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Published on October 13, 2014

Author: ITU

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ITU media/analyst briefing ahead of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 which takes place in Busan, Republic of Korea, between 20 October - 7 November 2014.

1. Presentation of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 MEDIA BRIEFING 13 October 2014 www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 1

2. What is PP? www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 2

3. PP is the global conference that will decide the future of ITU for the next 4 years www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 3 3 Supreme organ of ITU Held every four years Determines the general policies for fulfilling the purposes of the Union 20 Oct-7 Nov 2014

4. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 4 Invited entities • Member States • Observers • Palestine (‘Special Observer’ status under Res. 99 (Rev. Guadalajara, 2010)) • The United Nations • Regional telecommunications organizations mentioned in Article 43 of the Constitution • Intergovernmental organizations operating satellite systems • Specialized agencies of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency • ITU Sector Members

5. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 5 Registered participation as of 7 Oct. 2014 To date: 2 382 announced participants • Representing 161 Member States • 125 representatives from 37 observer entities/organizations To date: 162 VVIPs and VIPS • 94 Ministers • 26 Deputy Ministers • 42 Ambassadors

6. Why is PP relevant? www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 6

7. Achievements since PP 2010  ITU fostered the growth of telecommunications/ICTs • Paved the way for the mobile and satellite industries to roll out future generations beyond 4G, and towards 5G, via the approval of radio-interface specifications for IMT-Advanced and satellite IMT-Advanced • Delivered real bandwidth efficiencies: 50% less bandwidth to be used by the 80% of video transmitted online, through the new ITU-T H.265 standard, successor of H.264 • Brought fibre technologies closer to the home and accelerated roll-out of superfast broadband, by working towards delivering the G.fast standard of 1 Gb/s over copper and enabling operators to make most use of their existing networks www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 7

8. Achievements since PP 2010 • Assisted in developing and strengthening regional and national enabling environments • Assisted in preparing wireless broadband master plans and national broadband policies (NBPs) • Assisted in the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting • Built capacity in infrastructure and network engineering, planning and exploitation • Contributed to the digital inclusion of women and girls, persons with disabilities, youth and Indigenous Peoples • Developed the Spectrum Management System for Developing Countries (SMS4DC), now in use in over 40 countries www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 8  ITU worked towards bridging the digital divide

9. Achievements since PP 2010 • Worked to ensure energy-efficient telecommunications /ICTs, through a set of standardized methodologies to reduce environmental impact of ICTs • Contributed to the resolution of recurring cases of harmful interference in UHF band (supporting broadcasting and mobile services) and Ku-band (enabling fixed-satellite service) • Built confidence and security in the use of ICTs by providing technical assistance, facilitating standardization and contributing to development a UN-wide framework on cybersecurity and cybercrime www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 9  ITU worked to ensure the sustainable use of telecommunication/ICTs

10. Achievements since PP 2010 ITU supports an increasingly complex ICT ecosystem • Fostered international cooperation on: – Radiocommunications (WRC-12 and RA-12) – Standardization and innovation (Patent Round Table 2012, WTSA-12) – ICT regulatory environment (GSR 2011-2014) – Telecommunication public policy issues (WTPF-2013) – International framework for the exchange of international telecommunication traffic (WCIT-2012) – High-level knowledge-sharing and networking (TELECOM events) – Telecommunications/ICT development and bridging digital divide (WTDC-14, WSIS Forums, WSIS+10 HLE) www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 10

11. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 11 This progress was achieved thanks to the priorities defined for ITU by PP 2010

12. How have Member States prepared for PP14? www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 12

13. Meetings of regional groups www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 13 APT ATU CEPT CITEL RCC ARAB April 2013 Korea Oct 2013 Au 2-5 June 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 19-22 August 2014 Thailand Feb 2014 Zambia 7-8 Jul 2014 Zimbabwe Oct 2013 Romania Nov 2013 Serbia Jan 2014 Poland Mar 2014 Denmark 26-29 May 2014 Netherlands 15-18 Sep 2014 Germany Feb 2014 Dom. Rep. 5-8 August 2014. Asuncion, Paraguay 11-12 Sept 2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina Sep 2013 Kazakhstan Jan 2014 Russia 15-16 July 2014 Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan Dec 2013 UAE 23-26 Jun 2014 Bahrain 24-25 Sep 2014 Dubai, UAE 13

14. Update on contributions received Updated 10 Oct 2014 www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 14 • Doc [ 87 ] Colombia (Republic of) • Doc [ 86 ] United Arab Emirates • Doc [ 85 ] India (Republic of) • Doc [ 84 ] Ukraine • Doc [ 83 ] Belgium , Bulgaria (Republic of) , Czech Republic , Estonia (Republic of) , Netherlands (Kingdom of the) , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland • Doc [ 82 ] Indonesia (Republic of) • Doc [ 81 ] Czech Republic , Belgium , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland • Doc [ 80 ] Europe • Doc [ 79 ] Arab States • Doc [ 78 ] Argentine Republic , Mexico , Paraguay (Republic of) , Uruguay (Eastern Republic of) • Doc [ 77 ] Japan • Doc [ 76 ] Argentine Republic , Brazil (Federative Republic of) , Paraguay (Republic of) • Doc [ 75 ] Brazil (Federative Republic of) • Doc [ 74 ] Paraguay (Republic of) • Doc[ 73 ] Member States of RCC • Doc [ 69 ] African Common Proposals • Doc [ 67 ] Asia-Pacific Common Proposals • Doc [ 34 ] Inter-American Common Proposals • Doc [ 33 ] Russian Federation • Doc [ 32 ] Canada • Doc [ 31 ] Joint proposal from Brazil , Canada , Colombia , USA • Doc [ 29 ] Joint proposal from Argentina, Brazil, Canada , Uruguay • Doc [ 27 ] USA

15. Proposed organization of PP14 www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 15

16. Convened every four years, the PP shall: • Establish the strategic plan for the Union and the basis for the budget of the Union, and determine related financial limits • Establish the total number of contributory units for period up to next PP • Provide general directives dealing with staffing • Examine the accounts of the Union • Elect MS to serve on Council, SG, DSG, Directors of Bureaux of Sectors, and members of the RRB • Consider and adopt modifications to the Constitution and Convention • Adopt and amend the General Rules of Conference, assemblies and meetings of the Union; • Deal with such other telecommunication questions as may be necessary www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 16

17. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 17 Proposed timetable Opening Ceremony (20 Oct) Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairmen General policy statements Establishment of the work of the Committees Elections start 23/10 with election of SG Elections to continue Work of the Committees Report of the credentials Committee Deadline to announce the choice of class of contributions Completion of the work of the Committees Developing and approving the Final Acts Declarations and Reservations Signature of the Final Acts and closing ceremony Extraordinary session of Council (7 Nov) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

18. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary Key dates 18 • Monday 20 October, 9h00am Heads of Delegation meeting Opening Ceremony at 11h00am • Thursday 23 October, 9h30 am Start of elections • Friday 7 November Extraordinary session of newly elected Council

19. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 19 Proposed structure of the conference (*) Plenary (*) Pending approval COMMITTEE 1 – Steering Committee COMMITTEE 2 - Credentials COMMITTEE 3 - Budget COMMITTEE 4 - Editorial COMMITTEE 5 - Policy and Legal Issues COMMITTEE 6 – Administration and management WORKING GROUP OF THE PLENARY (WG PL) Issues related to public policies

20. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 20 Themes to be covered per committee COM 5 • Institutional issues (eg. issues related to Constitution & Convention) • Governing bodies and instruments of the Union • Stable constitution • Sector Members, Associates, Academia and participation of other stakeholders • ITRs • Access to ITU documents • Technical and/or regulatory issues (e.g. conformance & interoperability) COM 6 • Financial issues (ITU Financial Plan for 2016-2019, issues related to revenue and expenses and accounts of the Union) • Human resources • Corporate strategy, governance and management (including ITU Strategic Plan) • Conference management and document management • ITU events • Direct assistance to specific countries WGPL • Bridging the digital divide (including promoting digital inclusion and WSIS) • e-Applications • Environment and climate change • Emergency communications • Security and confidence in the use of ICTs • Internet-related matters

21. Special events www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 21

22. Special Events www.itu.int/plenipotentiary Overview 22 Date Topic 21 October Launch of ITU 150th anniversary celebrations 21st October - GEM-TECH Ministerial Breakfast 07:30-9:00 28 October GEM-TECH Award Ceremony: Plenary (09:30-10:00) GEM-TECH High-level Dialogue (13:00-14:30) 29 October Connect 2020 Round tables: Growth 30 October Connect 2020 Round tables: Inclusiveness 31 October Connect 2020 Round tables: Sustainability 3 November Connect 2020 Round tables: Innovation 4 November Connect 2020 Round tables: Tracking Impact

23. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary Launch of ITU 150th anniversary celebrations 23 • On 17 May 2015 the global community will commemorate the 150 anniversary of the first Conference of the International Telegraph Union, held in Paris in 1865 • The programme of anniversary celebrations will be announced on 21 October • The launch to ITU Membership will present: • Visual identity of the anniversary • Programme of activities organized by ITU • Programme of national celebrations organized around by ITU membership • Sponsors of the anniversary

24. GEM-TECH Awards 2014 www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 24 Celebrating achievements in gender equality and ICTs Over 360 Nominations received for seven categories from more than 70 Countries • Events at PP-14: • 21st October -GEM-TECH Women’s Ministerial Breakfast 07:30-9:00 Topic: Bridging the Gender Divide- 20 year’s since Beijing • 28th October: • GEM-TECH Award Ceremony: Plenary 09:30-10:00 • GEM-TECH High-level Dialogue 13:00-14:30 Topic: Gender and ICTs, why gender equality matters and where do we stand today?’ • GEM-TECH Gala Dinner 19:00-21:00 • Partners: – Government of Oman – Government of Rwanda – Government of Switzerland – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Cisco Systems – Facebook

25. CONNECT 2020 ROUND TABLES (1) Which technologies will connect the next 1.5 billion users? Wednesday, 29 October - 13h to 14h ROOMD ITU Membership aims to bring 1.5 billion additional users to the information society by 2020, particularly by providing increased access to high-speed broadband networks, services and applications. This roundtable will analyze which technologies and solutions will enable this growth, identifying the technical, policy and regulatory aspects that need to be addressed to achieve this goal. As the next key ITU events following the Plenipotentiary Conference will be the Radiocommunication Assembly and World Radiocommunication Conference, ways to best use radio spectrum in bringing future generations of wireless communications to everyone will feature strongly in the discussion. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 25 Achieving full digital inclusion: feasible by 2020? Thursday, 30 October - 13h to 14h ROOM D Advanced ICT technology promises an “always on” society. But how do we ensure that everyone is part of the technology revolution? Can we halve the digital divide by 2020 and achieve digital inclusion for all? Ensuring ICT inclusiveness requires moving beyond questions of access and affordability to ensuring ICT accessibility for people with specific needs and enabling everyone to play a role in creating the ICT future they want. This round table will explore the different dimensions of ICT inclusiveness, including digital inclusion for people with specific needs and using ICT to empower women and girls, youth and persons with disabilities.

26. CONNECT 2020 ROUND TABLES (2) Ensuring the long term benefits of development: Managing growth in a sustainable way Friday, 31 October - 13h to 14h ROOMD Over the last two decades, the global use of ICT-enabled applications has experienced such an amazing growth rate that it has become one of the success stories of industrial development. However, this unprecedented growth has also resulted in a number of challenges that may endanger efforts to sustain the development of the ICT sector. Issues such as building confidence and security in the use of ICTs and the expanding environmental footprint of ICT networks, services and applications are some of the main challenges facing the ICT sector today. This round table will look at these challenges and reflect on how the main actors in the ICT ecosystem should work together to ensure the sustainability of the sector. Addressing the emerging innovation challenges in ICT-enabled markets Monday, 3 November - 13h to 14h ROOMD Within a relatively short period of time information and communication technologies (ICTs) have transformed our lives. Not only have they radically changed the way we communicate, we rely on them every day to do business, travel, be creative, stay healthy and in shape. The ICT sector itself has been continuously changing in a ways that would have been difficult to predict just a decade or two ago. Based on the trends in ICT use in different sectors, the round table aims to identify key directions for future development of technologies, markets, and business models that will be changing the sector in the future. Panelists will also discuss the role of partnerships across sectors and stakeholders in creating a climate for innovation and collaborative work for addressing some of the challenges identified as part of its “Connect 2020” vision. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 26

27. CONNECT 2020 ROUND TABLES (3) www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 27 TRACKING IMPACT RT5 - Building a robust framework for tracking the impact of global ICT agenda Tuesday, 3 November - 13h to 14h ROOM D The Connect 2020 global ICT goals are accompanied by a set of targets which will be expressed through concrete indicators. Assessing progress towards the achievement of the targets requires the availability of high-quality, timely and reliable data in countries and a robust international measurement framework. This roundtable will review the baseline of the global ICT targets and related indicators, and identify areas where increased efforts will be required to ensure the targets can be assessed. It will provide an overview of existing mechanisms at the national and international levels for tracking ICT progress, including the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS) and its related Expert Groups. The session will also consider tools that could be used to report on annual progress towards the targets, such as the Measuring the Information Society Report.

28. New Young ICT Policy Leaders Programme Background www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 28 • The ITU Young ICT Policy Leaders programme will provide an opportunity for national delegations to include a select group of young professionals in their composition. • The programme, integrated into the main agenda of the conference, will also provide a platform for young policy makers to network and meet global leaders from the ICT sector, to nurture knowledge and skills exchange at an international level. • Member State administrations are invited to nominate 2 attendees to participate in this programme • The programme, sponsored by the City of Busan, will also provide paid fellowships to 35 candidates from LDCs and SIDS

29. And finally… www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 29

30. Candidates for Elections ITU elected officials www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 30 • SG: 1 (for 1 post) • DSG: 5 (for 1 post) • BR: 1 (for 1 post) • TSB: 3 (for 1 post) • BDT: 1 (for 1 post)

31. Candidates for Elections RRB and Council www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 31 • RRB: 21 (for 12 seats) • Council: 61 (for 48 seats)

32. Host country information • Further information about Busan available at Host country website and hotel reservation http://www.itupp2014.org/ www.itu.int/plenipotentiary 32

33. www.itu.int/plenipotentiary Thanks! 33 www.itu.int/plenipotentiary/newsroom

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