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Published on July 31, 2007

Author: mcgeet

Source: slideshare.net


These are helpful tips on podcasting

Top Ten Tips on Podcasting Tom McGee Lower Merion School District

#10 Podcasting should ALWAYS foster creativity, and NOT so much a “fancy fact machine”

#9 Always start small and create simple podcast episodes with your class. Don’t let the “tech” get in the way. Scaffold the tech stuff throughout the year. Let your students figure things out as they go- (you know they will!)

#8 You don’t need an entire set of laptops to make a podcast. Use a teacher laptop to create the recordings.

Podcasting Myth You need an ipod to podcast!

#7 Headphones, headphones, headphones! Any questions?

#6 Allow students to use online tools such as wikis or google docs to create their scripts and brainstorm ideas for their podcasts. These tools will allow them to work outside of the classroom and collaborate with others.

#5 Build your listening audience! Get your link out there for others to tune in! Simply put your link on your eboard, post it in someone’s blog you follow.

Podcasting Myth I put an audio file on my website- We’re podcasting!

#4 Build your podcasting force! Collaborate with others. Team up with others classes from your school, district, county, state, country, continent, or planet! Use tools such blogs, eboards, or wikis for others to comment and provide feedback!

#3 A podcast is like a TV series show. There are many episodes of a podcast. Each episode can be a completely different subject matter, topic, or project idea. Or it can be the same!

#2 Keep your ideas fresh- Visit iTunes Music Store and check out other podcast resources online such as Podcast Alley

#1 Keep Learning FUN!

For more info on podcasting and other classroom technology resources, please visit: http://tommcgee.wikispaces.com

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