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Information about pointillism

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: joberg33

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PowerPoint Presentation: Pointillism by Phillip Martin PowerPoint Presentation: What can that possibly mean? Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: An “ ism ” is a suffix at the end of many English words. It comes from Greek “ ismos ” and Latin “ ismus ”. You have seen it at the end of words like optim ism , Buddh ism , rac ism , favorit ism , and terror ism . Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: It signifies a belief, practice, idea, or movement. In art, there are many movements that end in ism . One of the most popular ISMs is Pointillism . Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: Pointillism , just as it sounds, is a style of art using only dots. French Artist Georges Seurat , the founder of this movement in the 1880s, preferred the name Divisionism . It was the critics of this movement that gave it the name Pointillism . Georges Seurat Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: When viewed from a distance, the eye blends the dots, in a process called optical blending . Even though no orange paint was used, red and yellow create the effect. The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: Seurat began as a more traditional painter and later developed Pointillism . The Bathers at Asnières by Georges Seurat Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: Pointillism required so much patience. His most famous piece, took two years! Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: Seurat made over 3 million dots on this piece! 3,456,000 dots one at a time! Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat Pointillism a: a So now you know about Pointill ism in art. But, if you want to know more,you can always research Cub ism , Surreal ism , Impression ism , Constructiv ism , Fauv ism , Pointill ism , Dada ism , Real ism , Post -Modern ism , Modern ism , Manner ism , Neo-Expression ism , and Romantic ism . . . for starters . Pointillism PowerPoint Presentation: Movements Impressionism Cubism Pointillism Realism Surrealism More isms PowerPoint Presentation: Explore pppst.com

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