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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Monica


Slide1:  Welcome to AIC 2007 SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT:  SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. There are no tests of the fire alarm system scheduled for today, so if you do hear the fire alarm, which is a siren, or announcements asking you to leave the building, please leave immediately by the nearest available exit. Staff in High Visibility Jackets will direct you to the assembly point. Please take a moment to locate the exits around you now. Thank you. Slide4:  Matt Deacon Chief Architectural Advisor Microsoft UK Slide6:  Ed Gibson Chief Security Advisor Microsoft UK Slide8:  Lord Erroll Lord Erroll - Merlin:  20/01/2008 9 Lord Erroll - Merlin Member of the HOUSE of LORDS - an Independent Peer Select Committee on Science & Technology – Personal Internet Security PITCOM Parliamentary Information Technology Committee EURIM European Information Society Group (Director) LASSeO Local Authority Smart Standards e-Organisation APIG All-Party Internet Group (Secretary) E-RA E-business Regulatory Alliance (President) ISSA UK Information Systems Security Association Advisory Board Nominet UK Policy Advisory Board All-Party Group for Entrepreneurship (Vice Chair) CRC Preconceptions :  20/01/2008 10 Preconceptions What did you expect me to be like? Merlin:  20/01/2008 11 Merlin A LORD:  20/01/2008 12 A LORD I was in Software Development:  20/01/2008 13 I was in Software Development There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand Binary And those who don’t ===================================================== Now I’m in Business Development Me at my desk in the Lords :  20/01/2008 14 Me at my desk in the Lords What happens to your castle if you get on the wrong side of the Executive Old Slains, blown up in 1595:  20/01/2008 15 What happens to your castle if you get on the wrong side of the Executive Old Slains, blown up in 1595 What I’m going to cover:  20/01/2008 17 What I’m going to cover Influences on legislation Where I’m coming from Priorities & Issues of Concern Transformational Government Globalisation Professional Qualifications 4 Influencers and Regulators:  Influencers and Regulators EU CEN TC 224 WG15 PUKE MSS – SAG Parliament Select Committees EURIM AP Internet Group ICT Conferences MS Architect Insight Govt. Department Home Office DTi Regulator OFCOM Industry Body Intellect E-RA Parliamentary Groups :  20/01/2008 19 Parliamentary Groups Select Committees All-Party Parliamentary Groups PITCOM, EURIM APIG (ISPA, ITSPA, EURISPA) APPG on ID Theft Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology Receptions & Presentations Direct Access Legislative Process :  20/01/2008 20 Legislative Process EXECUTIVE White paper – Consultation - Draft Bill PARLIAMENT Bill goes through both Houses EXECUTIVE Statutory Instruments (Negative or Affirmative Resolution) WHERE I’M COMING FROM:  20/01/2008 21 WHERE I’M COMING FROM I’m a Crossbench (Independent) Peer c. 760 Lords, nearly 1/3rd Independent, not salaried! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sensible regulation is required, - but - I am concerned about Over-regulation Increasing power of the Executive 9 Life is to be lived:  20/01/2008 22 Life is to be lived Puritanism is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be enjoying themselves Risk Takers vs. Safety & Security Entrepreneur vs. Corporate The Citizen & The State:  20/01/2008 23 The Citizen & The State “We must help citizens - for their own good” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIGHT TOUCH REGULATION -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regulations are for your enemies Laws often fail to prevent what they forbid It is pointless passing laws that can’t be enforced Rules cannot control a Complex System:  20/01/2008 24 Rules cannot control a Complex System A complex system is not deterministic An identical set of circumstances will have different outcomes on subsequent occasions Rules only affect a few nodes and links The law of unintended consequences Define boundaries to behaviour Common Law (British Law) YOU – I.T. ARCHITECTS:  YOU – I.T. ARCHITECTS YOU HAVE A SERIOUS RESPONSIBILTY You must protect the individual DPA Chinese Walls Abnormal access Unauthorised access Social engineering GOVERNMENT CONCERNS :  20/01/2008 26 GOVERNMENT CONCERNS But first: Who do you mean by “The Government”? Parliament (the legislature)? The Executive (civil service, regulators)? EU (80% of laws stem from EU directives)? 16 Transformational Government:  20/01/2008 27 Transformational Government Data Sharing Identity Management Shared Services (procurement) Prevention of Crime Other Issues :  20/01/2008 28 Other Issues Personal Safety on the Internet Critical National Infrastructure CMA – Hacker Tools & Pen Testing RIPA part 3 - Keys Data Retention (ATCSA) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internet Governance TV Without Frontiers (TVWF) IP & DRM Compliance:  20/01/2008 29 Compliance Sarbanes-Oxley Basel II Rome 2 ISO 27001 Will there be a SOX equivalent in the EU? How do you make provision for uncertainty? POLITICAL PRIORITIES :  20/01/2008 30 POLITICAL PRIORITIES Identity is on the political agenda E-Crime is climbing steadily --------------------------------------------------------- Which is more important? 20 What is the purpose of I.D.? ------- To help you and keep you safe. To facilitate business.:  What is the purpose of I.D.? ------- To help you and keep you safe. To facilitate business. Central Government – CONTROL – Unique I.D. Local Authorities – DELIVERY – Federated I.D. Internet – ASSURANCE – InfoCard certificates People can be Seduced:  20/01/2008 32 People can be Seduced Money Ideals Social Engineering GLOBALISATION :  20/01/2008 33 GLOBALISATION Web 2.0 & Software as a Service Location of data store (Patriot Act, RIPA pt3 keys) Mobile working & de-perimeterisation Flexibility will give competitive advantage Unavailable Corporate Knowledge is useless 23 Cross-Border data transfers (DPA, MOUs) Walls no longer bound the company Professional Standards :  20/01/2008 34 Professional Standards Who decides who should be qualified? BCS IISP ISC2 ISACA IET COMPTIA ISSA It’s hard to define the qualifications If it’s not the industry, it might be a civil servant The Citizen & The State :  20/01/2008 35 The Citizen & The State They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. (Benjamin Franklin) Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty. (Thomas Jefferson) BALANCE THE ARCHITECT :  20/01/2008 36 THE ARCHITECT Your Insight will determine the acceptability and success of the interface between the Citizen the SME the Corporate and Governments Globally 27 Or Merlin Hay or Merlin Erroll or Lord Erroll or The Earl of Erroll ?:  20/01/2008 37 Or Merlin Hay or Merlin Erroll or Lord Erroll or The Earl of Erroll ? 0700 540 2121 Architect Insight Focus Groups:  Architect Insight Focus Groups The role of the architect Call yourself an architect?:  Call yourself an architect? Consistent job titles End “job title inflation” Differentiate architects from other senior roles (eg Technical Consultant and Software Engineer) Identify future architects better IEEE 1471-2000:  IEEE 1471-2000 Organisation and Role Types:  Organisation and Role Types Organisation and Role Types:  Organisation and Role Types Architectural Role Types:  Architectural Role Types Architectural Role Capabilities:  Architectural Role Capabilities Focus group agenda:  Focus group agenda Room Facilitators:  Room Facilitators Thank you!:  Thank you! Thank you!:  Thank you!

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