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Published on June 28, 2009

Author: gregorx



Here is an ongoing list of plots where you can add to the list. As of June 28, 2009 there are 999 plots.

Plot Ideas...1000 - a work in progress: 1 surprised the circus sideshow is a letdown 2 cousin defers college for a traveling puppet show 3 babysitter allowed kids to watch spicy music videos 4 corporate credit card frozen - stranded! 5 passed by for job that was a done deal 6 accused of unfair business practices in town 7 decides to have an alias for some odd reasons 8 starts assuming the role of a dead sibling 9 housewife gets a book deal out of the blue 10 budget tax preparer makes a massive error 11 friend of a friend wants investment capital 12 trip to state capital - meets a famous senator 13 ancient oak on family homestead is dying 14 one of the farm kittens is half bobcat! 15 cousin is burned badly in amateur drag race 16 grandma's old Bible is ruined in flash flood 17 you don't buy $200 shoes when kids go without! 18 his old batchelor ways are really a bit charming 19 the bank calls - the big check has bounced 20 the business can't afford such a massive machine 21 cousin Betsy isn't taking care of loaned car 22 she says it was just ONE film - to pay tuition 23 country walk does good - idea for new book 24 determined to shut down rip-off roadside stand 25 the fumes from the new asphalt are too much 26 friend complains about son's black pals 27 she left her purse in the back of the pickup! 28 dad wired the house himself - with extension cord! 29 hotel receipts are found and prove difficult to explain 30 ice storm forces inlaws to share house for days 31 local war hero turns out to have faked history 32 kids do their own first hand research for term paper 33 low income man has secretly funded homeless shelter 34 dad builds wall on wrong side of property line 35 small town burger joint is sued over burger's similar name 36 dad's new business partner shows some unexpected demands 37 painting bought at flea market is a long lost original 38 adopted stray pet has some bad habits 39 spends every dime to build big CD collection 40 sexy stranger demands ride in new sports car 41 paycheck shows double deductions again! 42 claims to have helped in planning Mars landing

43 miracle love lotion proves to be just oils 44 tries to make expensive new car into art 45 money lent to pay bills is used for vacation 46 luxury cruise proves to be a boatride from hell 47 PANIC - 10 year high school reunion invite 48 neighbor claims you're poisoning the squirrels 49 friends new house - no taste in furnishings 50 someone must tell him - the junk cars must go! 51 carmel corn balls take a toll on some teeth 52 It looks like he lives out of his car 53 she's wasting all his money on tasteless junk 54 he gave the same type of ring to TWO girls 55 tests show the baby could have a genetic disease 56 kids being taught that Catholics are going to hell 57 sabotages recipe in kitchen - confused rumors abound 58 suitcase is lost - family photos are gone for good 59 geneological study reveals a bad side to Grandpa 60 geneological study reveals rough folks on her side 61 best friend enrolls in costly aerobics academy 62 gets drunk - all hear story about old fling 63 gets loaded - admits to a theft in college days 64 stupid cow clock with swinging tail has to go! 65 she sold his furniture to buy this junk? 66 trip to Grand Canyon on budget airline goes bad 67 spends $98 to get a non-name Gold Card worth nothing 68 the best man and ring are missing and long gone 69 I just said it - you need clothes that fit your body 70 the girls seems to be a thinner-than-you competition 71 since the trip to Europe his tastes are out of line 72 since the trip to Europe her tastes are out of line 73 so disgraced - all the reunion photos are worthless 74 Grandma is convinced he's in some kind of cult 75 Grandma is convinced she's out to ruin the family 76 practical joke on co-worker violates a company policy 77 police officer says neighbor complained about tall weeds 78 city sends $1100 bill to fix small bit of sidewalk 79 supply of food runs out before party is half over 80 new club members are setting a very low standard 81 eating disorder threatens young friend's life 82 fakes illness to avoid important business deadline 83 someone is watching on the other side of hotel mirror 84 bride demands a New Age wedding 85 she wants to add something odd to the vows 86 runs into company executive in a low-life bar 87 Dept. of Transportation truck shatters windshield 88 invitation to family reunion never arrives

89 finds evidence the computer was tampered with 90 some one is cutting down the park's trees 91 son is copying dad's worst vice 92 doesn't she know he's married? 93 doesn't he know about her past? 94 doesn't she know about her record? 95 did you hear about their chat room? 96 adopts a child without telling anyone 97 finds childhood goals now within grasp 98 drives off the road for no apparent reason 99 decides to ignor the summons 100 has a close call in a construction zone 101 emails resume with a major error 102 keeps complaining about seeing light flashes 103 falls for a woman 30 years older 104 tells everyonre the boss has planted cameras 105 her job working for art gallery involves modeling for artist 106 recommends a week at a New Age colony 107 overhears employees planning an inside job 108 loses a fortune with a flea market stall 109 claims the cash was taken by bandits 110 fails to report robbery until 3 days later 111 evacuation of island spoils planned vacation 112 Two for One special proves a painful lesson 113 pizza delivery guy got a very special tip 114 perfect 'new' car proves repainted and rebuilt 115 weekend on farm gives new view on life 116 relative's misinterpret the holiday invitiation 117 visits guru - finds a shocking place and person 118 his idea of good crystal leaves much to be desired 119 waits until Christmas Eve to start shopping 120 telephone psychic says TAKE THE HIGH ROAD 121 mortgage payment is missing just before vacation 122 lets the new neighbor have TV privilages 123 claims the neighborhood woods is haunted 124 adopts a baboon at the city zoo 125 cousin's marketing company is almost too good 126 three checks bounce in a fateful sequence 127 court clerk calls - new child support law 128 ideal mate wears inappropriate clothes to mountains 129 river rafting trip - new friends and enemies 130 grandchild is spitting image of... 131 sells miracle soap - clogs drains and sewers 132 invests in microbrewery - first batch is dishwater 133 gift certificate to trendy store offends 134 kids switch tags on presents late that night

135 room service was for two! 136 gave cookies and got a expensive Christmas gift from neighbors 137 claims she was stabbed but no one can find a scratch 138 child discovers her favorite TV character is a man in a suit 139 people and dog pills get mixed up 140 ordered team uniforms are rather revealing 141 cabin in the mountains is vandalized 142 wins chance to shot free throw for big prize 143 accused of watering the country fair drinks 144 close friend begins talking to imaginary one 145 cash back from car dealer is wasted at mall 146 makes unkind comment about sister's child 147 home garage car repair - catches fire on road 148 not reading find print proves a tough lesson 149 neighbor kid takes up drums day and night 150 new baby has some strange arm movements 151 shower gift falls apart before everyone 152 good friend becomes high priest in minor cult 153 buddies fake snow storm to further romance 154 the baby's eyes are the wrong color! 155 they're actually going to do a double wedding? 156 bachelor party is more naughty than promised 157 wedding shower turns in a wild strip show 158 wakes to feel numbness in both legs 159 love session in state park is caught on camera 160 recurring dream: father was buried alive 161 recurring dream: can't quite catch true love 162 recurring dream: house is falling apart 163 trip to tropical island - everything is stolen 164 close friend reveals he's a white supremicist 165 brother leaves incriminating clothes in garage 166 impresses sweetheart at sport - painful injury 167 fakes resume - boss finds out and blackmails 168 local homeless man will spy for little money 169 the kids are doing what in the basement! 170 childhood toy hobby turns into profitable business 171 neighbor suing over construction noise, debris 172 can't believe he's dating a prominent widow 173 a bad boy turns out to be a perfect student 174 a little love wins her over like magic 175 confronts mortality as two old friends die 176 local playboy runs off with teen daughter 177 college band decides on Satanic-Occult image 178 janitor seduces secretary late one night 179 family restaurant gets bad review by media 180 discovers new lover believes in channeling

181 ugly bachelor friend gets impressive makeover 182 a man his age spending hours at an arcade? 183 competitor is bribing local officials 184 jailer friend tells about his illegal business 185 there's more to him than meets the eye 186 niece is caught up in environmental blockade 187 favorite hair stylist is talking too much 188 kids drag race - relative is disabled for life 189 the two wives plan to dump their men 190 she sets deadline - a ring now or get out 191 she sells his vintage motorcycle for small change 192 ambition looks like treason to boss 193 back from prison with some new vices 194 vows to build God a chapel in the woods 195 prayer for healthy child is answered 196 old school buddy is dating an old enemy 197 caught for pilfering office supplies at work 198 throws a big party - only three come 199 confides to gossip about secret affair 200 babysitter calls police to get even 201 finds emaciated homeless woman - tries to help 202 he figures horse medicine must be doubly effective 203 retires and starts his own university - then students arrive 204 her idea of a bake sale is a major culinery operation 205 family disapproves of help for street man 206 childless father proposes a radical solution to wife 207 weekend getaway goes bad - meets a new love 208 he's going on spring break at his age? 209 bed and breakfast idea costs time and money 210 deceased relative's home reveal odd lifestyle 211 Police: trstify against mob boss or it's jail 212 he let who use my credit card? 213 finds a little known document about a local hero 214 library research reveals a secret about the town 215 former employee is missing - police get tough 216 vows revenge for school prank 30 years ago 217 might be handy having a private i. in the family 218 friend's spouse is having bisexual affair 219 founds mailorder college with life's savings 220 quits - I'm heading for CHEESEBURGER COLLEGE 221 engineer friend finds way to help disabled pal 222 sees the face of Christ in a anthill 223 town in uproar - coach leaves for big money 224 finds evidence a former Nazi lives in town 225 sister is getting reputation as local tramp 226 insists on being called Dr. after mailorder course

227 cousin is having trouble with gangs at his store 228 nephew is arrested for selling unlicensed T-shirts 229 mall cops catch unusual antics on tape 230 secret lover says divorce or I'm gone 231 generous inheritance ends long-time relationship 232 friend on trial - media twist impromptu TV comments 233 military record is a lie - papers catch story 234 mother has already bought ugly vault for family 235 they sure seem extra friendly for first cousins 236 resemblance to latest serial killer is noticed 237 she did what with the cab driver? 238 protestors shut down lab - no work and no pay 239 New Year's resolution actually works this time 240 New Year's party reveals a new wild side 241 has affair after anniversary party 242 starts wearing some occult medallion 243 local rock bank angers conservative Mayor 244 puppit show plot is very close to his real life 245 junior's credit record is mixed up with pop's 246 visiting her parents they find a way to sleep together 247 the new Mercedes gets a big dent on day one 248 list of popular party invitees never show up 249 disappears from home 250 invents a new product 251 abstract ceramic sculpture is interpreted the wrong way 252 annoyed neighbor decides to print up his own parking tickets 253 security guard is just a bit too eager to record events 254 finds God in a big way 255 learns to drive 256 goes sky diving 257 mistakes a phrase for a sign of love 258 caught wearing clothes of another gender 259 moves away to make it in the big city 260 invents some worthless thing 261 finds help by a chance meeting 262 starts collecting stray pets 263 takes up a hobby of their youth 264 local cable show turns into a big hit 265 makes a sexist remark on a local talkshow 266 accidently leaves their diary around 267 picks a mate no one else can stand 268 Admits they cannot read above 5th grade level 269 suddenly announces a change in attitude 270 stops eating red meat and becomes a pest 271 caught on TV news in a protest march 272 gets their nose done but no one dares to ask

273 gets beaned by a softball at the picnic 274 goes bankrupt 275 chokes on a meal in town 276 tries to run my life 277 decides to divorce 278 tells me their deepest secret 279 is caught telling a fat lie 280 decides to buy that Corvette at last 281 gets a new hairdo/cut 282 has the IRS in hot pursuit 283 throws out his old junk 284 gives me a surprise wink 285 is showing too much skin 286 decides to give all their money away 287 crashes car into wall 288 gets caught driving drunk 289 admits a double life 290 admits to being gay 291 gets scholarship to college 292 caught by cops skinning dipping 293 starts a rumor about me 294 starts a crazy project 295 spouse/friend is showing too much in the pool 296 new web site is giving strange ideas 297 rounds of ice tea prove bitter beyond smiles 298 starts confessing old sins to everyone 299 strangers show up to buy crafts by the armload 300 seemed obsessed with death of late 301 new secretary is telling inhouse secrets 302 white water rafting trip costs dearly 303 no one believes vacation was truly perfect 304 popular handcrafts revealed to contain hemp fiber 305 can't recall old college chum who shows up 306 published article gets cut and rewritten 307 decides to paint his/her house dayglo orange 308 caught shop-lifting a $10 item 309 buys a too complex computer 310 gets shot in the foot 311 mudslide moves house down by two blocks 312 writes a shocking letter 313 drops in on Christmas day 314 public disaster - used the wrong kind of adhesive 315 posts some intimate memories on the family website 316 co-worker is using the office for a love nest on weekends 317 Shaker furniture turns out to be cheap copies 318 thinks they have talent for designing lingerie

319 Attorney General comes calling as orders are unsent 320 takes up wearing those dumb wooden shoes 321 stolen rare vase turns up at a yard sale 322 weedkiller backfires - the yard is brown death 323 he took those young boys to where? 324 kids complain coach is getting foul and abusive 325 parents start petition to have teacher removed 326 trip to Europe produces an outward change 327 after the cruise she goes for a strange look 328 chili-cheese tube idea is a hit at the ballpark 329 mini quiche cube business goes bad 330 casual remarks about ethnic grocery store are recorded 331 homemade teabags contain a major impurity 332 she did what at the baptism? 333 the therapist recommends a month apart 334 makes a scene at prayer meeting 335 does it in a poison ivy patch 336 hits a baseball through my window 337 gets shot and killed by robber 338 plays the piano quite badly 339 tells me off on a street corner 340 wins $5000 in the lottery 341 finds spouse in compromising spot 342 caught taking funds at work 343 caught going through our garage 344 decides to look for a better job 345 decides to give up all fat 346 Is the girl pregnant? 347 visits a distant friend in need 348 finds his beach home burned down 349 rights to tell of New Age conversion 350 calls suddenly with special news 351 kids pour soda in cedar chest of treasures 352 donations of goods prove hard to handle 353 newspaper story prints wrong address 354 link to website promises the wrong thing 355 supplier of ordered goods goes bankrupt 356 family members take up competing stores 357 been kicked out and needs a place to stay 358 finds an old college chum on the Internet 359 borrowing the bosses' new SUV was not a good idea 360 discovered stealing software from the office for use at home 361 thinks he can deliver mail and packages for fun and profit 362 offhand remark about his 'big head' really bothers him 363 family doctor charged with failing to help accident victim 364 youth are tossing rocks off a highway overpass

365 she lives for anything Elvis 366 discovers love on the rough side of town 367 finds a way to cover fundraiser losses 368 family dog undergoes expensive cancer treatment 369 spends half of income on star autographs 370 wants to become the next Norman Rockwell 371 cousin's remodeling job isn't up to par 372 feels a friend overcharged them for the job 373 goes up against dad for company sales title 374 I didn't know it was going to be an all-nerd party! 375 dinner at the tavern awakens old self-image 376 college stories are too frank for spouse 377 runs his life by the Farmer's Almanac 378 suspected of borderline personality disorder 379 sheep in back yard cause neighborhood chaos 380 looses 100 pounds on a cabbage soup diet 381 organ decision is harder than imagined 382 family business is sued for name trademark violation 383 grandma's old records sell for big money 384 joins a traveling music show and abandons family 385 guess who is seen in the lingerie store? 386 guess who is seen in the adult bookshop 387 hamburger shop on wheels eats up family funds 388 talk about eating bee pollen is annoying 389 grandma just can't recipes right any more 390 kids worry if dad is too old to drive his car 391 everyone wants to know who secret love is 392 there's more in that salad than spinach! 393 'bondage palace' opens up in town 394 arthritis cures eat up the meagre fixed income 395 claims to see escaped tiger in the nearby woods 396 things keep disappearing from the house 397 takes interest in pre-paying for ornate casket 398 blows life savings on a silly franchise fee 399 aren't they a bit young to be cuddling like that 400 visiting cousin asks about sexual confusion 401 a bounty hunter calls about an old friend 402 things keep disappearing from the yard 403 kids see what a little magic herb does to the dog 404 letter to the editor has a word missing 405 mice take over the neighborhood 406 mom and dad trade jobs for a day 407 funny 'mature' card put in the wrong envelope 408 anniversary ring is too small to see clearly 409 she makes up name of prestigious award to pad resume 410 cafe is forced to raise prices to drive away 'undesirables'

411 her new line of clothes are ordinary and overpriced 412 starts spending grocery money at the day spa 413 cousin dumps engineering scholarship for clown college 414 she's too old to be wearing those leather mini-skirts 415 finds a nice person after dialing wrong number 416 tour of slaughter house is real shocker 417 den full of stuffed heads and skins repulses new love 418 opens above-ground cemetary in town - starts with late wife! 419 his swamp tour business is his only success in life 420 somebody has been reading my e-mail! 421 no one believes why he went to the hospital 422 are they really JUST room mates? 423 doesn't know about the other marriage 424 neighbor kids smash the garden statues 425 cardiac episodes cause lifestyle changes 426 brother needs a bone marrow transplant 427 think they see long-lost friend on a talkshow 428 video camera catches things when mom's away 429 finds out ancestors were of Jewish descent 430 first gray hairs really cause a crisis 431 a bar bet ends up costing big 432 textile plant is closing - many friends hurt 433 helpful friend ruins hedges with new hedge clippers 434 granny is getting some odd financial advice 435 favorite nephew has joined a biker gang 436 niece is getting quite a reputation at college 437 do we tell her mom about what we saw in the park? 438 elevating the foundation with concrete pumps goes wrong 439 local professor discovers dinosaur on land 440 precious ring drops stone - somewhere! 441 person losing found money makes odd claim 442 police claim neighbor is wanted fugative 443 family worried about all those hours in the casino 444 wins a trip to tour Russia 445 neighbor gets their mail - starts a wild rumor 446 mailorder clothes start to fall apart 447 local charity funds a controversial cause 448 week with brother's fishing business is uncomfortable 449 the so-called 4 Star hotel has surprises 450 the new house develops a long ominous crack 451 something about fiancee seems very familiar 452 son raids attic and sells old heirlooms 453 daughter finds weekend trip much too raw 454 friend's new home has some strange mysteries 455 you didn't tell me this was a lesbian party 456 ignors red warning light on car dash

457 aid police in spying on neighborhood man 458 claims to have seen rock star in local store 459 naturist colony moves into farm down the road 460 boss is caught lying about forthcoming raise 461 charity campaign costs more than it makes 462 membership dues prove too easy to borrow against 463 guest's nightwear is less than modest 464 executive criticized for wearing alligator skin boots and fur 465 gift of voodoo doll for fun is taken the wrong way 466 new waitress takes to the desserts and eats half the profits 467 movie memorabilia proves fake when business is sold 468 she gets mascot job after losing cheerleading audition 469 kids have close brush with garage chemicals 470 finds kids playing doctor in basement 471 grandma plays doctor with old time remedy 472 his cold cure has unusual side effect 473 new gal in office is really playing field 474 new male executive is devouring office help 475 finds out recent gift is pawn shop purchase 476 city folk fight to stop sell off of park land 477 town folk fight to keep modern art off display 478 town folk argue over planned low income housing 479 town folk argue over new factory jobs and disruption 480 computer error causes tax bills to soar 481 new town policeman is busy with citations 482 domestic dispute involves unexpected older couple 483 things heard through motel walls are shocking 484 hotel clerk says his car was definately there 485 bartender says she used fake ID last week 486 new business venture turns into dream occupation 487 old college friend ignites secret forgotten crush 488 trip to country turns into a life-changing event 489 weekend trip turns up interesting shop for sale 490 reports of flying saucer lights trouble friend 491 finds parent's medication untouched and in trash 492 students are using soda cans to hide mixed drinks 493 school counselor recommands immediate therapy 494 career is going nowhere - looks anywhere for anything 495 swallows pride and takes menial night job 496 she's pregnant again! 497 good friend from work is suddenly very cold 498 accident causes them to meet a new wonderful friend 499 valentine gift never arrives 1-999 | 1000-1999 | 2000+ 500 airline loses luggage - entire presentation is gone

501 it all hinges on this report for the Berlin office 502 decides to take a little of the register cash home 503 she appears to be faking the family budget figures 504 state taxes long overdue - car has been impounded 505 inheritance proves small after unknown bills paid 506 local board sells out homeowners to big business 507 finds peace in an Internet church 508 has misplaced the Christmas money just withdrawn 509 glimpses of a strange animal in woods are reported 510 old friend and fugative asks for one night's lodging 511 she seems to be giving the family a tainted name 512 male relative is using family name for junk business 513 their imaginery friend seems to be lasting too long 514 TV shopping merchandise proves unfit for giving 515 hired help on farm bears very close watching 516 the mall security guard is all hands 517 the bank teller makes a $200 mistake 518 large house guest keeps breaking chairs 519 her picture with the e-mail is better than expected 520 his picture with the e-mail is better then expected 521 son gets credit card and tells no one 522 bill collectors call 10 times a day 523 former lover is determined to make life hell 524 starts a ruthless foreclosure business 525 real estate course is actually working 526 noisy tenant can't be evicted for months 527 lawyer's expense bill is huge and vague 528 grandmother tells too much about old lovers 529 uncle turns up fathering a young son 530 can't quite keep up with new well-off friends 531 retirement home proves too strict for old dad 532 close friend missing from rehab clinic 533 those nicotine patches are too fun for own good 534 beach home is shared by divorced ex-mates 535 partner's friends from work are very crude 536 new job - finds company cheating at every chance 537 has beer at work with friends - gets caught 538 college room mate seems to be overly friendly 539 her female Elvis show is embarrassing the family 540 how come this bar doesn't have any women in it? 541 guys confront pal for hitting on their sisters 542 he's taking this Forrest Gump thing too far 543 sister is too chummy with her boss 544 garden rototiller gets way out of hand 545 changes eye color with some cheap contact lenses 546 temptation to abuse expense account is too great

547 the National Park crowd is just not her kind of people 548 popular town lawyer gets drunk and spills secrets 549 parents find a rather sexy chat icon on computer 550 invitation to a political dinner gives new status 551 summer job with temp agency is a mixture of crazy interesting tasks 552 part time job cleaning hotel rooms gets out 553 starts wearing big bold scarves EVERYWHERE 554 co-worker openly brings raw gay magazines to work 555 aging neighbor calls police thinking pot is being grown 556 someone puts marijuana seeds in the company's landscape 557 cancer test recommended by friend saves life in time 558 sets up shrine to 'little gray' aliens in empty bedroom 559 co-worker you hate becomes your new boss 560 company expands - surrounded by shallow yuppies 561 sponsored child comes to American for college 562 favorite TV evangelist suddenly leaves his wife 563 finds love with older friend of parents 564 thinks they're God's gift to tennis 565 accuses me of scratch to car 566 admits life is not worth living 567 impromptu concert turns rowdy - police called 568 garage band nextdoor hits it big 569 somebody at work is stealing lab ethanol 570 somebody at work is writing dirty suggestions 571 someone at church is miscounting the offering 572 church sells membership list to local telemarketer 573 wife sells husbands old car as last resort 574 husband sells late wive's things on front yard 575 children have no respect for inherited homestead 576 beach house is site of drunken orgy and vandalism 577 paint job on car starts flaking off 578 specialist tells you local doc made a big error 579 OB-GYN has bad news for future 580 drag racing kids keep smashing mailbox and more 581 budget cuts force locals to start service corp 582 claims to be related to Vice President 583 ad in singles column indicates a married friend 584 finds old document in wallsafe - could be valuable 585 prized model ship is ruined by new maid 586 re-reading old yearbook reveals a missed note 587 neighbor's send over party guests to use restroom 588 rather taken with daughter 589 his idea of a romantic evening is more fit for guys 590 finds radio impersonation of ethnic voice to be insulting 591 long smile received at party is interesting 592 finds wonderful support in group therapy

593 discovers long-unknown sleep disorder condition 594 explains everything away in terms of astrology 595 starts missing church to reap business profits 596 family not comfortable with opening three-way marriage 597 announces new found celebacy to everyone 598 tells strangers about relative's private business 599 reveals company product secret by accident 600 quick trip to Vegas proves a wonderful reward 601 childhood friend turns out to be talkshow host 602 local groups demand native American mascot be changed 603 the trampoline is a neighborhood hit (for lawyers) 604 bookstore accidentally sells first edition on bargain table 605 she takes up wearing odd feather masks to every occasion 606 kitchen mistake turns into 'cajun blackened redfish' 607 petting zoo consists of grumpy goat and 3 scrawny chickens 608 extra keys to house are missing! 609 go cart race causes fight among close families 610 brags of rich Asian connections offering job 611 divorce lawyers says judge is raising alimony 612 attempts suicide once more 613 has an unexpected heart attack 614 decides to use makeup too heavily 615 a renowned female opera singer comes to town 616 finds peaces in an obscure literary journal 617 new credit card proves a big temptation 618 stolen wallet causes bureaucratic nightmares 619 friend of a friend arrives to 'crash' for the weekend 620 thinks they just might have the murder clue 621 unsavory character from town has eyes for sister 622 neighbors suspect something of a failing business 623 police are snooping around abandoned farm 624 neighbors report foul odors - think the worst 625 why does he need so many chemical barrels? 626 admits past life in front of astonished spouse 627 picks a shady character as business partner 628 ignorance of city law earns a big fine 629 finds God just before the end 630 dresses up as clown for little party joke 631 starts wearing odd vintage clothes and nothing else 632 nearby construction nearly destroys porcelain treasures 633 gifts of crystal are compared - feelings hurt 634 country store seems to be running downstairs business 635 humorous postcard makes rounds - not all amused 636 new pink and yellow kitchen turns out awful 637 bargain wallpaper proves to be party embarassment 638 company's small fortune in stamps gets wet

639 city declines already designed modern house 640 public hearing exposes angry letters 641 restraining order comes as a total shock 642 ex-lover calls to ask for forgiveness 643 decides to built their own tiny church 644 can't quite admit the scheme is not working 645 interprets near disaster as sign from heaven 646 finally gets the perfect mate - on third try 647 starts unauthorized fan club for local star 648 put half of savings into lunch truck business 649 finds a new way to keep the family at bay 650 pricey tickets prove a ripeoff in more ways than one 651 night on the town ends with a new romance 652 ambitious young mayor is patroling the streets himself 653 rumor starts that project housing is scanned by military helicopters 654 'comes out' but differently than expected by all 655 reputation is improved after a public prayer 656 starts talking about conspiracies from nighttime talkshow 657 finds some comfort in a simple craft 658 unused supplies prove useful to a local charity 659 hopes to climb a local mountain range this summer! 660 temp worker is a spy for a business intelligence network 661 new civic duties disrupt home life 662 membership drive pulls in some unusual folks 663 finds their prized collection missing a few pieces 664 leaves valuable package in taxi cab 665 anniversary gift: tacky football team pajamas! 666 works late + accidentally sees boss naked 667 she is taking this court testimony like a joke 668 new boss has an insane germ phobia 669 grandma is wearing her new orange slippers EVERYWHERE 670 new art museum is $24 mill. worth of ordinary junk with signs 671 uses pieces of audio tape to make him say something ugly 672 new roommate puts fringed curtains everywhere 673 somebody set the bathroom scale back 20 pounds 674 idea for a dramatic play proves very popular 675 accuses friend of stealing recipe secret 676 turns their business into consumer fraud department 677 joke with container of foam backfires 678 vacuum cleaner sales job really sucks 679 invents new 'magic broom' - begs for investors 680 nephew turns grandpa's old car into a ugly hotrod 681 talked into spending $1000 for local artist oil painting 682 'starving' friend shows up with new car 683 money loaned to church friend is mis-used 684 long business hours cause blood pressure to soar

685 trek through swamp - find secret military station 686 stranded in the mountains - walk out takes days 687 settles too quickly with insurance company 688 sends old clothes to a Balkan orphanage 689 donated items prove too costly to ship 690 kids earn money by starting bogus charity 691 frat boys sell firewood from their land 692 new land is deforested just after sale 693 Alaskan cruise gives new view on life 694 seeks revenge on country mechanic who overcharged 695 repossession squad arrives while company is over 696 neighborhood kids go through trash - bills revealed 697 kids go up to mountains for wild woodland party 698 gold ring starts to wear thin - was it a bargain? 699 he brings back a Christmas tree lacking everything 700 boy gets bitten at family-owned petting zoo outside town 701 local business owners protest new mega-mall ruining their livelihood 702 wind chimes drive the neighbors totally nuts 703 new lady in neighborhood is raising the social bar for everyone 704 some neighbors take offense at his lawn jockey 705 teen assumes identity to get her own platinum credit card 706 Christmas tree ornaments recall past marriage 707 does HE really wear a girdle to hide his bulge? 708 teens with Polaroid take some sexy pictures 709 new abdominal machine causes major back trouble 710 relatives worry about young son lifting weights 711 she seems to be following in her mother's bad ways 712 he shows early signs of dad's addiction 713 relatives visit - must confront lie about real job 714 old friends arrive - lifestyle is less than reported 715 his college roommate strikes them as curious 716 her college roommates seems to be rather chummy 717 home dartboard game causes quick trip to hospital 718 old trainset is missing - suspect it paid for drugs 719 relative's home remodeling job proves faulty 720 Christmas spirit is renewed by new granddaughter 721 the marriage seminar seems to have worked 722 friend gets stranded in Mexico - calls for help 723 caught selling unlicensed sports merchandise 724 new business sign violates a trademark? 725 dog bites important businessman in town 726 attorney finds a unique way to settle case 727 judge orders church attendance or 120 days 728 court orders sign in front yard showing charge 729 uncle dies - relatives find disturbing hobby 730 odd relative leaves entire fortune to stuffed pet

731 grandma sold car for half what it was worth 732 grandpa won't admit his eyesight is failing until... 733 her Christmas cookies cause severe allergic reaction 734 all their gifts come from the 'dollar store' 735 suspect teen nanny of rough treatment 736 babysitter's boyfriend is a bad influence 737 must confront boss with co-worker's likely thefts 738 replaced broken plate just is not a match 739 sports gift is of the wrong team 740 fall at pool edge causes uncomfortable injury 741 doctor proposes a radical new treatment 742 medication side effect alters skin tone 743 returns to laundrymat and finds designer clothes gone 744 he seems to be using his deep fryer every day 745 grandma accidentally trips home security alarm 746 neighborhood kids leave trash all over back yard 747 big business check bounces - domino effect at bank 748 she is determined to try out for firefighter spot 749 drunken kiss is remembered by all the next day 750 her judgement about men seems to be improving 751 how did HE get a woman like that! 752 what does she see in such a rogue man 753 family reunion - cousin shows signs of a wild life 754 drives to wrong town for meeting: -ville or Hills? 755 job interview proves to be a real confidence shacker 756 can't bear to tell momma 'antiques' are worthless 757 business advertisement delivers - needs 3 helpers 758 kid tries to act out violent video game on cat 759 she always leaves that child unattended 760 pet disappears on western vacation 761 big highway is going to ruin hometown 762 new secretary seems to be making own deals 763 attorney proves to be friend of an enemy 764 the kids have raided the medicine cabinet 765 sends bomb threat about US President from enemy's computer 766 you're giving them a what for a wedding gift? 767 crash diet proves a close call 768 does anyone know she works at a phone sex line? 769 can't admit to parents I dropped out 770 medical school proves to be a mistake 771 weekend encounter group proves rather X-rated 772 new pastor's wife seems to have had a past 773 home for wayward youth moves in down the block 774 major in Feminist Studies does not go over well 775 new addition to home reveals a rotten foundation 776 Dad's will hints at large missing bank account

777 announced love splits two old friends 778 who's dating brother's ex now? 779 expresses odd interest in suicide and death 780 keeps showing off large knife everywhere 781 dining downtown late at night proves dangerous 782 must tell parents about a friend's crime 783 taking up modern dance at her age? 784 employer illegally dumping hazardous waste 785 school PTA meeting turns into a heated race dispute 786 co-authors paper in a book containing some spicy verse 787 takes to the Internet with gusto and friends decline 788 enemy unleashes bugs in restaurant the day reviewer visits 789 new law on junk cars forces him to part with a dozen 'classics' 790 local university discovers souvenirs made in third world sweatshop 791 school band fund raiser is a complete disaster 792 caught taking cash from the drawer 793 caught in a elevator for 2 hours 794 tries to push their new book everywhere! 795 thinks their cell phone is hot stuff 796 finds meaning in wood carving 797 advice from city agency proves very wrong 798 contractor has added $5000 to cover what? 799 architect wants to include large magenta dome 800 inherited office building is falling apart 801 someone is hiding contraband in their woods 802 has face printed in paper by mistake 803 newspaper runs old ad - anger breaks out 804 chance meeting in hotel hallway - romance? 805 starts shooting up his office 806 inherits a sizeable sum 807 takes to singing in public places 808 caught selling bogus goods at the flea market 809 decides to open a restaurant 810 decides to open a classy new cafe 811 decides to open a strange card shop 812 thinks their Toyota is faster than mine 813 thinks they can get rich selling door to door 814 makes very grand retirement plans 815 plans to sell all for the poor 816 tries to fix their own car 817 says I've lost weight 818 decides to show me their secret hideout 819 falls off a horse and breaks leg 820 starts rumor I have been unfaithful 821 starts rumor I have a secret past 822 reveals to all a surprising talent

823 decides to join the army 824 finds love of their life at last 825 arrested for assault and battery 826 wins local writing contest to our surprise 827 disappears late one night 828 trips and falls over their cat 829 gets severe phobia during overseas flight 830 love is sparked at church divorce survivor's class 831 sells valuable vase at flea market for peanuts 832 leaves ugly answering machine they now regret 833 temp agency provides secretaries willing to do most anything 834 wakes up next to an older but closer friend 835 someone turns their back porch into a drive in 836 toy given as gift has extra realism 837 starts burning hundreds of candles nightly 838 new house boat has a few leaks and more 839 hotel bellboy seems a bit too curious 840 prized baseball card is missing 841 surprise house guest is a master gourmet cook 842 A much older man gives some unusual advice 843 falsified papers result in legal complications 844 financed furniture proves both costly and flimsy 845 freak summer storm topples the family flagpole 846 the new puppy is missing 847 advertisement has a dramatic error 848 family fireworks bring the police to the door 849 comedy skit at church is worse than not funny 850 school principle resigns after curious romantic dealings 851 local consumer activist uncovers more than desired 852 pre-paid burial plan leaves many things to be desired 853 sent to wrong manuscript to publisher 854 charges filled against football team mascot 855 dream vacation cruise in a musty dark cabin 856 berries picked in wild produce poison reactions 857 police discover sweatshops working out of remote country homes 858 rental car fails in the middle of rugged mountain country 859 buys small company that triples in size 860 friends part company over attractive newcomer 861 falls totally for free vacation scam 862 friend's prize trumpet gets crushed under car 863 community organization finds petty cash missing 864 neighbors object to large flagpole and noisy flag 865 Friends buy story about wine expertise 866 decides to built miniature Graceland in front yard 867 four year business degree is from worthless school 868 turns home into a thriving brownie business overnight

869 wins contest to ride on blimp over NFL game 870 town mayor makes surprise visit to messy home 871 tempted to keep piece taken from mansion tour 872 son finds dinosaur bone in back yard 873 someone forgot to turn on the oven 874 belongings in storage place get soaked by big rain 875 spouse/roommate develops odd bathroom habits 876 prized summer cottage is not flood insured! 877 Thinks their pig can live where? 878 has questionable taste in dates 879 stays in the sun far too long 880 makes odd choice of bathing suit 881 becomes world's authority in what? 882 denies all plastic surgery claims 883 brags about what the car cost 884 needs to make for gambling debts 885 gets written up in the big city paper 886 winds up in a rural jail 887 finds comfort in the bottle 888 secretly videotapes events in bedroom 889 asks how we like the odd gift 890 gets caught in a hurricane and we all worry 891 becomes a fool running for a local office 892 finds religion and gives up the business 893 relatives find servants have taken things 894 papers signed in haste prove damaging 895 business deal falls through - but money is spent! 896 promised crafts can't be delivered in time 897 pen pal from Europe is arriving next week 898 return from vacation - basement is flooded 3' deep 899 hurricane narrowly misses family factory 900 friend in danger - wrecks car on the way 901 police decide young driver not at fault 902 caught returning gift by it's giver 903 takes their protest to the town hall 904 mishap with rental car proves a costly lesson 905 the family confronts them after all these years 906 gets large and oddly colored glasses 907 can't be convinced it is a bad business idea 908 arrives in a town with a showy new toy 909 gets mugged in town but ashamed to admit it 910 gets a big promotion but tells no one 911 fall in the lake and nearly drown 912 first driving lesson is a disaster 913 finally finishes that boat after 20 years 914 finds time to work in homeless shelter

915 gets drunk and tells of past crimes 916 30 miles from anywhere the spare tire is also flat 917 temp assistant is twice as good as the regular 918 falls asleep at wheel and barely survives 919 mistaken infamous person of same name 920 has to fight false molestation charges 921 discovers valuable treasure in attic 922 has car stolen under everyone's nose 923 breaks down and asks for forgiveness 924 finds car too fast to control 925 starts preaching the gospel of vitamins 926 finds donation was too a bad charity 927 aren't you too old to do that? 928 new sport utility vehicle gets mired 929 object found in park proves a valuable gem 930 Grandma's jewelry proves to be mostly fake 931 siblings argue over headstone 932 nephew seems to be playing both sides of the law 933 someone seems to be getting even with embarrassing mail 934 geneology reveals some unexpected ethnic ties 935 old family cemetary is found in total disorder 936 newlywed cousin's trailer burns down - all is lost 937 collected funds are used for lavish expenses 938 Boy Scouts discover human remains near mountain cabin 939 decides to live life of starving artist 940 beach home is spared hurricane - insurance skyrockets 941 inspection of home reveals some makeshift wiring 942 car fails emissions test over and over 943 day care center proves to be a disease factory 944 expected interview for job never happens 945 previous owner of car has left something behind 946 plans for a wild birthday party are overheard 947 helping local athlete violates NCAA rules 948 breaks foot and stays home for three weeks! 949 painted face at ballgame makes TV highlights 950 leaves truck unlocked - big theft that night 951 truck crosses median - close brush with death 952 Christmas presents get switched 953 wedding preparations include humorous spelling 954 can't bear to admit raise is just 15 cents an hour 955 management opportunity requires going back to school 956 skit for church social proves offensive 957 rumors of the plant closing stir hostility 958 moves to private island with narrow bridgeway 959 harmless joke is reported by wrong way by gossip 960 brother is fired in a surprise downsizing

961 second mortgage co. used some unfriendly fineprint 962 convinced they've got a form of flesh-eating bacteria 963 weekend on friend's boat proves fun and very expensive 964 neighbor paints house a bright ugly pink 965 somehow has to talk about the wig 966 thinks old painting in attic is worth something 967 spends the summer writing a hot novel 968 new prescription covers them in hives 969 gets a false emergency to help a friend 970 decides to rent lasvish furnishings and car to impress old friend 971 cigar accidentally sets fire to priceless family tapestry 972 romantic penpal turns out to be in jail 973 postman tells neighbors about unusual mailings 974 lets a 900 number Psychic run their life 975 should you be lending so much $$$ to them? 976 meets perfect pal on a state park woodland trail 977 claims to see Jesus' image in their leaf pile 978 neice borrows car - plows into S-Class Mercedes 979 discovers a close friends private 'play room' 980 tries to help police solve neighborhood crime 981 finds a very spicy 'chat room' on the Internet 982 ultra-hot chili recipe is shock of family picnic 983 has a close call with a mugger while walking 984 cliams about bowling mastery are put to a test 985 holds event to aid friend whose house burned down 986 things get out of hand with rented yacht 987 falls for story about hidden family treasure 988 inherits uncle's whole house full of pets 989 lawyer turns small claims case into wild story 990 turkey stuffing is made with what? 991 investment in friend's business pays off big 992 cousin's purchases of lottery tickets is alarming 993 insurance company claims collectibles are not covered 994 claims to have seen a message written in the dew 995 strange lights could have been a UFO 996 old family cedarchest has a hidden compartment 997 friend reveals it is an arranged marriage 998 double date turns out to be double torture 999 invited to join local holiday choir

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