Pokemon Spoof #1 Remix

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Published on January 17, 2009

Author: Stitch3388

Source: authorstream.com

POKEMON SPOOF #1 REMIX : POKEMON SPOOF #1 REMIX By Stitch3388 Slide 2: We begin in Pallet Town, where Ash Ketchup begins his epic Pokemon journey. Slide 3: Wait a minute…why is Pallet Town upside down? Slide 4: I have no idea Ash. Anyway, I’ll get that picture fixed for you. Haha. Slide 5: Ash: I’m ready to start my epic Pokemon journey! Slide 6: Professor Oak: My my Ash, you’re late. Bary already came and went. I only have this Pookichu. Do you want it? Slide 7: Ash: Aw, but I wanted Turtwig. Slide 8: Professor Oak: Ash, this is the first generation, not the fourth. Take this Pookichu and get out! Slide 9: Ash: Pookichu, what should we do? There’s a world of possibilities. I know! Let’s go fight the gym leader! Slide 10: Brock: You will challenge me! Or else! Slide 11: HP: 1/1 HP: 1/1 Pikachu used thunderbolt! Slide 12: HP: 1/1 HP: 0/1 – Dead! Slide 13: BROCK: I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU BEAT MY SUPER SUPER SUPER TOUGH GEODUDE! I MEAN DID YOU NOTICE IT HAD 1/1 HP! THAT’S SO MUCH! ANYWAY…HERE’S YOUR BADGE. Slide 14: Pokemon Badge #1 Slide 15: Ash: Pookichu! Let’s go to the Viridian Forest! Maybe we’ll meet some friends! Slide 16: VIRIDIAN FOREST Slide 17: Pookichu: This place gives me the jeepers! Slide 18: Ash: Woah! Pookichu…you can talk? Professor Oak never told me that you can talk! I’m not going to gift him anything this Christmas! Yep! I can be tough, Pookichu! Slide 19: Pookichu: Yeah…you’re real macho! Anyway, look at that girl to the right of me. I think her name is Stormy. Slide 20: Misty: No! My name is Misty! Get it right! Slide 21: Ash: Wanna be my friend, Misty? Slide 22: Misty: So soon? Okay, I’ll be your friend if you battle me. Slide 23: HP: 2/2 HP: 5/5 Staryu used water pulse! Slide 24: HP: 5/5 HP: 0/2 – Dead! Slide 25: Misty: Even though you lost, Ash, I’ll still be your friend. Slide 26: Who’s that Pokemon? It’s… Slide 27: It’s Metapod! Slide 28: Credits Everything was made by Stitch3388. Copyrighted 2009 Stitch3388 Productions

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