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Published on January 9, 2008

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PMI North Area PMP Exam Study Group :  PMI North Area PMP Exam Study Group Integration Management Presentation Prepared by Denise Robertson 22 March 2003 Roles and Responsibilities:  Roles and Responsibilities Project Manager is integrator Team members’ responsibility to complete tasks, activities, and work packages. Sponsor or senior management’s responsibility to protect project from changes and loss of resources. Project Plan Execution:  Project Plan Execution Includes all efforts necessary to achieve work results and identify change requests. PM must assume guiding proactive role constantly referring back to project plan. Execution activities are not planning activities. Project Plan Execution Activities:  Project Plan Execution Activities Implementing project plan Completing work packages Achieving work results Committing project resources Managing progress Taking preventative actions Soft skill application (guiding, assisting communicating, leading negotiating, etc.) Authorizing work using work authorization system Monitoring progress against baseline Taking corrective action Holding team meetings acquiring info with PMIS Monitoring progress against baseline Taking corrective action Holding team meetings acquiring info with PMIS Managing by exception to project plan Identifying changes to be handled in ICC Integrated Change Control:  Integrated Change Control Major component of control phase focusing on: Meeting performance baselines Making changes Coordinating changes across knowledge areas NB: Many activities performed during the control phase of the project are NOT part of Integrated Change Control: see Mulcahy text. Project Plan Development:  Project Plan Development To develop a plan that is bought-into, approved, realistic and formal, the project manager must perform activities characterized by: Having a project plan methodology Keeping stakeholders and resource managers in the loop with Meetings Schedule approval Performing and acting on analysis of risks and impacts Performing financial analysis Crashing, fast tracking, presenting options to management Setting up control plan including EVM system and PMIS Project Plan:  Project Plan A project plan is a multi-page document created by the project manager based on input from the team and stakeholders that includes: Corrective (Pro)Action:  Corrective (Pro)Action Any actions done to bring expected future project performance in line with project plan Accomplished by measuring performance and identifying root cause of variation Root cause analysis Schedule recovery Cost recovery Changes to risk Changes to quality Input to project plan execution Output from ICC and all control processes Hysterical Database:  Hysterical Database Tasks WBS Reports Estimates Project plans Lessons learned Benchmarks Risks Resources needed Correspondence Historical information is used to plan and manage future projects thus improving project management. Such data or information includes: Project Plan Updates:  Project Plan Updates Output from Integrated Change Control Result of controlling project to project plan Requires a plan to exist to be controlled and for formal updates Project plan is progressively elaborated even though PM will try to finalize during planning. Lessons Learned:  Lessons Learned What was done right, wrong and would have been done differently: Technically Project Management Management Constraints:  Constraints Factors that may limit the project team’s options Organizational structure of performing organization Collective bargaining agreements Preferences of the project management team Expected staff assignments Cost Time Baseline:  Baseline Original project plan with approved changes Used to monitor progress of project Basis of comparison for forecasts of final cost and schedule May be changed by formal mechanisms with accompanying documentation Change Control System:  Change Control System Collection of formal documented procedures, paperwork, tracking systems and approval levels for authorizing changes. Plan for how changes will be managed CCB creation Hard procedures Soft management practices Change Control Board:  Change Control Board Reviews change requests to determine if additional analysis is warranted Approves and rejects changes May include: PM Customer Experts Sponsor Others Kickoff Meeting:  Kickoff Meeting Communications and coordination meeting of all parties to project: Customers Sellers Project team Senior management Agencies Functional management Sponsor End of planning phase before beginning work on project Topics: Introductions Review of risks Communications plan Meeting schedule Project Plan Approval:  Project Plan Approval Signatures from management, stakeholders and the project team are required as formal approval. Project cannot effectively start without formal approval. If stakeholder needs and objectives have been identified in advance, it should be less difficult to obtain signatures… really. Work Authorization System:  Work Authorization System Formal procedure for sanctioning project work ensuring work is done At right time in right sequence Controls gold plating Defines tasks May take form of WBS dictionary Change Requests:  Change Requests Formal documents submitted by anyone on project after project plan is approved Identified in project plan execution Handled in integrated change control Configuration Management:  Configuration Management Rigorous change management as it relates to scope Any documented procedure used to apply technical and administrative direction and surveillance to: ID and document functional and physical characteristics of an item or system Control any changes to such characteristics Record and report change and its implementation status Audit the items and system to verify conformance to requirements Project Management Information System (PMIS):  Project Management Information System (PMIS) System set up in advance to keep PM informed of the status of all project tasks May consist of: Automatic tools Manual tools Reporting Meetings Oral inquiries Gantt charts EVM:  EVM Earned Value Management is a technique used to integrate the Project scope Schedule Resources Measure and report project performance Project Planning Methodology:  Project Planning Methodology Company standard procedures, forms, and guidelines for planning projects… that everybody uses… really.

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