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Published on October 25, 2016

Author: plista


1. Native Advertising, powered by data.


3. Milestones 2008 Starting off as a SaaS provider of recommendation services for publishers 2009 Introduction of ad sponsored revenue model 2010 Development of various special formats 2014 Acquired by WPP, internationalization 2015-16 Strategic alliance with Xaxis, focus on global expansion

4. When Native Goes Global Native launched in 5 continents 180 FTEs at plista HQ in Berlin 40 FTEs working for plista in global (partner) offices

5. Engaging native formats Unique data-driven targeting technology Premium publisher inventory Our Mission plista develops data-driven recommendation technologies and effective native ad solutions, to deliver non-intrusive content and advertisement recommendations to each individual user.

6. Focus on Engagement – the perfect combination of awareness and action Every second user thinks that native content creates a more engaging and positive appeal for brands.* Awareness Action *Quelle: Native Advertising Research 2015 by ForwardAd Group Engaging Native Formats for Advertiser Native OutstreamAds Native InFeed AdsNative RecommendationAds Native Advertorial Native VideoAds Native AudioAds High Impact Ads Mobile Smart Media AdsNative Content Distribution

7. Monetization Stickiness Traffic Slide Widget Video Widget Article Widget (Desktop & Mobile) Top Article Widget OutstreamAds InFeed Widget Content Distribution For Publishers Engaging Native Formats for Publisher

8. RELEVANCE Powered By Data plista Ensemble Algorithm Data-driven, user-individual delivery Publisher Data User Data Technical Data Global Optimization by plista Ensemble Algorithm 1st party data is collected and enriched Precise Targeting Collaborative Filtering, Behavioral & Semantic Targeting

9. Native Ads Revenue Uplift of 69%* plista‘s native solutions cover all publisher needs ... ... and deliver outstanding results: Native Ads Revenue Uplift of 69%* Increase in vCTR by 48%* Stickiness Sustainable increase in user visit duration and depth of visit Monetization Optimal content monetization by creating new ad inventory Traffic Targeted navigation of users, on & cross-site Our Global Premium Publishers *Source: plista Case Study 2015, Article Widget vs. Ads Only Direct Premium Publisher Relations

10. 360° Service 1. Briefing 3. Reporting & Optimization 2. Setup & Delivery


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