Pokemon Spoof #3 Remix

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Published on February 3, 2009

Author: Stitch3388

Source: authorstream.com

Pokemon Spoof #3 Remix : Pokemon Spoof #3 Remix By Stitch3388 Slide 2: Misty: Now that your stomach is filled, let’s go fight the gym leader in Cerulean City! She’ll be happy to see you. Slide 3: Ash doesn’t know that Misty is the gym leader of Cerulean City. Let’s see how he reacts when he finds out he has to battle Misty. Slide 4: Ash: Let’s go fight the gym leader! Misty, where did you go? Oh well! Slide 5: Swimmer: I am a trainer! You will battle me! Slide 6: Ash: Sorry! I’m too tired to battle you. Slide 7: Ash: Misty! Move out of the way so I can fight the gym leader! Shoo! Slide 8: Misty: I am the gym leader! You will battle me! Slide 9: Ash: That’s funny. The swimmer back there said the same thing! “You will battle me!” Slide 10: HP 3/3 Pookichu used Confuse Ray! HP: 20/20 Slide 11: HP: 3/3 Pookichu’s attack was very effective! HP: 19.9/20 Ash: They call that effective? Slide 12: HP: 3/3 Staryu used Super Weak Water Squirt! HP: 19.9/20 Slide 13: HP: 19.9/20 HP: Dead/Dead Slide 14: HP: 19.9/20 HP: 5/5 Ekans used poison bullet! Slide 15: HP: Stinky/Stinky HP: 5/5 Slide 16: Misty: Your Pokemon are very strong. You won this badge fair and square. Slide 17: #1 #2 Slide 18: Team Rocket Jessie: Gwahahaha! We’re here to take your Pookichu! Slide 19: Ash: No! You may NOT take my Pookichu. I learned my lesson last time. Misty, let’s run away to Pewter City! Slide 20: Ash: Phew! I think we lost them! Slide 22: Ash: Pookichu, thunderbolt! Slide 23: Team Rocket Meowth: We’re blasting off again! For the second time to be exact! Slide 24: Misty: Let’s go visit my friend Brock! Slide 25: We will continue the story next episode. Thanks for watching! Comment and subscribe! Ash so far has two gym badges. Slide 26: I, Stitch3388 did all the work. 2009 Stitch3388 Productions

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