Plumbing an Information Space

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Information about Plumbing an Information Space

Published on January 2, 2008

Author: WoodRock


Slide1:  Towards a Digital Library: Plumbing an Information Space with FEDORA Thornton Staples University of Virginia Library Managing the Collection:  Managing the Collection Provide a way to universally name all resources without respect to machine address Track all files for resources, metadata and computer programs consistently Enforce appropriate policies for use of Library resources Provide a high level of security Support preservation activities appropriately Delivering the Collection:  Delivering the Collection Deliver tools with content Allow every resource to be used in any number of contexts Discovery searching across the full collection Deep searching in particular collections Move towards a library which aware user’s can configure for themselves Supporting Digital Scholarship:  Supporting Digital Scholarship Supporting the creation of digital scholarly projects Collecting born-digital scholarly projects For preservation Taking over responsibility for primary delivery Supporting information communities FEDORA Architectural Model:  FEDORA Architectural Model Shared Image Behavior Definitons:  Shared Image Behavior Definitons Collection objects:  Collection objects Application Services :  Application Services New Repository System:  New Repository System Repository Development Project Goals:  Repository Development Project Goals An efficient, scalable, freely distributable FEDORA repository system ASAP A complete basic management interface with the initial release Add important digital library functionality in later releases Multiple testbed repositories to deploy and evaluate the software Make all software open source Project Plan:  Project Plan Phase 1: Deliver the repository system and the full management interface Phase 2: Add more production support Security and policy enforcement Collection objects Disk management Phase 3: Enhance end-user support Versioning and Editions Dynamic, Context Sensitive Behaviors Efficiency and scale optimization Deployment Group:  Deployment Group The Digital Library group, Indiana University The Humanities Computing group, New York University The Digital Collections and Archives Department, Tufts University The Humanities Computing group, Kings College London The Refugee Studies Center, Oxford University Audio/Video Project, Library of Congress Slide13:  Uva Implementation, as of July, 2000: FEDORA Development Project Description: http://www/lib/

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