people who have an interest in food! That’s me! I think I’ll go apply. Slide 20: Gary: See ya, Ash. Until next time. I’m too tired of chasing you. You’re faster than you look. Slide 21: Team Rocket: Wahaha! Don’t leave yet, you 2 boys! Gimme all your Pokemon, or else you’ll have to buy me Whoppers from McDonalds! Slide 22: Team Rocket: Give us 2 Whoppers, pronto! Those 2 boys are paying for it. Slide 23: Cashier that is invisible: I’m sorry you two, but Whoppers are only served across the street. May I interest you in some Whoopers? It’s almost the same as a Whopper! Slide 24: Team Rocket: Until next time. Ash: Gary! I just got a job at McDonalds! I start work next episode. Slide 26: Well, I was hardly shown in this episode. In the next episode of this epic series, Ash will start working at McDonalds. There will be a certain problem that occurs to Ash while he is working, though. Until next time, Pookichu out! Slide 27: Comment, rate, and subscribe! Stitch3388 will subscribe to you if you subscribe to him. Everything was made by Stitch3388. Stitch3388 Productions 2009

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