Pokemon Spoof #2

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Published on January 22, 2009

Author: Stitch3388

Source: authorstream.com

Pokemon Spoof #2 Remix : Pokemon Spoof #2 Remix By Stitch3388 Slide 2: Ash: We continue from last episode, where I became friends with Misty and got my first gym badge. Now how should I continue my epic journey? Pookichu? Any ideas? Slide 3: Pookichu: Look at that Caterpie! Ash? Wanna capture it? Slide 4: Ash: Hurry up Pookichu and capture it! I’m hungry and I’m going to the pizza restaurant “Poke Hut” in five minutes! Slide 5: HP: 2/2 Pookichu used thunderbolt! HP: 1/1 Slide 6: HP: 0.1/1 HP: 2/2 Slide 7: HP: 2/2 Caterpie is captured! Slide 8: What? Caterpie is evolving? Slide 9: Congratulations! Your just recently captured Caterpie evolved into an Ekans! Wait a minute… Caterpie doesn’t evolve into Ekans! Slide 10: Ash: Caterpie evolving into Ekans? Must be a glitch in the game. Oh well. Pookichu and Misty, let’s go to Poke Hut in Viridian City. Slide 11: Trainer: I am a trainer! You will battle me or else! Slide 12: Ash: Sorry but I’m too hungry to fight right now! Maybe another time. By the way I think you should get a haircut. Slide 13: Trainer: Alright I’ll move out of the way for you to pass. Have a nice day sir! Slide 14: Poke Hut Team Rocket Jesse: Before you go any further to Poke Hut, give us your Ekans! Or I will battle you! Slide 15: Ash: Sure! You can take my Ekans AND my Pookichu. Less people to feed at Poke Hut anyway… Poke Hut Slide 16: Ash: Have a nice time with your new trainers, Pookichu and Ekans! I’m sure they’ll feed you well. Slide 17: Team Rocket James: Excellent! Let’s get back to the balloon. Slide 18: Team Rocket Jessie and James: Wahahaha! We should visit this “Ash” person more often. Slide 19: Misty: Ash! Why’d you do such a thing? Now you have no Pokemon to help you with your journey! And all you think about is saving money at Poke Hut! Poke Hut Slide 20: Misty: I refuse to be ignored Ash Ketchup! Before we order any pizza you must get your Pokemon back from Team Rocket! Poke Hut Slide 21: Ash: Fine. But when I rescue the Pokemon YOU’RE paying for everyone’s lunches. Slide 22: Ash: Pookichu use thundershock! Poke Hut Slide 23: Team Rocket: We’re blasting off again! Slide 24: Ash: Pookichu! Ekans! I’m so glad you’re back! By the way, Misty’s treating us to lunch at Poke Hut. Poke Hut Slide 25: This episode was the introduction of Team Rocket. If you like this series please subscribe! The next episode will be out in a few days. Slide 26: Credits Everything was made by Stitch3388. Stitch3388 Productions 2009

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