Playboy Playmate Finder. How To Find Your Dream Girl.

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Information about Playboy Playmate Finder. How To Find Your Dream Girl.

Published on February 1, 2014

Author: bigalg7



How to find a Playboy playmate.

This will show you where to find the Playboy girls, how to search in the different categories, how to contact them, and how to communicate favorably with them once you have established contact.

There are several specific links provided in this document, to guide you through the exact steps required to find up to 200 Playboy playmates.

Then you have the exact formula to make initial contact, and the steps to take from there.

Inside this guide you will find several valuable resources to help you out further, after you have secured your Playboy playmate!

This is a revolutionary method for finding some seriously hot girls and bringing them into your life in the near future!

How To Find, Meet, And Date Playboy Playmates And Other Top Models! 1

Hey there! My name is Kirsten, and in this special report, I'm gonna show you how to find and meet Playboy Playmates and any other type of hot model... in your city and around the world! What's really awesome about what you're about to learn is that almost EVERY SINGLE HOT GIRL tries to get into modeling at one point or another! The cute bartenders at your neighborhood restaurants, the hot girls you see at the gym, not to mention every prom queen and cheerleader from every school in your city! No matter what part of the country you are in, there is probably a HOT GIRL living near you who is either already a model or wants to be one. In this report I'm gonna show you how to find them, contact them, and meet them. Both the professional models, and the amateur models who aren't yet famous (less competition! *hint hint ;) ) And it's waaaaaaaaay easier than you'd think! Ok, to begin, let's talk about how to FIND the models you want to date! Let's start with Playboy ;) So Playboy has a few different categories of models. And they are all hot! The first 3 categories are: • • • Playboy Playmates Playboy Cyber Girls Playboy Centerfolds That's a lot of models! And that doesn't even count the DOZENS of girls who appear in the magazine nude but for whatever reason, don't get put in a category. I'm gonna show you how to find those girls too ;) 2

Ok, so the first step to meeting these girls is finding out their names. Now, here's why this is soooooo easy... Someone's already done it for you! Check this out ;) That link right there is a list of EVERY Playboy Playmate of the Month, dating back to 1953! Wait, we're not done yet... now look at this one... Those are lists of every girl who has appeared in Playboy since the 1950's, Playmates of the Month or not! It includes the centerfolds, celebrities, and some regular girls as well. Now, I know what you are thinking... the girls from the 50's are now old enough to be your grandma... you want to meet the new, young hotties, right? No problem ;) That's easy! The best way to find the YOUNG Playmates is to find the girls who appear on the websites. The internet hasn't been around that long, so this way you can find all the 18 and 19 year olds and even the girls from Playboy's early internet days are probably in your Cougar range ;) LOL! Fortunately the good folks at Playboy have made this list for you themselves! You are about to see a list of a TON of models! Don't get too excited looking at all the pictures... because we still have a lot to cover here, including how to meet them ;) So are you ready to see that link with almost 200 babes? Then race to the next page! 3 Almost 200 Playboy models for you to meet! We talked about the main categories of Playmates before – the Playmates of the Month, CyberGirls, celebrities and Centerfolds... But what most guys DON'T KNOW is that Playboy has a whole lot more models than that! In fact, they have 5-10 girls posing for them every single month! Here are the other kinds of Playboy girls most men don't know about: - Playboy's Fresh Faces - Playboy's Student Bodies - Playboy's All Naturals - Playboy's Busty Babes So where do you find the lists of these hotties? Again, it's simple... right on Playboy's own website! Here they are: You're not gonna believe how many hot babes are on this site! And their full, REAL names are listed, which you can use to contact and meet them! Ok, there are a few more “secret” resources for finding models I'm going to tell you about in a minute, but first I want to tell you what to do with all of these Playmates! LOL So now you have a list of DOZENS of Playboy models... The next step is to connect with them! 4

And the easiest way to do that is on Facebook and Twitter. Simply do a Facebook search for the models you like, and send them a friend request. We hot girls are used to getting friend requests from guys, so don't think anything of it. Getting on her friend list is the first step to getting to know her in real life, so send away! Oh, but be sure that you are on the girl's REAL, personal Facebook page, and not her “fan page”. If you're on her fan page, it's harder to contact her. Do the same thing with Twitter! Search for their name, plus “twitter” and then follow them! That's the first step. In my Female Mind Mastery program I give you all kinds of great ways to start conversations with these girls... but you gotta get on their friend lists and follow lists first! So go ahead and start adding and following them now ;) Ok, so now I want to tell you about another GOLDMINE for finding hot models! It's called... It's where all of us models go when we are bored and looking for the next gig! So the way to meet models on here is to post an ad for your OWN gig. It can be for ANYTHING – maybe you have a blog and you want a girl be the model for your homepage. Or maybe you are trying to sell your car and want some pics of a hot girl laying on it to spice up your ad. We models are used to showing up to all kinds of gigs, so it really doesn't matter what you chose... just figure out something you could use a model for, and write up a little ad for it. It should go something like this: 5

“Seeking hot girl between the ages of 18-30 to bartend a party this Saturday night in downtown San Diego from 10pm-2am. Pay is $100 plus tips. Please send photos and contact information to” or…. “Seeking hot girl to be the face of new technology website. Pay is $100 for quick halfhour shoot. Please reply with photos and contact information to” Then, take your ad and post it under the “Gigs/Talent” section... and you'll be amazed at how many models send you pictures wanting to be the girl for your gig! You can pick or girl from there, or do interviews with the girls at a local coffee shop before you pick one – that way you can meet them all before you chose! So you not only find a girl for your gig... but meet a bunch of different girls who might be interested in dating you! Ok, let's talk about one more goldmine! I'm betting this next one is gonna be your FAVORITE... because it's great for finding models that are in your city... especially amateur models. It’s Social Networking Sites For Model! There are tons of “Facebook” like sites specifically for models! Sites where photographers and models have pages and go to find each other. Nearly EVERY MODEL IN THE WORLD is on these social networking sites for models! From the girl next door who is looking for her very first modeling gig, to the seasoned veteran. Trust me just do a Google search on social networking sites for models. The best part is you can search by city, and you can contact the girls right there on most of these sites! You have to be a member on most sites to search though, and to become one you have to get approved. 6

Getting approved is pretty easy though. All you have to do is make an account and follow the instructions. Once your profile is live, get on there and do a search for models in your town. You can search by height, age, ethnicity, and distance from you. You're gonna be AMAZED at how many hotties you find! And here's 2 ways to meet the girls in these Social Networking Sites: 1. Offering to do a “TFP” Shoot In the modeling world, “TFP” stands for “Time For Prints”. This term is used when a model and photographer get together to build their portfolios by doing a shoot. No money is exchanged... but the model gets some awesome pictures for her book, and the photographer gets to use her as a model! Now, you have to actually take some pictures to do this, and you have to have a REAL fashion photography camera, which is called a “dSLR”. This stands for “Digital Single-Lens Reflex” camera. I don't really know what that all means... but I know you can't be a respected photographer without one ;) Fortunately, you can pick up a really nice used sSLR camera for around $200! The Canon Digital Rebel XT is a great camera that a lot of the pros I know use. I just saw a used one on Ebay for only $175 dollars! Grab one of these babies, look up some models in your area, and ask them if they want to do a TFP shoot. There are brand new models joining these modeling sites every day and they NEED photos for their galleries, so you're sure to get some volunteers! 2. Offer To Interview Them Another great way to meet girls on Modeling Sites, Craigslist, or even some of the hotties you added on Facebook is by doing interviews with them. 7

We models have a LOT of free time... so anything we can do to make a spare buck sounds good to us... especially if we are getting paid just to talk! You can offer interview them on ANYTHING... maybe tell them you are writing an article on dating turn-offs and want to interview a hot female model to find out hers. Offer her a small hourly rate, like $20 (more if she appears to be a successful model), then meet her at Starbucks and do the interview! You'll probably learn a TON about women and dating, and what's $20 to spend an hour with a hot girl who might otherwise NEVER get to meet? Even if you don't hit it off with her you'll probably make a new friend, and she'll introduce you to some other models she knows. Of course, if you want to be SURE you hit it off with her... well then I have some very exciting news for you... Here is a link to my first ever program revealing my special techniques to get a woman interested in you and even fantasize about being with you within just 10 minutes of conversation with her! I call my system, “Female Mind Mastery”... and it's like NOTHING you've ever heard before. The best part it is it works even better on actresses, models, Playmates, and those “hard to get” girls most other guys have NO chance at. In fact, once you know Female Mind Mastery... getting these girls actually becomes EASIER than getting “average” girls... because you are able to get inside of their heads like no other guy can... Here is a link to my program: Kisses, Kirsten 8

P.S. IMPORTANT: Like this Playmate Finder, some of the techniques I share in my program are... how do I put this... a little bit “sneaky” ;) That's because they get a girl horny for you in what seems like an every day, normal conversation. She begins to find herself irresistibly attracted to you – sometimes she will even make the first move! It also contains explicit demonstrations of RACY sex techniques. So I just wanted to warn you that this report and the Female Mind Mastery program are for ADULTS ONLY! If you're not comfortable seeing explicit demonstrations of hot sex techniques then this program is NOT for you :) Here is that link again: Once you have your Playmate, make sure you can last long enough with her! Click here to see more: And once you are lasting long enough, here are some super simple, amazing techniques to have her begging you for more: Here is the link to all of those hot Playboy models again:

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