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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: ajayohri

Source: slideshare.net

A Compilation of Poems Poets & Hackers by Ajay Ohri & James Kobielus 

 All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author. © Ajay Ohri & James Kobielus Published by Ajay Ohri & James Kobielus ohri2007@gmail.com Powered by Pothi.com http://pothi.com 

Ajay Ohri Ajay Ohri writes dreadful poetry despite editors in India asking him to write the next Harry Puttar. He has been writing terrible poetry and inflicting pain since ten years now. His first two ebooks are also available if you just use Google James Kobielus James Kobielus tinkers with thoughts and words. He’s been tinkering since he was a wee one. He tinkers with technology full time, and the poetry is his tinker engine breathing its own exhaust. 

Foreword So here we are, we technologists. We industry analysts. We data gatherers, living in our left brains and rarely leaving our houses. As grim economic news and world events beat at our doors, we hunker down in our rational worlds, letting our logic keep us warm and rationing our creative juices. This is exactly the time we need to read poetry. To fortify us and bring us back into the light. Ajay Ohri, impresario of this refreshing volume, manages to merge the science of words with the mysteries of life. He asks us to enter into the realm of ideas and leave our spreadsheets behind—or at least reconsider them. Ajay’s poems ask questions. They’re fun. Likewise Jim Kobielus blends the meaningful and the mundane into a literary bouillabaisse that is the sum of its spicy parts. The poet Jack Gilbert wrote that “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of the world.” I for one like the idea that poetry can make us happier. We can return to poetry as if it was a good friend. Perhaps we haven’t seen her for a long time, but we pour a 

Poets & Hackers glass of wine and pick up where we left off. We’re refreshed. We’re happier. We wonder why we waited so long. Give a poetry book as a gift. Read poems to your children. Write a poem when you’re confounded by a problem you need to step back from and see anew. Re-read a poem you memorized in school. Craft a poem to get a girl. Sing a poem out loud. Give a poetry book as a gift. How about this one? —Jill Dyché 

Contents Poems by Ajay Ohri a. Reflections  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Ethics of a Spy   11 Après la Nuit   15 Too Much   17 Delay Deny Obfuscate   19 The Years   21 b. Perceptions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Colour   23 Getting on Your Nerves   25 Normal is Boring   27 Why Are We Creative?   29 Trap   31 Machine Addictions   33 c. Love 1. 2. 3. 4. Romancing Social Media   35 oh Date Night   37 Used to Be   39 The Fine Print   43 

Poets & Hackers d. Tribute 1. 2. 3. 4. This Is It   45 Ode to an i-Pod   47 Dear Mother   49 Baby Boy   51 e. Expressions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I Need More Data to Make a Decision   53 A Poet’s Life   57 Every Revolution Needs a Poet   61 My Stupid Poetry   63 Terrorist Brother   65 f. Outpourings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Julian Assange Dear Chap   69 My Friend --The Computer   71 Slum Dogs Come   73 American Tie   75 On Demand   77 

Contents Poems by James Kobielus a. Ruminations Catastrophe’s Apostrophe   81 Cork   85 Crunchy Analytic   87 Character   89 Chat   91 Chemical Water   93 b. Impressions Continuous Relaxing Favorites   95 Carbon Fourteen   97 Carl Sagan   99 Chickahominy   101 Churchgoing   105 Credits   106 

Poets & Hackers 10

a.  Reflections The Ethics of a Spy (Dedicated to all intelligence agencies in the world –. all of them except those that kill their own countrymen) The ethics of a spy is never to question why Instead pause and wait Act now, before it’s too late. We wait and watch with the worst kind of homo sapiens, Hoping our soul is not as corrupted We’re the watchers, the perpetual legal aliens … The ethics of a cop is to find who’s done it or stop, But the ethics of a spy is to act now before people die The Flotilla 13, The Alpha Team, The Seals, The Cobras We’re all brothers from other mothers, We destroy our souls  To save humanity Every man we killed Haunts us in our dreams, Every woman we loved was the one and true love it seems; Those who live by the sword Shall die by the sword, But if that’s an excuse for not doing 11

Poets & Hackers Then you must be a bigger fool, The ethics of a spy is never to ask why But to find and search, Protect the sheep from stumbling in the dark And when it’s all over The lucky ones already dead Old spies never die Just wait for another ‘op’ till the end. 12

Poets & Hackers 14

Reflections Après la Nuit Lying on the couch half-awake Half-sleepy from last night’s celebration, Thinking unsteadily in slow motion … Maybe I’m getting too old for inebriation Still yesterday was a great day, We fought and celebrated a glorious win after long Hard work coupled with some luck Always leaves you humming a sweet song … I idly check my mails, surf my social web The net is quiet … As if, it too, celebrated a lot last night But check on it, it will be partying by evening Now tasks have to be done Daily chores yet to be begun So shake off the idleness like a shaggy wet dog Prepare to carpe diem; ready get set Still, an idle shrug and an occasional yawn Remind aging bones to rest before dawn. 15

Poets & Hackers 16

Reflections Too Much To read to ponder So much more this Earth in wonder, To work to sweat Finish tasks before deadline regret. To relax to ease Recharge, renew fresh surge release, To family, to friend Share joys daily comprehend. To move to ride Swallow obstacle uncertainty ego pride, To pause to cease Total losses bandage hurt elbow knees. To write to express Thoughts tightly word compress, To all to none End this poem fresh one begun. To die to sleep Deep secret beneath shut eyelid keep, To live be awake Eyes open wide much more beauty to partake. 17

Poets & Hackers 18

Reflections Delay Deny Obfuscate Delay Delay, deny, obfuscate Remember all the promises you break And all the love you fake Ain’t no piece of cake! Even though the oaths you take Became lines in sand that you stake, Cleaning the leaves of time you rake Much depends on the choices you make. Going on anon till this rhythm I must break Sometimes you know when it’s too much to take; Mourning now in your personal life’s wake You earned this trip to the melancholy lake. How much more, how long till you break? Confess your appearances are fake, You let never anyone, except your ego to partake On your thirst for glory to slake. Delay, deny, obfuscate Delude spin and permeate Love is good and addictive but so is hate Much depends on what all you rate. Fear, uncertainty, doubt and cloud Are your companions most profound Is it just today or Were you always this loud? 19

Poets & Hackers 20

Reflections The Years Sixteen years since I left high school Sixteen years to when I was both: hot and very cool; Sixteen years to when the world was open with possibilities Sixteen years to a contender could have been. Twelve years to since I left university school Twelve years to when I had so much fun; Twelve years to being young and free, Twelve years pass oh! so quickly. Eight years since I met my match, Eight years to my heart getting a patch, Eight years since we met that day, Eight years since who else could we have been otherwise? Two years since we said goodbye Two years since we exchanged sighs and cried, Two more years and then we will be done Heartbreaks over let’s restart the fun. 21

Poets & Hackers 22

b. Perceptions Colour Once in a blue moon You may experience a black day, Out of the blue Plans and your blueprints may falter. Your blue blood is no longer a guarantee For continued red carpets and Being born to the purple no cure For never feeling blue! You may turn pale, show a yellow liver, You may be caught in an area so grey, Your face grows red in surprise, Your friends declare you an elephant white. Your friendship terminated without a pink slip, A black sheep, with the balance sheet in red Wait till it snows For white Christmas to come, For the white lies to fade Soon spring will be here Greener pastures, still waters beckon To a world of colour, not just black and white! 23

Poets & Hackers 24

Perceptions Getting on Your Nerves This is too much and that was out of line Some people get on your nerves Like a frisky cat playing with twine. Manipulating perception, you say is okay Disregarding your intelligence is not Relentless selling of crap in turf wars fiercely fought. The brave new world has all kinds of fair games The world was always a stage But with so many actors things won’t remain the same… Enhanced volatility higher risks greater rewards Loud is the applause when you deliver the keynote Louder will be the jeers when proud men fall. Lions hunt better but hyenas feed better Because hyenas are better team players, you see Beyond agony of uncertainty to succeed is ecstasy! Relax rewind recalibrate and pause, Total up your material gains Ignore your conscience costs. Snap and turn, go back to your comfort zone Stories sell better Poetry is a drone! 25

Poets & Hackers 26

Perceptions Normal is Boring Normal is boring We must all innovate, If we can’t create something new Rewind, re-churn, regurgitate! Spawn some spin Jingle some buzz and hype, We fight with the weapons the Lord gave us Our fingers rapidly type. Till we move to read, to scavenge Pluck once more some idea from obscurity, Cannot beat them so join them Cajole our creative insecurity. We do influence swaps Trade favor in a game, The more things we say have changed The harder we try to make sure they remain the same! Normal is boring yet undeniable Bell-shaped curves pretty reliable; Pause and think, breathe and blink Gasp and swallow the daily load to drink. Mundane and boring, reminiscently storing Differentiating for the sake of Creating a better mouse trap someday, Today we innovate, tomorrow we fade …. 27

Poets & Hackers 28

Perceptions Why Are We Creative ? Root cause of creativity is most often the necessity to improvise and move on ahead. Often it’s a matter of butter and bread Sometimes it’s just a whimsical impulse created out of sheer boredom. Dissatisfaction with the prevailing status quo may lead to bursts of creativity For me and you! Modern scientists say creativity is affected by the serotonin in your brain I think it’s simpler, a desire to break out of mundane daily pain! 29

Poets & Hackers 30

Perceptions Trap Honey trap, cougar prowl Money lucre, gourmet bowl The Seven Sins and Ten Commandments brawl Perpetual struggle, the winner takes all Red Team go, Blue Team on standby, White goes on top, Black falls back for a future try. Attack, parry, defend and stall, Please enjoy this ongoing brawl. Perpetual is the struggle, the good versus the bad Sith versus Jedi, happy versus sad! Push those buttons, men are like machines When prompted and guided, old or teens. The perfect storm or the prefect trap Show goes on, curtain falls, all stand, clap. 31

Poets & Hackers 32

Perceptions Machine Addictions In the middle of essential and inevitable tasks Restless inner conscience awakens and asks, Stuck again today to the computer, are we now? Please remind me, this state we reached how? Oh! We had bills to pay; student loans to repay; Once we got hooked it was easy to be carried away, Just a matter of time before inevitable voices query, This is the machine that I want to marry! I spend more time with her as it is, The machinery is devoted with focused loyalties, Meanwhile the non-mechanical world goes around Strives forth on things less profound. As we stroke the keys and click the mouse, Machine addictions will only add to human grouse! 33

Poets & Hackers 34

c. Love Romancing Social Media I tried I sighed I almost cried Sent her Facebook messages till I almost died! An impossible force my passion for her Her immovable demeanor beneath her icy side … When fire meets ice there will be blood, Intoxicating romance leading to tearful flood But that’s a square dance we date and dance For loving and living always gives a second chance … 35

Poets & Hackers 36

Love oh Date Night We met in a random eating place like Panera Bread Over tea hot and cold, Instead of eating we headed home Thawed microwaved frozen food Had some white Californian wine On the tree shaded balcony we dined. Inside the conversation turns warm and nice, Dance the salsa and enjoy the fleeting moment twice Till the moment strikes some magic We create art, create till its comic tragic, In the bright light of dim shaded light, We try to love and forget our fight. All too soon Time to go home, Snap back to reality and stop some, With a future promise and maybe Dance again Sometime, sure call me!! 37

Poets & Hackers 38

Love Used to Be It used to be I would wake myself Looking forward to what the day would bring … It’s now the case That each and every day Takes more Than it can bring! My head is full of noises That I try not to hear, When I close my eyes Memories show me what could’ve been … My hands are numb, my back is sore, My legs refuse to move I rub my face, scratch my head But it’s too late even for me! There are no pills for heart ache Let alone a cure to be found Noises in my head are silent, Eardrums pounded by droning sound. Used to be We sit together in silence Having a profound conversation Used to be … 39

Poets & Hackers Now we sit apart in anger Alone in our wonder of What use it could be... 40

Poets & Hackers 42

Love The Fine Print Did you read the fine print when you signed your life away? Or did you believe them badly When they said your life was good to give today. Did all the drums, the ribbons and the music Tilt your head to emotion away from fact, And was the inherent absurdity of it all Swallowed by you intact? For as the world spins tilted Around the bright unforgiving sun, Words in a language built to deceive Mask the coming pain below the frosting of fun. Deception is the game here An unwilling player you have to be, Fool them or be fooled in turn Reality is spotless for you to see. What old promises were tokens of love, It’s all ‘cash and carry’ now As willed in your destiny from above! And even though eyes grow misty By thought of what could be, You keep one eye on the rolling ball Lest more surprises it brings to see! 43

Poets & Hackers 44

d. Tribute This Is It (In honour of his music and release of ‘This Is It’, a re-hash poem written when Michael Jackson died. His music lives on …) Goodbye Mike! Goodbye, King of Pop! Adios! An entertainer’s entertaining has come to stop Moonwalking gloved and much beloved, Band of brothers five and Janet’s too Dad of three and husband of two. Thriller was off the wall Music videos were so addictive, Almost Dangerous and Bad Almost making Unbreakable History, Before fading suddenly and plastically aging Paparazzi and unproven dark shadows chasing. Well then Mr. Death is the only cure To the fishbowl We The World, We put you in hoping for one last toe straight spin Knowing Michael, entertain heaven above Pearly gates await the one with white glove Duet with Elvis and dance with Diana Be a kid like the way you always wanna ... 45

Poets & Hackers 46

Tribute Ode to an i-Pod Day before yesterday, my younger brother gifted me an i-pod for my 31st birthday. And now I’m in love, Life a gift from heaven above, with the smooth i-pod in her little black dress! The sound is good, the design cool, Thirty-one years it took me to realize I’m a fool! Why I didn’t buy an i-pod before? Why I didn’t visit the i-tunes store? And my friend Billy Joel sings his heart out on silvery i-pod wings, I rotate the dial a bit, The songs are old, but they are still a hit. Now maybe I’m old and getting older still, but the i-pod classic still gives my heart a thrill! What’s your excuse mister, why don’t you buy it too? Give life some meaning, with more music in you! 47

Poets & Hackers 48

Tribute Dear Mother Mother, I was your beloved child. Then I got married and left you behind. But in my heart you always stay, Your example helps me be a mother today. You cared for us, with loving hands and patient ears You protected us for so many years. Now that I’m a mother to my son I can’t help but think of us as one. So even though we now live apart We are together, in soul and heart. I love you just as my child loves his mother Though far away, in thoughts we’re together. May you always be Healthy and well, Your hundred more birthdays, Celebrate we shall! You were sometimes strict, But always for our own good. May you live long! God bless and touch wood. 49

Poets & Hackers 50

Tribute Baby Boy My sleepy son, my sleeping child So beautiful and yet so fragile, Breath flows like a breeze In your dreams you smile. While I watch awestruck Can’t believe this stroke of luck, Like a lovely angel on the earth Can’t help staring at you awhile! All neatly dressed, all scrubbed and cleaned Adequately diapered and hair all preened, Oh, so handsome! Like a miniature toy, Sleeps so smugly, my baby boy! The sleepless nights and missed work, For you it is all worthwhile, Only fathers can share this joy Rocking to sleep, the baby boy! 51

Poets & Hackers 52

e. Expressions I Need More Data to Make a Decision I need more data To take a decision, Keep your panties on We need more precision! It’s the owner’s money That pays for your bills, You can go elsewhere If you want primal egoistic thrills. People are precious Money comes and goes, The older you get The lesser greed shows. Is this too much information? To overload your comprehension Analysis led to paralysis, But time won’t wait for your permission. We need better models We need them now, The cost of delayed decisions Can hurt us and how! 53

Poets & Hackers We’ll pay thousands Of dollars in annual fees, To earn or save millions of dollars Now, if you please … Still here, but slightly offended By coming straight to the truth, Everybody swings and misses, From Barry Bonds to Babe Ruth … Data is all around you And so is all the money, You keep ignoring decision management, And you’ll lose your shirt, honey! 54

Poets & Hackers 56

Expressions A Poet’s Life I read and wrote and joked and pondered Inevitably I found myself occasionally wandered, Those who wander are not always lost And so I consoled my earthly Faust. Sometimes the good guys win and place first In an uncharacteristic Improbable late Blooming burst. Predicting God‘s plan for yourself Is like predicting who and if there is a God No dearth of contradictions, Self doubting logic brought! Thanks for reading, hope it was worth your time I’m a medium-sized poet with a mediocre chime, And sometimes you yourself may feel blue It’s your own time to waste, and remember that’s true. Before I leave or you have left Ponder once more what this moment brought Summarizing once more a poet’s life In an age of blogs, tweets and promotional strife! I’m dying of a disease called life Friends and family are protective still, My medication helps but will only stall the end My stubborn body awaits my soul upwards to send. 57

Poets & Hackers I’ve lived not too long nor too short, Fought battles some planned, some momentarily Made friends and loved, ah! So well, On the whole it was rather interesting to dwell! 58

Poets & Hackers 60

Expressions Every Revolution Needs a Poet Every revolution needs a poet, Every poet needs a revolution. Every bird needs a branch to sit. Every tree wishes for some birds to meet. Every hacker deserves some respect, Every corporation needs to pay its bills. Every scumbag was once a human baby, Every baby will grow up to do at least one horrible thing. Forget and Forgive Let it be and let it go. And if you can’t forget, forgive then fight Will each cell in your brain, each sinew in your fingers Kill all the killers if you cannot forgive the killing Hack all the servers, tear them root by root, If you cannot forgive the deceptions! Violent begets violence, be aware and beware... 61

Poets & Hackers 62

Expressions My Stupid Poetry Every week I write a poem, Thinking how cool I could be. A twenty-first century Lord Byron, Writing poetry could do the trick for me! Party invitations and fame galore, Lord Byron used to have all this and more. But poetry died, and Byron died much earlier in disgrace. His aristocratic funeral attended by an empty caravan. Harry Potter may have rejuvenated the novel, Bringing back poetry is too much for one man. So turn your head, and swipe your card. Modern age civilization ain’t no place for a bard! Let you drink and have soda water, Pre packed hangover remedies the morning after. Caught up in a material world Dead artists are worth their weight in gold. Stupid poetry is all I can offer you for today, Click F5 to refresh Or the Control Tab to go away! 63

Poets & Hackers 64

Expressions Terrorist Brother (This poem was written after the attacks on 14th September that killed 20 people in my city, Delhi, and the 27th November attacks that killed 101 people in Mumbai) O Terrorist! So near and yet so far, Distracting us with explosions that jar, Are you a man, or are you not? Sending emails before the bombs go, Do you think it’s some movie show? Your bombs kill Muslims and Hindus today, Unlike you, they don’t stray. What’s our fault? That we went to the park that day; To rest for a while, our children could play. Our government sucks, we couldn’t agree more, But have you tried some other method before? We would have joined you, saying This government’s a clown. Tell me, brother terrorist, Why so serious? Why the frown? Don’t bomb this website, It’s bombed thrice enough, Thanks to servers, These can’t keep up. 65

Poets & Hackers Try and think, You were once a boy. Loved ones you had, I’m sorry if they went away. It’s not our fault, Try to hate the government without hating each other. Else we are just pawns on either side. My terrorist brother … As Gandhi said long ago An eye for an eye will leave A world of blind people, for sure. Terrorist brother, time to wake up Smell the coffee. It may smell like victory today, But no lunches are free. As the Book said And it’s true Those who live by the sword Will die by it too! Death will reach you, Reach your door. No matter how high you be, No matter how brave you were before. 66

Expressions In those last dying moments, Terrorist brother, you may dream of the Angel to come. There are no hoorays in hell, And no glories in a dumb death! 67

Poets & Hackers 68

f. Outpourings Julian Assange Dear Chap Julian Assange Dear Chap Couldn’t control his pecker, got caught in a honey trap, Should have kept that rubber on, Jules Even Nordic Scandinavians have rules! Meanwhile Dear Chap’s Website The eponymous Wiki leaks Is leaking revolution and democracy Like Vegas casino magic tricks… The Arabs read his website Before Senator Joe crashed it down And now Anglo Saxon allies in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are wearing a frown! Viva la Website Revolution Wikileaks Merde to the Dear Chaps pecker squeaks Times up, time for all dictators to go and hide, Rulers Arabian or Aussi hackers on a funny ride! 69

Poets & Hackers 70

Outpourings My Friend --The Computer My friend, the computer I spend more time with you Than with anything or anyone else I could leave you behind But you climb my lap and now have turned mobile. My fingers hurt and my eyes are red Input-ing my stuff on you I go on and on, Instead this is crazy not just done No sooner do I finish writing that I find I’ve just begun. For what separates the pretenders from the rest Are the actions not their words that make them the best, So my friend, my computer and me Together we create So much work to be done while the haters hate. News to be read, blogs to be done Code to be executed, and sometimes to be undone Email lists and online games as well, Dreaming online heaven in offline hell Words can be sublime so much can be told, My friend, my computer and me -- together we’ll grow old!  71

Poets & Hackers 72

Outpourings Slum Dogs Come Young slum dogs chipping away, Writing code, plugging away, Take the place under shiny sun someday, Slum puppies won’t go away. You let them in, They are hungry for more, they stay Nobody ever gave them a break on the way, Grew up fast, slum childhood wasn’t child’s play. Still here they are firing away, full steam ahead Damn! No torpedo’s to dissuade. Before you could pause, object Cut them short saying, Boy! Hey! Slum dog walks away, In their teeth, the shiny bone of the day. Blood on his fur, it’s there For long enough to stay. The dog’s been much worse, Much tougher days, His brain the only weapon, He chooses to play. Brain red hot, it keeps firing away. That dog won’t roll down, play dead, no way. Been through much pain already this way, Now numb, the slum dogs come to stay! 73

Poets & Hackers 74

Outpourings American Tie Bye Bye American Tie, Drove your balance sheet to the ground, while aiming high And good old boys were taking risky bets, why? Saying this will be the day I’ll fly, This will be the day I fly… It happened in a land far away, American suits and ties went to play, With exotic mortgages and collateral held sway. The jesters they were, they passed securities Bought and sold, each one in piece... There was nobody to stop the band, Music played and the players danced, Then I got the news the day the music died. I started singing Bye Bye American Tie. Drove your balance sheet to the ground, While aiming high And good old boys were taking risky bets, why? Saying this will be the day I’ll fly, This will be the day I fly… My hands were clenched in fists of rage, Bad news from front to last page, I was going to lose my mortgage And no one could tell me, why? The day the music died… 75

Poets & Hackers 76

Outpourings On Demand On demand entertainment I need to hear On demand information of webcasts, white papers dear On demand downloads of information I’m told I really need Sometimes it is tough to keep Which is shallow, what is deep? Is it really on demand or were you overwhelmed And manipulated by the supply? On demand supply and estimates of forecasts Of influencer of the demand, Friendship is also on demand… But loneliness is free and open source And so is freedom How many fans, followers, likes can you get? Before your critical mass makes you Viral Like a video of Bieber whose clothes are torn by crowds… Searching for your nine hundred seconds of on-demand fame You want to be paid on-demand but work only on creative fancy Your on-demand laziness is too demanding now, Ceteras Paribus, on demand is too much to demand! And much too, on always-on -- 24/7. Give me a book, a friend and some peace and quiet Bet you things aren’t there on supply but always on demand Or are they? 77

Poems by James Kobielus

Poets & Hackers 80

a. Ruminations Catastrophe’s Apostrophe Do without. I love my light but could live; With darkened hallways and dimmer living quarters. The present recedes, The quiet and anxiety are insomnia. 3 a.m. summons to rise up and stay risen. Pace it out It’s here: the dreamtime Australians. They also act in movies; they helped Nicole Kidman wrestle a stubborn Continent for a small symbolic boon. Pace it post-Africa: Forty thousand years times twenty-five miles a day on foot means they could have made it to Jupiter, or twice to the Sun and back. Ancient as the need be.

Poets & Hackers Meet and mettle companions for travelling. Our first to orient. Fit for boomerang treks upon lost plains of dun and trackless black illuminations. 82

Ruminations 83

Poets & Hackers 84

Ruminations Cork Don’t let the year end with joyous remembrance; It might bring us to tears. Don’t let the same thought cycle endlessly That would seal eternity. Don’t resolve it at all. Let events wear on, Let the year be gone, yet! 85

Poets & Hackers 86

Ruminations Crunchy Analytic Thought is optional. Have to have hands to grasp and tear the text to bits. Pulp’s preferable. It’s immolation is a blazing face of fire. An unlocking of energies that only hard tedium can free. 87

Poets & Hackers 88

Ruminations Character Character is caricature. It exaggerates, and becomes. Becoming your blunt summation in the act of unbecoming. 89

Poets & Hackers 90

Ruminations Chat Here’s where protocols fail and logs show no network present. Where chitter-chatter blooms and anti-matter resumes It’s a steady consumption of The conversation’s ghost and containing frames. 91

Poets & Hackers 92

Ruminations Chemical Water We search the sheen on the grass. We know the gleam on the blade is the blood of all creations. We see landscapes softened. Sweet snowflakes upon planetary dreams. We place faith in the oasis. In rivers, through parched interstellar. Doped with trace amounts in vast arrays, mites teeming, we know that worlds can flourish. 93

Poets & Hackers 94

b. Impressions Continuous Relaxing Favorites Where would one classify the master of all Burt Bacharach? Who I’m sure must have massaged Dionne Warwick before the mike switched on. Or at least twinkled those eyes, poured her a martini, And shared a wee dirty joke. How best to tease an open throat? Like the handsome photographer Who brings out the beautiful smile, When the lady sings a gentleman’s song; When the gentleman Accompanies, The studio softens. Together they light Up the mixing board One May afternoon. 95

Poets & Hackers 96

Impressions Carbon Fourteen Take this. It will mark the day you fell. May you rot in your grave and go on forever. Exhale every breath you drew, All the radiant blue, and the winds that stained you golden. Let them go and dwell in realms subatomic. 97

Poets & Hackers 98

Impressions Carl Sagan All that ever was will be now, so beautiful looking, Towards this dot from afar, receding the probe, opened its shutter Captured us, no one but you to thank Our life in this space, marvelling. 99

Poets & Hackers 100

Chickahominy This field of fragrant tobacco A scar rubbed; smooth with age. A sky shorn of clouds a pleasant amnesia. Powhatan’s united confederacy Witnessed foreign colonization And their own unceremonious dissolution. I feel not the Confederate gunshot that laid low My Alsatian-born Great-grandfather; Hobbled him And hastened his return to Michigan’s anvil, The cosmopolitan core has drawn me back. Towards a sky shorn clean of clouds Toward sunken valleys Floodplains And one-legged birds,

Poets & Hackers Balancing As they had in the age of Christ, Before we came and thought to call this land Virginia. 102

Poets & Hackers 104

Impressions Churchgoing Material; as heavy as religion kills in the aggregate. Please pardon me for preferring the cool air in the empty cathedrals. An enormous room; My solitary breath, the infinite echo. 10 5

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Poets & Hackers Character Credit to Timo Elliot photograph http://blog.timoelliott.com/ Chat Credit to Timo Elliot photograph http://blog.timoelliott.com/ Chemical Water Credit to Timo Elliot photograph http://blog.timoelliott.com/ b. Impressions Continuous Relaxing Favorites Carbon Fourteen Credit to Timo Elliot photograph http://blog.timoelliott.com/ Carl Sagan Credit to Timo Elliot photograph http://blog.timoelliott.com/ Chickahominy Credit to Achin Grover photograph http://www.achingrover.com/agen/index.php Churchgoing Credit to Achin Grover photograph http://www.achingrover.com/agen/index.php 110

Credits Jill Dyche “Jill Dyche is a consultant, author of several business books, and a poetry enthusiast. She considers herself a dilettante poet and has studied with noted poets Ellen Bass, Dorianne Laux, Joe Millar, and Galway Kinnell. Jill once tried writing a poem a day, until she realized that her own inspiration, not her calendar, would inform her very best work.” Credits for the graphic artists this is my machine graphic for machine addictions poem... Ditrie Sanchez has a Bachelor of Arts in Piano and Musical Composition from Armstrong Atlantic State University and is completing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. She currently teaches at the Savannah Arts Academy for talented teenagers. 111

Poets & Hackers Credits for Timo Elliot  Timo Elliott lives in Paris and travels the world looking for the best shot. You can see more of his work at http://timoelliott. com/personal Achin Grover, based in France, is an international fine art and wedding photographer. To see more of his work you can visit http://www. achingrover.com/ 112

Credits Edited & Compiled by: Debasree Bhattacharjee Cover Design & Illustrations Concept by Saramma Varghese Formatted & Designed by Jyoti Abhyankar and Ashutosh Abhyankar Facilitated & Managed by Abhaya Agarwal, Jaya Jha & Neha Agarwal 11 3

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