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Published on September 1, 2011

Author: mchaize

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9/1/11 Page 1

The contextAxones decided to participate in the Challenge launched by Adobe: The AdobeMobile Challenge.The idea is to create an application based on Adobe Air technology and using aFlex framework. This application would be portable on many mobile terminals(smartphone & tablets).We took this opportunity to imagine an application facilitating the management ofAgile projects.Indeed Axones chose to create an application for Planning Poker.9/1/11 Page 2

Summary What is the Planning Poker ? Interest of a multi-platform application How to use it How it works Bug report Upcoming features9/1/11 Page 3

What is the Planning Poker�   The planning poker is a fun and effective way to produce estimates of the complexity of features to be developed as part of a project with agile methods. Click Here Click Here Learn more on Wikipedia Learn more with this video�   How it works : �  The Scrum master creates the project, tasks and users participating to the Planning Poker. �  When the poker is started, each participant is asked to give a note of complexity to the task presented. �  Then the Scrum master displays the votes, he arbitrates by assigning the appropriate rating.This is how all the project tasks are evaluated and prioritized in a typical agileproject.9/1/11 Page 4

Interest of a multi-platform applicationAnyone can access the application, which is completely identical regardless of the terminal thanks totechnologies Air and Flex.In our business, mobility is essential, employees are not always in the office.But everyone has a mean of communication: laptops, mobile, shelves ...That’s why Pocket Agile became interested in multi-platform but also for remote collaboration!With the application we can work collaboratively from anywhere and through any terminal !9/1/11 Page 5

Existing poker planning applications� Today, several applications to do planning poker already exists in the various AppStores� They are limited in the sense that: �   You use your terminal as a card deck, to show others your quotation around a table �   It is based on a single terminal� What we propose is fundamentally different: �   All platforms supported by Adobe Air/Flex are available, so users are not restricted on a single terminal �   The application has a collaborative back end supported by LCDS which allow remote quotations � Users are no longer required to sit in the same room9/1/11 Page 6

How to use it�   To Do : You need to register to access to the application. Registration just took few seconds and you immediately (No email check needed) access to Pocket Agile. Fill in your Display Name, Email, Password and Confirmation of your password.9/1/11 Page 7

How to use it Watch our demonstration on video� Step 1 : Login Enter your email and password or create your account.9/1/11 Page 8

How to use it� Step 2 : Project creation After login, you can see the list of all your projects. You can create a new project. CRM Lvmh Kelly services9/1/11 Page 9

How to use it� Step 3 : Item creation For each project you can create items which are your project features. Selecting a project shows you its item list. You can modify, delete items, and also create.9/1/11 Page 10

How to use it� Step 4 : Assign users For each project you can assign users with different profiles. Only Scrum master and Admin can manage the project (item, vote, users…). When you add a new user, this one immediately receives an email containing a temporary password and the mean to obtain Pocket Agile.9/1/11 Page 11

How to use it� Step 5 : Start Planning Poker �   When everybody is ready, planning poker can start. �   Everybody connects and meets in a virtual Planning Poker room, The Scrum master can click “Start” button and then choose the first feature for which users have to vote. �   A new page opens named with the item selected. Everybody can select his value (click on “Select my value”) �   All users can see the advancement of the vote. Each user vote are identified by a green icon. Emilie Brochette Emilie Brochette Emilie Brochette Patrice Campagne Patrice Campagne Patrice Campagne Thierry Blancher Thierry Blancher Thierry Blancher Emy Melun Emy Melun Emy Melun9/1/11 Page 12

How to use it� Step 6 : Decide the outcome �   When everybody has voted, The Scrum master can look at the results by clicking on the eye icon. Then appear the vote of each participant. �   Now the Scrum master can decide of the unique value to assign to this feature according to the votes. He has to click on the check icon and then choose a value. �   The chosen value appears on each users screen. �   Then on the item list all features that have been voted have one value assigned. Emilie Brochette Patrice Campagne Thierry Blancher Emy Melun9/1/11 Page 13

How to use it�   In short : �   One technology for one application, which works on every terminal. It is no longer needed to recreate the same application with different mobile languages/framework. �   You can access this application from any terminal, and from anywhere (if you have a 3G or Wifi connexion). �   It allows collaborative work, facilitating planning poker between users separated by distance. Scrum master Casablanca Paris Paris Tunis Nanterre9/1/11 Page 14

How it works�   Works on : Desktop PC, Mac, Mac Book, Iphone, Blackberry phone, Mobile Android Laptop PC, Ipad Blackberry Playbook Windows phone …As well as all other Smartphones and Tablets� With : The innovative concept of cloud allows you to benefit from many online services without being hindered by the complex management of its infrastructure. Access your services from anywhere with this major innovation. Synchronization of ADOBE FLEX exchanges between users Rest persistence ADOBE AIR services data Json data exchange ADOBE LCCS9/1/11 Page 15

Bug reportSome bugs where reported, we are currently correcting them.Due to the short time frame for the challenge, the new version had notbeen yet republished on all the app stores.In order to avoid surprises, we mention them here.�  Sometimes the application does not respond, it "works" (display the charging icon) but it is blocked. Then it is necessary to restart.�  Right in the planning poker, the “Return back” button shows the “Disconnect” icon but the link remains functional.�  Sometimes during the planning poker, when you click the “Return back” button, there is the transition except that youre on the same page. You have to click on it 3 times to get back to the page you asked for.9/1/11 Page 16

Upcoming features�   New features are coming to upgrade Pocket Agile : �   New graphics �   Automatic calculation of the average value corresponding to the votes for a feature �   Creation of user story �   Category added to the features and user stories �   Management of conversion ratio. Ex : 1 point = n men/days �   Multi-language9/1/11 Page 17

Upcoming features� Discover our next design :9/1/11 Page 18

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