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Information about PLDT Home eMarketing Visionaries (eMVP) Program Digital University

Published on November 12, 2013

Author: ThomasOMercado



Here's a presentation I made for the PLDT Home Digital Marketing team on a pilot Digital Marketing Certification Course (proponent: Ms. Ava S. Espanola, AVP and Head of Digital Marketing). It contextualizes how to integrate the personalized certificate program of the International Institute of Digital Marketing and eLearning Edge into PLDT Home Marketing's schedule and workflow.

Agenda o Vision o Home Digital Landscape o How We Can Impact the Organization o Creating a Home Team of Digital Advocates o Presenting the eMVP o Digital University VMO o Operationzaling eMVP o eMVP Roadmap o Certified Digital Mktg. Program o Program Degrees o Suggested Programs  Digital Media  eBusiness  Social Media  Analytics o E-Learning Process o Inside an Online Course o eMVP ALUMINARIES o Rates o Case Study: McDo o Case Study: Univ. of Colorado Denver

Most Dominant Most Innovative Most Trusted Brand Be the most dominant, most innovative and most trusted brand that nurtures connections at home through digital solutions of products and services.

PLDT Home Digital Landscape: PLDT Home Digital Marketing Team Setting the Stage: It’s more than just Facebook and the Website IS / HPD / CONS BILLING Brand / Sales External Customers / Subscribers Internal Customers / Partners Assets Media / Public Relations Customer Care Social Media Campaigns Brand Marketing Services

PLDT: The Digital Organization Initiatives Community Building Marketing Customer Service Communications Campaigns Advocacy Training IS / HPD / CB Brand / Sales Assets Media / Public Relations Customer Care Social Media Campaigns Brand Mktg. Services PLDT The Digital Organization Culture Processes Collaboration Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure

Creating a Home Team of Digital Brand Ambassadors To attain our vision of nurturing connections through digital solutions, let’s transform our employees into Digital Brand Ambassadors / Advocates who will commit to making our business more efficient.

eMarketing Visionaries Program (eMVP) A university of excellence characterized by technologydriven thought leadership that will spearhead the advancement of the PLDT Home workforce through the acquisition and application of digital marketing expertise.

Objectives of the eMarketing Visionaries Program To develop employee awareness on digital marketing To acquire related skills and critical knowledge To apply the acquired expertise in our work

Operationalizing the Program HR / Training Co-own the Digital University Program, evaluate effectiveness of program and enhance it, and drive organization to digital excellence. PLDT Home Digital Marketing Team Identify priority courses, promote and assist in program execution The Cross Functional Team Technology Partners Propose curriculum, provide relevant materials and conduct the program PLDT Home Marketing PLDT Home Operations Identify candidates for programs, apply expertise in marketing plans and mentor other PLDT employees Identify candidates for programs, execute digital initiatives in daily work activities and relay feedback to marketing

eMVP Certified Digital Marketing Program These are the available Program Tracks:

eMVP CDM Program Degrees Participants can choose their specialization from these four degrees: The eBusiness Specialist develops a customer lifecycle touch point plan to maximize marketing and eCommerce efforts. The Social Media Marketing Specialist devises effective social media marketing campaigns and manages branded social media properties. A Digital Media Planning Specialist uses paid digital media for marketing purposes, research, strategy, negotiation, ad serving / implementation, and analysis. A Digital Marketing Analyst defines and implements measurement strategies, produces marketing KPI dashboards and delivers crosschannel performance reports with actionable insight.

Suggested Program for Home Marketing, Media or Public Affairs Digital Media Specialist Track Requirements: 1. The Digital Marketing Plan 2. Display and Search Advertising 3. Final Plan • • • • Expected Output: Define our market in terms of customer needs analysis and buyer behavior patterns Define product positioning and messaging and recommending a market strategy Educate customers on PLDT Home products, features, and services via web Negotiate competitive rates for digital advertising to increase profitability-​per-​deal ratio

Suggested Program for Home Sales, Process Team or Provisioning Team eBusiness Specialist 1. The Digital Marketing Plan 2. Effective Email Marketing 3. eCommerce 4. eCRM 5. Final Plan Expected Output: • Create Home’s digital sales strategy for prospecting new accounts, retaining existing accounts, and up-​selling promotional products to existing customers • Develop partnerships to increase online leads & maintain strong industry relationships • Create daily electronic reports on your sales progress and attainment of goals

Suggested Program for Operations, Social Media Marketing and Customer Care Social Media Marketing Specialist Track Requirements 1. The Digital Marketing Plan 2. Social Media Marketing 3. Online Community Management 4. Final Plan (Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Plan and Application ) • • • • Expected Output: Research and recommend best practices for corporate social media engagement Listen / engage on Social Media to secure critical customer experience and market feedback to drive superior customer experience Draft communications plan to address common customer concerns Strengthen our online reputation by developing social media strategies that grow audiences and build active social communities

Suggested Program for Finance, Home Analytics, Research, Customer Experience Management Digital Marketing Analytics Specialist Track Requirements 1. The Digital Marketing Plan 2. Analytics 101 3. Analytics 102 4. Final Plan • • • • Expected Output: Learning data gathering / mining techniques Interpret the significance behind the numbers and big data Prepare a post-audit analysis and financial reports by evaluating account information and consumer insights/trends of operational and marketing projects Participate in different projects to broaden understanding of company applications, systems, and business processes

eMVP E‐Learning Edge Process

eMVP CDM Program Inside an Online Course Lecture Content Online Coaching Quizzes, Surveys, Exercises Interactive Modules Live Webinars Simulation Online Videos / IPBased Training Gamified Learning

eMVP ALUMINARIES (Sample) Renowned Guest Speakers for the eMVP Program to discuss eBusiness, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

eMVP Digital University Rates (Fast-tracked IIDM CDM Certified Digital Marketer Program) Visit to get the latest rates and packages

Case Study: Hamburger University (HU) McDonald's Center of Training Excellence HU has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. It has become the company’s global center of excellence for McDonald’s operations training and leadership development.

Case Study: The Future of Digital Education University of Colorado Denver The nature of education is changing.

Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it. - Brian Tracy Be a PLDT HOME eMVP.

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